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OMG! I'm finally here! I must admit I have been...

OMG! I'm finally here! I must admit I have been true stalker reading people's journeys on this site. I've learned more here then what I actually learned in school lol. I'm very Thankful to all you divas in the making for sharing every single detail about your experience. So.... about me? I'm 31 mom of a15 year old teenager. I've always wanted to enhance my physical appearance but never had the support or encouragement that I have now... My girlfriend of 5 years, she listens and understands and is standing by my decision. She had encouraged me 100% THANK YOU BABE! Of course my crazy friend from work Rachel, she introduced me to this site and I'm obsessed with RS NOW.
SO...I started with 4 doctors in mind. Below you will see names and prices...
1. Dr. Duran $5,000
a. Tummy tuck
b. Full lipo belly, back, arms thighs, waist, armpits, flanks
c. Bbl

2 Dr. yili $4,300
a. Tummy Tuck
 b.Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist
  c. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting to the buttock

3. Dr. Estrella $3,500
a. Tummy Tuck
b. Lipo (back, waist, and arm pitts)
C. Breast lift additional $2,000

4. Dr. Hernandez $4,800 (if your weight is between 150 & 200)
a. tummy tuck and lipo of full back
b. extra 200 for lipo of thigh 500 for lipo or arms
C. 500 extra for bbl

Reason why I chose Dr.Duran and not others. Dr.Duran and her assistant were the only ones to really take time to evaluate my car. I have a history of pulmonary embolism, it was caused by a birth control patch. She went into details on what worst case scenario would be. Dr. Yiliy, I feel her estimate was automated and not personalized for me. Dr. Estrella, too cheap and short on detail. Dr. Hernandez, I feel I was paying more for the name. Let me tell you the man had an attitude, one can feel it through his emails.

I will be loading some pics (not too attractive) but that's what I'm here for.
Let my journey begin!

scary cabral article

ladies... look what I found. this is important for all of us. A girl from NYC died 17 days after surgery in D.R w/cabral. I read this on the NY post....


Has anyone dealt with "Fania"? the girl that answers Dr. Duran's ph @ the office? I've been trying to get the deposit over and for me to transfer the money from BOA is $45.00 dollars. She told me the deposit can't be more then $250.00 but I've read reviews where the deposit is $500.00. I've also seen some girls mentioning can i reach her? Any info would be great. Thank you ladies!


OMGGGGG!!! so surreal, just booked my ticket! "gasp" so I leave on a direct flight from Boston get there wicked early around 3am. I decided to move my sx up bc I'm so excited! My partner and I talk about this everyday. I must admit all you Ladies have truly inspired me. I follow everyone diligently especial "bklynbeauty" that's my bible lol THANK YOU BROOKLYN!

So I have 14 week's to go (around the corner). I need to start buying and packing. I'm open to all suggestions, ladies please help and advise.

I would love to buddy up with any diva in the making. I'm fluent in Spanish so I can be your Google translator? Lol please let me know, I'll be in DR for two weeks. I'm considering armonia, silhouette or upscale. Upscale Rh is opening up in January 2014. The owner is actually a RS sister herself "NJPRBEAUTY". I have emailed the email on the site with some questions and also for some pictures.


Back pics

NO PROJECTION! ok my divas, I have posted some back pics with no back in it lol. I have purchased a few things, I will be posting item's, prices and site where I purchased from later.


So I started getting a few items which I will detail:
Vitamin b12 kmart 4.98
arnica gel $12.00 @cvs
pads @ kmart $4.00
stripe grey dress @ $3.00 (clearence)
Pink dress nordstrom rack $12.00
P-EZ @Amazon $5.75
benadryl gel @kmart $7.19
antiseptic soap $12.74 amazon
Mederma @kmart $23.89 (holy s×××!)
Arnica gel @cvs $12.49

I also got the make me heal pre &post vitamin kit. I will post pic and price tmrw. I might return as it has Vitamin k, when you have a history of PE it's not good to take extra Vitamin k as it can interfere with blood results. I just had another embolism like a month ago (my 3rd one). Everything happens for a reason so when I go to DR, I will have the property meds with me.

where did it come from?

SO, I'm watching t.v. in a tank top and sweats all the sudden I'm like let me take a pic of my tummy. Have you ladies ever looked in the mirror and said "I need help but I'm not that bad?" well ladies it is bad! ( FOR ME) omg! WHERE DID It COME FROM? like wth, my tummy have birth to another tummy lol. I'm posting a pic.

wish pic:
I haven't found one that is realistic for my body frame yet. I did ask two RS sister's if I can use their pics as I think their results are amazing!

