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I am 28, a nurse and a mother of 2. I'm married,...

I am 28, a nurse and a mother of 2. I'm married, but it's rocky (more on that later). I love my babies, but they d-e-s-t-r-o-y-e-d my body. I never was ever really happy w my breast to begin with tho; they always kinda looked like torpedoes lol they grew in that way. Thanks Mom :-/. I'm getting full liposculpture, a BA w lift, a TT, a BBL and FG to hips. I dont want a humongous butt that screams plastic sx, I just want to fill in the lateral dents and widen my hips. Dont really care much for projection, mainly bc I dont have enough fat to work with. I want more of an hourglass figure: wider hips, big perky boobies and a tiny waist! I know that Dra Duran can deliver that. She's got an amazing personality and was very honest w me about my expectation. She's doesn't make empty promises, which I respect. Communication w her was much easier before she blew up tho. Thankfully I got all my questions answered way back in Feb before she was crazy busy!!!

I've sent my deposit and am confirmed for Dec 11th. I'll be flying in on Dec 10 for pre-op testing, etc, and I'll be staying at Angela's RH.

I'm trying to gain weight

I'm stuck at 130 lbs. I gained about 5lbs recently but my goal weight is 140 so I've got a lot of eating to do. My concern is that after the sx, when I go back to my regular eating habits, I feel like my bbl and hips will disappear. Dont know what I should do... I see some reviews on here from thinner girls (from various dr's) and they have mixed results. The good thing is that the "butt doctors" like Salama, Mandieta, and that other guy, have great results with thinner women. So I'm hopeful ?

I'm so ready to go!

Here's a few wish pics.. I realize that may not have enough fat for projection, but I'm hoping that I can get the hips I want. Thinking of going back next year for round 2 which would include lipo of the inner thighs. I'm kinda nervous to do too much lipo this time around since I'm getting the works.

desired boobs .... tired of wearing padded bras! My childhood friend thinks Im insane for wanting this surgery. She wont even hear me out anymore if I bring it up. She claims that it's vanity and it's fake.. when I told her it's no "faker" or "vain" than wearing a padded bra or spanx shapers, she had no comeback. How do you guys deal with all the nay-sayers?

Heavy cream?

Just went onto the FantasyFeeder website to try to find fast ways to gain weight. You wouldn't BELIEVE some of the things people do to gain! Wow. Seriously, stop over there and read a few forums. I'm not knocking anyone's turn-ons, different strokes for different folks, but that site's kind of insane.... Anyhoo, the thing I found that was the least diabetic inducing was heavy cream. It has 824 calories in 1 cup, only 6 carbs and no sugar. I cant believe I'm saying this, but I think I'm going to start downing cups of it! (AHHHHHH!) Considering the other suggestions included melting lard and iced cream together and refreezing it, I think I'll stick to the heavy cream....

I gained a pound already ?

Sweet. Heavy cream is great especially since I cant bring myself to actually eat 3000 calories a day. I can just drink this with a little honey or a splash of Hazelnut Coffemate creamer and it's so delicious!!! It took a good 8 months to gain the 5lbs I already did so 1lb in 3 days is great!

50 Days away!

I cant believe I've been able to gain 11 lbs already! It's only been a 2 weeks. That's insane. I've been about 125-127ish ever since high school, even after 2 pregnancies. But I've since realized that it's all a numbers game and I been keeping track of my caloric intake. I still have a hard time eating a lot so Ive been eating small portion calorie dense food. Lots of steak, muscles, cheese, homemade chilli, empanadias, etc... The heavy cream works wonders as well. Wont be continuing this after I reach my goal weight, however, since I'll only have to eat enough to equal my basal metabolic rate. Increased my goal weight to 150 since I see a lot of 5'5" girls having great results at that weight. All this eating made me physically sick the first 2 days, I felt like I was going to explode! But, to be honest, I'm now having fun gaining weight. I feel softer and more feminine ? Not digging the back fat tho! But I know Dra Duran will easily take care of that.

Enough about that....

In the fb group, someone asked me about rectus diastasis so I'll be posting pics of mine, since I'm considered a severe case. This is why I actually NEED a tummy tuck. Dont want to deal with a strangulated umbilical hernia in my future. It's so nasty, I can actually insert my hand in between my abdominal muscles and feel the mesenteric fascia and sometimes an individual bolus in the small intestine. Crazy!

