26 Year Old Future Duran Doll BBL 2016 - Dominican Republic

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HI Ladies, I'm new to all of this but I am a...

HI Ladies,

I'm new to all of this but I am a future Duran Doll! I have been thinking about doing BBL for a few months now and I recently got my quote! I am looking to go to DR in December 2016 and getting my new body! I am not super thick I am small. I am 5'2 weigh 136 lbs but never had a butt. I also have a muffin top. I've never had children and want to just have the new body which I deserve! I got a quote for 3,800 for the SX. In my quote things that are not included is the recovery house which I am still uncertain about and the things I am about to list:

Not Included:
Medical Insurance: 130
Medication: $150
Lab Testing: 220
Garment: 150
Compression Socks : $35
Blood Transfusion: $ unsure but brining $200

This price includes:
•Cardiologic Evaluation
•Photographs (before and after surgery)
•Operating Room
•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment)
•Supplies and disposable materials, Medicines (analgesics and antibiotics)
•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery

I have family in DR and am wondering if I can wave the medical insurance but need to figure that out.
I am very excited about this journey and have made up my mind that this is what I want to do with my money. I am bringing $6,000 which should cover the cost of SX, Recovery House, spending money for extra expenses not covered and the flight.

I am looking to fly out in December I have not paid my deposit yet but will in the next few weeks and hopefully I will finalize a date! The dates I am looking at December December 19th or that week. I would love a SX buddy to travel with who is getting the same surgery as me BBL and Lipo. I will be getting my stomach lipo, back and fat transfer to my butt. I would like a buddy who similar to me and is doing this for the first time just like me and has a similar body as me. Let me know :)

Pictures of my body now

Hi ladies,
I just wanted to give you an update on my body now. I by no means have zero shape. I am well proportioned , I have DD nice amd perky, my butt is not super flat at all its kind of plump but it's not where I want it to be. I feel like because I have such large breast and my frame is super small I've struggled feeling super confident in my skin. I go out to bars and travel and men are always super attracted to me because I have a very pretty face and I'm small 5,1 but I don't have that Selena shape! Not a bad shape but just not the shape I want! I'll post my body now to show you what I'm talking about. Also I will add some wish pics

I also got smart lipo done once in 5 years ago and that somewhat helped my shape but it was not worth it I spent 3,000 and it sucked! Never again next stop Dr. Duran

I also want to share some words of wisdom with you beautiful ladies. I am having some hard time with this decision because I am a feminist and hate how society dictates what is beautiful and what is not. I feel like I am selling into what society says instead of trying to figure this out the hard way...gym! I do plan on going to the gym after this and maintaining my body but....a part of me feel sad because I don't want to give in. However it's about me and how I feel when I look at myself. I've had men and people tell me I was beautiful since I was a little child and I know that but my body image is deep rooted. I want to feel good when I put on a tight dress and not have this chicho rolling out somewhere. I by any means really need this but I want this for me. Although I struggle with this decision I'll still do it because nothing feels better than loving your body truly and I know this SX will help me

Need to switch dates with someone for Duran 2016!!!

Duran Dominican Republic:
I need to switch my date I am scheduled for SX on December 8th does anyone want to switch and give me any day during the week of December 19th???

Just Booked Recovery House!

Dream Body Diva Recovery Home it's $85 a night but a lot of things are included. Check them out http://dreambodydiva.com/

I am set on December 8th for surgery.

Date for SX is Secure!! and flight is paid!

My flight is paid and I finally confirmed my date with Duran's office. I am so excited to start this journey and have the body I have always dreamed of! I just can't wait!!!

I've purchased some maxi dresses from amazon and a faja from MariaE. It wasn't much cheaper than what the RH was offering (100) I paid $70 but it is an xxs so if I can't use it while I am in DR (because of swelling) then I will use it in the weeks to come once I arrive back to the states with my waist snatched!!!!

It takes a lot of calling to get through to Duran's office so I am glad I am done with all that. Now all I have to do is wait for the date to come.

My hemo levels were 11.7 back in August but I've been taking iron pills and think it should be much higher than that now. I don't want to take too many iron pills because it can cause some complications. I'll start back up on my vitamins a month before surgery. I do plan on going back to the doctors this month to get blood drawn. My doctors are not very cool about prescribing me meds to take with me for the pain because they are these IVY League doctors who are annoying! So hopefully I can get my own pain meds before leaving from someone I heard the pain meds in DR are not that good.