Yay! I found a doll from here! We have been chatting frequently and giving each other advice on what to bring. I will be traveling to NJ soon to meet her we might hit up the infamous "Pink Room"


Ladies, I've read on here a few DOLLS have received free pillows from NURSINGPILLOW.COM and have just paid shipping. I went on the site today and ordered my pillow and used promo code "FAMILY2013" and my card was just charged $12.95 for shipping. This is a great deal, you ladies should take advantage of the offer before its over..GOOD LUCK!



Happy Thanksgiving to all you diva dolls in the making! let us be greatful for having found this site that provides so much support to us all. All you ladies are amazing and so informative. I'm thankful to you! Happy healing to the post op.ladies and good luck to us pre ops!

quick trip to DR!

So ladies I had to run to D.R for two days.  While there I was able to visit real recovery armonia. I met with Ruth as Mayra was not there and another nurse who's name I do not remember.  There were two ladies there recovering I was not able to chat with them as they were KNOCKED OUT! Happy healing to those ladies.

The apartment condo is beautiful and huge. There's still work being done. I have taken several pics I hope you ladies enjoy.  I was going to pass by upscale but I didn't have the address. This place was very clean,  very spacious and welcoming.  The rooms have stand up shower and Jacuzzis!  While there I walked around the entire place I loved the breeze. Let me tell you ladies DR is HOT, CALIENTE! You will appreciate the breeze. The apartment has central ac as well.  The rooms have balconies where you can sit. I saw the massage room very tiny but it does the job.  I stayed at the Dominican fiesta hotel very nice as well. So the recovery home is like ten minutes away from CIPLA which brings me to....

I went there as well to meet Dr. Duran! She was in surgery but I met with Elizabeth.  Then two ladies walked in from RS. I believe one ladies name is "Big Booty" and I'm sorry I don't remember the other ladies name. I know they are buddies with *naturally curly* these two girls had there notes like on point. Happy healing to them as well.  So,  when these girls say the office is small. ?. They really mean SMALL LOL.  So I hope my pics help you divas.

hasta luego dolls!

more pics


pics were cropped ladies... sorry...smh


not many pics as I was in and out...

more pics

Hi ladies, so I went to VS and got some leggings and sweats which I'm wearing on my flight back from D.R. then hopefully I'll take the after pic and we will see something back there as right now it's a wall ;(

first once didn't post

Side pic

Boppy pillow

My boppy pillow has arrived. Feels really nice, more plush then firm. GREAT PRICE!


30 days left y'all! Working on my hemo and keeping it positive. I haven't packed. I'm going to lay everything out to see what I'm missing. Very excited and extremely all part of the process

Did anyone get this from Durans email?

Sorry for the inconvenience, I am in Limassol, South Cyprus for a week
and i just got robbed and my bag containing all my vital items, phone
and money stolen from me . I am physically ok and fine. I need some
assistance from you. Let me know if you can be of any help.


*Dra. Agustina Hilario Durán*
Cirujana Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva


OMG! REALLY? seriously? Time flies by ladies. So, last night I started packing which was good bc I realized I'm missing stuff. After work today I'll start grabbing what I'm missing. My buddy is stopping by the pink room today to get a better feeling of the fajas and board's.

I wish all present and future sx dolls the best!

11 DAY'S to go!

OMG, I'm soooooo nervous. This had taken over my life and sleep. Well today I'm going to buy a few more things, I'm at the salon today touching up my roots I don't want to deal with it later.

Ladies let us keep "MYSEXYBACK35" in our prayers, she's not doing well. Thank you "victoria316" for letting us know.


So I went to this store here called "VASALLOLOS" with my mom to look at fajas. The lady showed us "DISEÑO D'PRADA" in a med size and I looked at my mom like "how the HELL am I fitting in this" she's like oh "mija they will make u fit" lol alrighty then. A medium looks soooo small so I didn't buy it bc idk what size I'll be. I see ladies bring a back up to use while the they are using is being idk what to do. Going to order my board tmrw.

If I get lipo foam does that replace the pads? So confused on that. Last minute silly


Runny nose, sneezing= COLD! Oh hell no! Not now, going to cvs after work...I can't afford a cold right now :(

8 Dias mas! (8 more days)

Tmrw I will be a week away. I feel like I have everything but at the same time I feel unprepared. :( I have all kinds of emotions going on.

Does anyone have Elizabeth's number? She's Durans asst I can't get through to the office.

Thank you!


It's amazing the thoughts that go through our heads as time gets closer. I'm crazy nervous. I'm getting my hemo re checked today hopefully some progress.

I'm still looking for a board. I tried "mariae" but I guess they are sold out. My buddy got hers in the pink room and she's telling me it's wicked small, so I can't go with that one.