30 more days!

Im all packed! I packed, unpacked and repacked a million times already. Since I'm only bringing my carry on, I want to make the most of it. I have a list of supplies but wont put it on here til I come home. That way I can include only what's needed. Found a tiny, but super soft yet firm neck pillow thing to sit on. Dont want to haul around a full size boppy. Plus, after testing it out, I realized that I sink into the boppy and touch the seat. This little thing I got doesnt squish and holds me up away from the seat. It's good for a BBL, but would suck as an actual neck pillow.

I'm about 147lbs (yay) gained 20 in about a month. Never thought I could get excited about that. Back fat galore! And I feel heavy when I walk. I bought this cute pair of pants and had to get a 1x. Who made up those sizes anyway? Since when was a size 9 a plus size? Honestly, I love LOVE my body now. I feel so soft and femme. My hips went from a 37 to a 39 just from gaining weight. Cant wait to see what my BBL result will be. I know my tt will look amazing. That's honestly the reason I wanted to go to DR in the first place before I even heard of a BBL. 2 local docs here basically told me I'd need a crazy high tt incision or a vertical incision that would extend practically to my bb. I did more research after that. What I found was the DR! The incisions are nice and low and I have yet to see a vertical incision done even on thin pts with little extra skin. This isnt just for Dra Duran, Robles Yily, Baez, Bello, Cabral (ahh! that guy) .. they all do nice tt's with perfect clean low incisions. They must use different techniques than what's common here. I dunno. What I do know is that my boobs and tt are going to look spectacular ? and I cant wait. Just dont know how my hips and bbl will turn out. At 127 I was sure I didnt have enough fat... My new goal is 155lbs since I'm gaining so well. Very unexpected, but very happy about that! Glad it's Fall tho, bc I wouldnt want to gain like this in the summer.

Don tknow how I'm going to be away from my babies so long. It makes me sad just thinking about it. I'm really hoping i dont have any "unscheduled events" that hold me in DR longer than planned bc the last thing I want is to not make it home in time for Christmas. In the meantime I been prepping as much as possible for my absence. Even been teaching my oldest daughter to do her hair for the past few months so she doesnt look like "who did it and why" when I leave. Hubby wouldnt know what to do w her hair..

Here are some pics of CIPLA's infamous Green Room

These pics were sent to me along with some other info when I requested a quote from Robles about a year ago. To clarify: dont know if the Drs have separate OR's they're accustomed to using so I'm not saying this is surely Dra Durans OR. But it is CIPLA. With all the international attention CIPLA has received lately, I wouldnt be surprised if they upgraded.

Ultimately, tho, if this is what Dra Duran is comfortable with, more power to her! It obviously gets the job done and I wouldnt change a thing. There's always a learning curve w new equipment and I'm not trying to be the test monkey!

Honestly, I did a few clinicals at a hospital that had equipment verrrry similar to this...

So I got my Salome faja

in the mail yesterday. And I LOVE this thing. I got a large but plan to take in the waist. Im glad I got a large too because it fits my butt and hips pretty snugly already. Cant imagine after the bbl. Dont want it cutting off booty circulation. It fits my waist and shapes me really well at my current weight, but after sx I know it'll be huge in the waist. Figured that since my sewing machine is practically a permanent part of my kitchen table, I can take it in as needed. This thing shapes me so well and it's ultra comfy. It's lined w a soft cotton for sensitive post op skin. I still plan to wear my cami under it tho. So happy. I'm wearing this thing everyday! haha

I'm hoping my results will come out like this with waaaaaaaaay wider hips. 24 days to go!

This is salome 0525. I might cut the sleeves off tho. Not working out like I expected. But everything else is great!

RH dilemma

So Angela tells me that she's having family over but that I can still stay. I love her personality and she has nothing but great reviews.. I just dont know about being in the middle of a family reunion while I'm trying to heal.... So now I'm stuck looking for another rh just 3 weeks in advance. Not to mention the extra $ it's gonna cost. I'm considering Armonia, Daisy's, Maria's RH and Zara's new RH. I guess it'll depend on who has availability and a good price...