I booked my flight there via delta and I am looking for a nonstop flight back home which seems impossible! Hopefully I find something soon because the longer I wait the higher the cost!

I talked to the owner of Dream Body Diva and she is taking care of me! They have everything you need there and it is a RH that only houses a handful of girls at a time which is good for me. I don't think I want to be around many people during my recovery a few girls is fine with me. Ill just need some TLC.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! I did prefer to leave later in the month instead of early in December because I am still in school but I'll make it work for my dream body!!!

2 months away from something that I have always wanted. I have a feeling my waist is going to get really small as that is my natural bone structure. I use to be very tiny once upon a time so I am hoping Dr. Duran can capitalize off that when she snatches me up!

I have no kids and people have told me wait until you have kids but emmm....nope! I don't see that in the future for me and I want to enjoy the rest of my 20's looked lit! I am finishing up with my career it is only right I get right as I enter this new phase of my life.

Anyways hit me up if you have any question

Be well RS Sisters and take care

Dream Body Diva Staff Stealing

I will give a more extensive review in time but one of my housemates lost $1,000 on Sunday and today another housemate lost $200 they let the girl Leonela back on the property and that's the one they believe stole the money on Sunday. Once she was back on the property the second housemate lost $200....I left on Tuesday and they tried to blame me the first time but now I'm back home and money is still going missing

My time in DR during SX Part 1

Okay so where do I begin??!! Well I arrived at the airport on Dec 6 around midnight and Leonela and Hamilton from Dream Body Diva were there to pick me up. I flew in Delta Comfort and the service was horrible. I needed wheelchair service coming into the country because when I life's my suitcase I bruised my back and could barely walk. That later became a problem. I had a small issue with the flight attendants on the plane they wanted me to wait until everyone got off the plane to get on my wheelchair and I was not having that so I told them I'm leaving and jumped on the wheelchair. Later on some guy associated with the airport came and questioned me as if I did something wrong when the only thing I did wrong was not wait for the extremely long line to get off the plane. I was freaked out about that and to make matters worse hit guy who was wheeling me around the airport tried to fill out a survey with my passport number as if he was me. I asked him what he was doing them look and he was filling out a survey as if he was me. I was freaked out and just over the whole damn airport and all the fishy characters there. So when I got to Dream Body Diva I was surprised to find out it was a in a apartment complex. The driver looked a little funny not judging or anything I just wasn't feeling very safe. But that later passed when I got to the apartment it was very nicely furnished. I did have to go up som stairs which later became a problem for me the day I was released from the clinic. The apartment is very clean and modern there was just problem with mosquitos in the unit as if there was a nest in my room. I'll get in my stay later but I wouldn't recommend staying there! So the next day I went and did my labs I had no issues with Duran's assistants they were very kind to me. I'm not sure if this was because I speak Spanish but I had no problems Duran couldn't check me out that day because she had SX so I met with Castro. I was walking funny because of my back and when she saw me she was scared because I was walking funny so sent me to get another X-ray of my back.

Time in DR Part 2

I had to pay $100 for the X-rays in a clinic close to CIPLA. They also did an ultrasound of my lower back which was weird they found that I had inflammation in my back and liquids from the trauma. Nonetheless they said it wasn't that serious so when I saw Duran and gave her the results she agreed to perform SX. I paid for SX with Fania it was smooth I had no problems with them whatsoever. They sent me downstairs to make sure I was healthy and then off to the fourth floor I went