6 more days but not too happy

So I got my hemo checked last night and my results came in today at 11.4 :( so...I'm still going to D.R hoping I can get iron shots there. I stopped at GNC and grabbed high potency iron. I think it might be too late to grab blood builder. I'm stuffing myself with liver this weekend.


4 days left y'all!

SO my mom made me liver and as you see in the pics above a juice. The juice consists of beets, carrots, oj, and oats. She's Dominican and it's supposed to be something that will help with the hemo...Well IT BETTER BC I HAVE TO GET THIS HEMO UP! Alright ladies that's all for now. 3 days three nights left "sigh"


Well here it buddy had to cancel this morning due to personal reasons. I think it was best and like i told "when its mean to be it will happen". She might update her page and detail her reasoning. So i'm going SOLO, I know there is no way i will find a last minute buddy. If you ladies know of anyone leaving this week please let me know.

2 days left!

The time has come!

I have checked in to the airport, I'm waiting at the gate to board my flight which departs at 10:15pm. I'm actually not nervous at all. I know there's a possibility nothing might happen but I have doubled up on iron and hopefully my efforts have worked. Well ladies thank you for all the well wishes. I still update tmrw from CIPLA!


Omg omg omg! Ladies my hemo is 12.6! I didn't think I would get it Up! Honestly I think it's from the blood builder, high potency iron (RECOMMENDED BY MISSKEKE), and my mom's carrot and beet juice. My hemo went up that much within a week. I took Double iron 3 times a day. So tmrw is the BIG DAY! yay!
Thank you ladies for the prayers and advice!

At cipla

Hello hello y'all!
So the wait time here is ridiculous. We are all marked up and ready to go! I met vitaminwater, and I'm sharing rooms with "lovingmyself1" she's so cool and her cousin as well at cipla. I have my blue pill now.. I'll continue to wait and update later ladies.

I'm alive!

Hi ladies, thank you all for the prayers and we'll wishes. This is a really tough journey. I wasn't doing to well I had to get a blood transfusion and I'm constantly out of breath. Dr. Duran had taken good care of me. The internet here is not to good I'll try to upload some pics. I have met a few rs ladies all so kind. I'm very sorry for the delay in posting. I promise to post a complete review when I feel better. I had a tummy tuck, Lipo of back and arms and bbl.

Ttys rs sistas!


sorry this is the only way to upload pics

full review

first and foremost I would like to apologize for the delay on my update it has been a tough recovery process...but here it goes.

First day at the clinic I get my lab work done my hemo was 12.6, it was a long day the waiting for the cardiologist was ridiculous. My advice get there as early as you can. Dr. Duran told me to be there next day at 630 am.

Day of sx:
Arrived at 6:30 grabbed my lab results and went to a room downstairs where they take your blood pressure and you do paper work. We were in there for over three hours add the clinic was booked abd no rooms were available!! #FRUSTRATING. While waiting I met lovingmyself1 and her cousin. We ended up sharing rooms which was awesome since I could help them with translation. They had is on s back and fourth situation. We were put in a one bedroom , by this time or was 1pm, as we were chatting and trying to relieve the stress guess who came in the room? THE TRANSPORTATION GUY FOR SURGERY LIKING FOR ME! Mind you...NO BLUE PILL, NO NOTIFICATION NO NOTHING! I rush put on my gown and take the pill as we are going down. In the small green room we go, tons of people in there, I looked at the equipment and it scared me, not advanced at all. This lady put the iv in me told me I would feel sleepy, next thing I wake up during lipo in my back, I told them I couldn't breath, they put a tube down my nose out my mouth. Then I woke up in my room. Ladies...DURAN DOES DO 5SX PER DAY. I witnessed it and so did the other rs girls. She was done with surgeries that day at 2am.

Day after sx:
Blood work is done.and squeezed in faja. Hemo dropped to 6.4. They called blood bank, they arrived at 1pm paid 200US for two pints. The faja was the worst. Omg I thought when they stood me up for the first time my back was going to break. I had tummy tuck, lipo of back and arms abd fat grafting to butt. If u are having a tt ur faja is left open for the first few days. Released from hospital at 9pm.

I had sx Friday the 19th and my drains were taken out immediately that following Monday. My tt has not bothered me, what had hurt the most is my arms. The swelling I had was crazy, my back and butt was ONE...I WAS NOT HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS. I don't see butt.

THINGS you will need

I really over packed. What I used the most were pads, tank top, pez, alcohol pads, WIPES! You might need medical tape for when your back drain is taken out they put a pad and tape it. Tons of arnica gel, I also bought there something similar to arnica called "TROMBOSIL". So as can see I didn't at all the extra.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far I feel she is caring and not about the money but more about the health.

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