RH update

I'll be staying at Daisy's RH. She (Jocelyn) seems really cool and she responds very quickly. The rooms look really clean and it's supposed to be in a quiet neighborhood about 10min from CIPLA. The few reviews that se has are all really good. They have 2 packages, but the only difference is airport transportation, laundry service and sharing a room. Package 1 is a queen bed, single room w all the good stuff & everything included for $85 a night. Package 2 is a full bed, shared room w everything included but airport transportation and laundry service for $70 a night. Airport to and from is $80. I chose the first package bc I dont want to worry about laundry and all that. Plus she's doing a special so I get 3 free massages :-) So it works out. Will def do a full review when the time comes.

So this is what 20lbs of fat looks like..

I feel so disgusting, it's not even funny... Luckily it all went to the places I'm going to have lipo'ed. Almost none went to my tummy, surprisingly. I guess that's good tho bc you cant use the fat from your tummy if your getting a tt. That's like asking for necrosis.... I'm pretty happy with 150lbs and now Im just eating to maintain the weight instead of gaining more.THIS is why I already wear a faja. It hides all this mess pretty well. Never been so big in my life. Cant lie tho, my hubby loves all the extra jiggliness and so do I :-)

I'm really concerned about getting my implants placed under the muscle. That's what I want, but it seems like lately most of Dra Duran's pt's have them subfascial. I know she does what's best for you and it's discussed beforehand, but unless there is some anatomical necessity, that would be a huge deal breaker for me. Def dont want subfascial unless I "have" to. I'd like submuscular or dual plane for sure. I hope she says she will do it bc if not, I'd have to get them done elsewhere. Baez does nice breast work :-)

2 week countdown! My how time fliiiiiiiiiiiies

Forcing myself to eat this nasty chicken liver....

hoping it will give my hemo an extra boost.

9 1/2 days to go!

I tried...

I really did. But I just cant force myself to eat this disgusting chicken liver. The texture, the taste, the aftertaste that lingers and the smell! Oh Lord, the smell! Ugh. I just cant do it. I'm sticking with muscles. Theyre more expensive but they get the job done. When I started planning this sx, I had chronic anemia. My hemoglobin was at 8.7g/dL but I never really paid much mind to correcting it. Since then I've been supplementing with ferrous sulfate 65mg 3x daily and megafoods blood builder 2x daily. My last CBC showed 11.7g/dL which is a huge improvement. Was kind of disappointed bc I wanted to be higher, but I knew I was anemic again since the orthostatic hypotension and headaches returned. But that lab draw was done one day after a really heavy period ended. I havent had another test since, but I know I'm def not anemic anymore. No symptoms. Recently I added Chloroxygen and Chlorella & Spirulina to the mix. I love it, I feel like I have so much energy!

Some humor and a little prayer

Thanks so much to a fellow fb Duran doll (no names for privacy) for sharing these prayers her mother wrote. I love them and couldn't help but share :-)

I am so discouraged...

I got my period on Dec 5th and it's still flowing. It's pretty light, but after trying so hard for so long to raise my hemo, I have no idea what this is doing to my levels.... I feel like crying. I prayed to God that if this sx isn't for me, have something happen that prevents me from going thru with it. Maybe this is that something? If that's the case, I cant be upset bc His Will be done. Not mine. Still, tho.... :-(

I was freekin out

...bc I only have a 50 min connection between my domestic flight and my flight to SDQ. But I found a few sights saying that I should be able to make it if I hustle. Its so nerve wrecking not knowing your gate until the day of departure....

This morning was rough. I had a few bouts of some serious apprehension. Kept feeling like I was gonna just stay in bed and forget all about this. Im not the type of person to be depressed, so my thoughts actually began to scare me. After taking a walk outside, I feel much better. I know I'll make my flight and my hemo will be fine... Trying to tell myself to remain positive and STOP worrying.

Anyone else go thru this? I been planning this for almost a year and I was just fine until yesterday! It's just getting real now...

You girls are awesome!

Thank you so much for all your encouragement. I havent really told anyone about this so I feel like I'm doing this completely alone. Your comments help so much! A million thanks to you dolls.... seriously. Especially right now...

hello my loves

Finally I get a chance to update:-) Dr is wonderful. I love it here! My experience so far has been amazing and I owe it All to Jocelyn from Daisy's rh. I will do a full update when I am home but I had to write this for anyone coming to Dr alone. You HAVE TO STAY THERE. Where u recover definitely effects how u recover.

