Date Saved, Flight Booked & Countdown is on: BBL, TT, Lipo - Dominican Republic

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Ok ladies I have officially booked my flight last...

Ok ladies I have officially booked my flight last night & SAVED the date with Dr. Yily . its hard to even sleep at night thinking I will have my body make over in months. WHoop WHoop!!!

I decided to go with Dr. Yily after all just because of all the experience, proof of work and photos, and testimonies found to be successful ones. I want to be happy in the end & not regret doing what my Gutt was feeling. SO YILY IT IS!!! I refuse to let $700 more keep from going with Dr. Yily her work is awesome and worth & worth every penny. Her quote also included lipo to the arms where Dr. Almonte does not .

After having 3 children last one in 2006 all by C-section this surgery is a dream come true and to have finally have convenience my husband this is my miracle! NO DOUBT.

I am 34 yrs old currently 185 lbs desperately waiting on my transformation. I will start eating a healthy diet & exercise daily. If you have any suggestions for me please feel free to share if you have a information on RH or buying garments bring it on.

I always would like to save $$ if I can. I will post pictures soon & keep yall posted on my journey to D.R. all the way from Houston, TX

I can't believe I'm less than a month away!

Alright my dolls, decided to go ahead & post some of my fatty pictures to show off my sponge bob body lol... Soon to ne HISTORY!!! I'm so excited the time is passing fast! Cant wait to be on the skinny side of life with a flat belly & a big booty!!! I admit I'm a lil nervous but more excited than anything. I have been doubling up on my iron pills & vitamins but haven't lost any weight.
I have started to pack things here & there that I need. I don't think I have looked at my body in the mirror As much as I do now! I use to hide my rolls if I could from showing my husband but now baby I'm squeezing everything & imaging myself with out it. As you can see in the pictures from hAving 3 c sections my scar has left a extra roll or crease it's horrible. My back rolls will soon be history & I can finally wear tight tops again!! Whoop whoop! I will post more Pics later these were taken with my phone. I will keep y'all updated on my transformation... Look out baby I'm heading to DR....

A couple of wish pictures!!!

17 days to go my hemoglobin level is 13.3 not really happy with that due to the fact of all the lipo work I need so I will start taking iron 3 times... Here are a couple of wish pics.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Yily staff has been prompt and has given me all the information I need to make my decision on having my surgery in D.R. After seeing all Dr. Yily experience, past patients, and testimonies I am convinced she is the Dr. for me. I will be having my Tummy tuck, Lipo, and BBL on February 5,2014 words cant even express the joy I feel to finally be on my way tom getting a smaller wait. flat belly, and some booty!!!!!!! I will post pictures soon

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