SX Part 3

Okay so I was nervous AF to go up to the fourth floor...when I got there all the women who were in Duran's waiting room were also waiting in the lobby of the 4th floor for a room...they asked if you are alone or with a man...since I was alone well just with my assistant from Dream Body Diva they gave me a room to share with another woman who was all alone....when I got my room I asked them who was going first they made the other girl take the blue pill first so I assumed she was first...nope it was me! The next thing I know this man tells me to take the blue pill and get on a stretcher...???? I was confused, nervous and happy. I gave my things to the assistant (money was locked up in my safe) and off I went. I kept asking questions and before I knew it Duran came over and started talking to me. All I remember telling her was I didn't want an exagerada ass and I want hips. Then the lady gave me anesthesia and I was out. I don't remember anything I never woke up during SX but I'm a heavy sleeper so I knew that would happen. Then when I finally woke up I was back in the recovery room surrounded by my family and nurse. I was so happy! My stepmom and brother were there. I was in a lot of pain but not really...the Iv was inserted above my right hand and that shit hurt. I had a catheter in my vagina and that was weird. I don't remember any of that going down. My dad later came and that made me so happy. I was blessed to have family there. Duran came in to check on me she looked exhausted. Everything was fine. The nurse Joanna stayed overnight with me and omg was she a blessing. Wow she was on top of everything I am eternally thankful for her. She's actually a nurse! Well a month shy from graduating so she was on it! The next morning they came in checked my blood and apparently i went from a hemo of 12.6 to 7.9. They said since I was around an 8 and that's what they require for clearance it was up to me if I wanted a transfusion. Ofcourse I said hell no! ???????? I was confident I could get my blood up on my own. They put my faja on and man when you stand up after SX brace yourself it's not easy!! Also the smell of blood was horrible! They did change my chux but still you smell the blood it's not pleasant. I kept asking what's that smell lol when they took the Iv out of my hand it hurt like hell! It was horrible! They took the catheter out and that didn't really hurt but the Iv was the worse Im still healing almost 3 weeks post op! We waited for our driver to come in the lobby and most of us were discharged. Us girls were sitting down me on my boppy pillow and Fania came out of nowhere and yelled at us! She was like didn't you just pay for an ass? Why are you sitting on it? Stand up I'll be watching you ladies from the camera ???? anyways I got to my RH and then the real healing began....

Stay at Dream Body Diva (the apartment)

Okay now I can get into my stay at the rh...so the driver came to get us and when I arrived the girls made me food...the food was disgusting!! They gave me liver and omg i almost barfed it was sooooooo nasty...the days following the food was still nasty they get food shipped from the states which is weird because they have a grocery store outside the complex. The food was old for example the fruits were not fresh, the walnuts they gave me were stall it's was so bad... they made mashed potatoes from the box and I never ate it. The meat everything!!! Such a waste of money I swear! When you go to DR you look forward to fresh food because of the natural resources but nope but for them. They depend on what Carolyn the owner sends. The RH is an apartment in a community which is still being developed. It is a nice community and the apartment is nice and nicely decorated but no amenities like a pool etc. They do have a nice balcony with chairs but so many mosquitoes out I didn't sit there once! There was so many mosquitos in my room they were biting me all over the place because my window was left open so they swarmed me. The rooms had a stench to them like a little misty smell. They did have AC and Netflix with flat screen tv which was nice because you get so bored being indoors all day it gets lonely. The girls do clean a lot which was nice and they sell ab boards, back boards, foam and a few other necessities needed for SX. I bought an ab board, back board lipo foam and some wife beaters. I had all of my things locked up I purchased a safe from amazon which was so beneficial and helped me feel safer. They also provided me with a medical for most of my stay.

Update on results

So I'm currently 3 weeks post op and omg I'm so happy the storm is over!! The first 8 days we're horrible for me I was crying, uncomfortable, itching, annoyed with not being home, my urine smelled like all those liquids I was just done!! ? I was on vikes which I hope you all bring some vikes or perks something super strong! The oxycote they gave me was weak sauce! I took it and it was kinda good just not as good as my vikes. I love my body!!! The swelling is going down and my stomach is super flat I have hips and an ass! I couldn't be more pleased....one thing I do wish is that my ass was fatter but I think that's the greed lol everyone tells me my ass looks nice and big but I don't believe them for some reason idk if it's bc it's new or something's wrong with me but either way I've come a long way! All my back fat is gone and I couldn't be happier. Trying on clothes is kind of fun but not really because I'm walking around with my Faja and ab board. Today I bought some dresses a side medium and I have to return them tomorrow because I tried them on without all my Faja stuff and they were too big! I'll add a few pictures but I do have IG SX account I don't feel safe posting my pictures here as there are no restrictions to who can see them IG: Durandoll89

1. I do not accept personal accounts so save yourself the trouble if you have a personal account I'll reject your request

2. If you don't have any personal pictures I'love deny you

Just an FYI

Pictures! Dra Duran Dec 2016

2 more lovely pics ????????????

Pictures! Dra Duran

Forgot to add 3 weeks post op in these pictures
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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