I had my six around 1130. The blue pill did not take and I was able to witness their entire six scrub in process. I can attest that ALL of their instruments were autoclaved. Tho no one was gloved up until they began to unwrap the instruments. That kind of bothered me... but... also their or if far from a sterile environment as people entered and exited freely once the instruments were laid. These people did not touch the instruments but still. Its very different than in the us. With the exception of one guy in the or who seemed to hate his job (throwing my chart on me, bumping into my bed very roughly, never smiling or making eye contact ect). Overall, I had a really great experience here at cipla so far. Everyone else has been great. And I actually had a blast laughing w everyone. Especially the radiologist. Dominican culture is so spirited. More on that later. The nurses check me regularly and are smiling and kind. Oh, Dr Duran told me in the consult that she is the only Dr doing the sx even tho I may not see her BC I will be sedated. But since the blue pill didn't take, I was able to talk w her and pray over her before surgery began... I
Everything was a great experience so far. If you're apprehensive about coming here especially if you're going alone like me, don't worry, you will be absolutely fine. Especially if u stay w Jocelyn & lina. Jocelyn stayed w me the whole time I was at cipla for testing yesterday and all day today while I waited to go in. She even prayed over me before they wheeled me off.. She's sweet and genuine and crazy like me so we clicked as soon as she hugged me after I got off the plane. All the staff at cipla know her and joke w her so it made me feel so comfortable. I highly recommend her and Lina. And her driver is so handsome ;-). They made ALL the difference.

Dr Duran is so freekin in fantastic. The consult this am was not rushed and she answered all my questions to me in medical terms w no problem. I have that issue w a hernia and mesenteric fascia and she made me feel so confident s her explanation of how the tt incision was placed. More on that later bc u need to see pics to understand. And I took a million pics! Can't post them now but I def will when I get home. I have so much to say but I'm going to rest now. Thank u guys for all your well wishes. It means a lot since I'm doing this alone.

May not be able to update for a while but I'll check in soon. Muah!

Hey guys! Im home :-)

I came back on Saturday and I wanted to update sooner, but I had to spend the last 2 days cleaning my house. It was bad. Very bad. Like pasta-sauce-splattered-all-over-the-walls, what-the-hell-is-that-smell and wtf-is-growing-in-the-toilet bad. It looked like every force of nature tore thru this place. I expected to have to clean when I came home, but wow! Nothing could have prepared me for what I walked into. My hubby says “well, at least the kids were fed!” Yeah. Ok buddy.

Ok, so I've got a few minutes and Im writing my review now. I decided to make it more from a healthcare perspective. When I went to my post op appts, I saw that most of the girls were very unprepared for the actual healing process and didnt know what to expect or how to care for their incisions, drains, etc. And unless u ask specific questions, they really dont explain anything to u before u leave Cipla. I found that I had to actually kick back into nurse mode and help a lot of girls with their issues. So, hopefully my review will help u guys be a little more prepared :-) Ive got tons of info to share and a million pictures to post! Know that all went well and overall I really enjoyed my stay in dr. Im healing “faster than expected” according to Dra Duran, so that's a blessing :-) Im pretty sure its bc I walked, stretched and danced a lot tho :-)

Hopefully I'll have everything posted by tonight...
I'll hopefully have my entire review posted by tonight. Stay posted :-)

Sorry it took so long!

Here are my results so far. These pics were taken this morning. So far, I'm super happy w my outcome. It's waaaaay better than the mess I had before. Dra Duran is a very talented surgeon.

Now for all the details...

Tummy Tuck:
If u asked me in the first couple days post op I would have said the pain isnt worth it. Everyone says that lipo hurts the worst but the pain from muscle repair was so bad for the first 3 days that I couldnt feel anything else. The meds did help, but only to take the edge off. I could still feel the pain. But if u look at my before, my separation was pretty bad. In the beginning I thought I looked horrible. My stomach was worse than my before cause its all scrunched up from inflammation. My stretch marks looked worse and I cried over the way it all looked. I called Duran and she said it would flatten out and not to worry. Once I was able to put on the faja at 5 days post op, it did start to flatten out and I could see a difference right away. Now that Im almost 2 weeks, its almost totally flat :-) and I love the incision and the way it looks. My scar is higher than I wanted, but I kind of knew it might be so im ok w that. In the consult, Dra said I would maybe have to have a vertical scar if my skin was too thin. But I was happy to see that she ended up not doing that. She told me bc she didnt do the vertical incision, I still have stretch marks below my bb. Im fine w that too bc I had crazy stretch marks above my bb so I knew they wouldnt be gone completely... I think if we have realistic expectations, were much happier about our results. From the mess I started with, Im happy w the magic she worked...

Dra placed 430cc subglandular textured high profile silicone implants w a crescent periareolar incision. I wanted submuscular but she said that if I did that I would absolutely have to get a lift. I asked her about cleavage and she said subgalndular would give better cleavage. I told her that I didnt want to feel them and she said that silicone wont be felt (like saline) because I have enough breast tissue to disguise the implant. My boobs were way too big the first week post op! But I like the size of them now. My nipple is a little lower than what I envisioned but they should be settled by 2 -3 months tho. Im still a little iffy about subglandular placement to tell u the truth, bc of mammograms and rippling. But she said that this would hold up much better in the long run for what I was working with... She does let you make the final decision and if I would have stuck w my original decision about submuscular she would have placed 450cc smooth round silicone thru an imf incision. They do give u an implant card and u can try on sizers and all that so dont worry about it. I personally brought all the socks I been stuffing in my bra for the last 2 years and said “I want to look like this lol. Ask questions during the consult bc a lot of girls told me they just let her do whatever she thought was best and they have no idea what they got. That's fine but u really should know what ur getting.... I was hoping for 350 or 375cc but Dra told me that wouldnt give me the look I was going for... I trust her knowledge completely bc I LOVE my boobs. They put me in a 34c bra and I was spilling out over the top in the beginning and I wanted to cry bc I was way too big. Everything is starting to settle in place now tho and Im really happy :-)

Or "boot" as Dra Duran says it :-). Even after all my weight gain, I only got 200cc in each hip and 700cc in each cheek! 900cc total each side. Honestly I like the way it looks so I cant complain. I def did not want a donkey booty after all. After sx my booty/hips were almost 45”. At the last post op appt, it went down to 43” and Duran told me the swelling was gone and that what I saw was fat only. She said it would stay if I didnt sit for another 2 weeks. I had to sit the whole plane ride but I leaned forward so that most of the pressure was on my thighs and I rested my head on the tray table. I got the economy comfort from Delta and it def made a difference. Now that Im home my measurement is a little over 42” and my hips have basically gone back to what they were before. They arent rounded like when I was in dr. Im kinda pissed bc hips was my main objection, but overall I still like what I have. I really dont carry fat in my hips and I read that if u dont carry fat there, the fat transfer isnt likely to stay... (thats the nly reason I'd even consider rd2) Anyway, I asked for no projection and just hips and laterals. The laterals are the truth bc it makes u look like u have hips at different angles so overall,Im happy w what she did. She didnt change my shape tho, she just made it bigger. My butt is def still long lol but I like the shape. I figure if I loose anymore inches I can just gain weight since all my backfat is now in my booty :-)

Im uncomfortable most of the time bc Im either on my knees or crouching down. I dont know how Im gonna do this for another week... but. I slept on lots of pillows. Dra told me that u have to have light compression til u get into ur stage 2 bc too much swelling will interfere w blood vessel formation. Makes sense. In the faja that Duran gives, I loose about ½ inch to compression so its not a big difference but its enough to help w swelling.

Duran is the truth! Hands down. I love my shape. U can def tell I had work done. That wasnt the look I wanted but I think I can get used to it :-). I love the shape she gave me. Shes def very knowledgeable about what she does. I asked her how she creates the shape and she made this elaborate drawling showing me how she finds the proportions between your iliac crest and your floating ribs. I was very impressed bc here I thought she just sucks all the fat out and that's not the case, she actually creates the shape depending on your anatomy. She did tell me tho that sometimes women want a really small waist and their pelvic placement wont allow it and theyre disappointed w their outcome. She said this is usually when people have a short torso... (can u tell I asked a looooot of questions during my consult lol)... What I love so much is the arms. My arms were a manly 13 1/2” before and now theyre 11. Im verrrry happy w that :-) The arm garment doesnt bother me either, like it does some people. I keep them on at all times bc I want them to be small and femme. … When they tell u you skin is sensitive theyre not joking. I took a bandage off of my arm and it ripped a huge part of my skin right off! It closely resembles a burn as it;s healing. So be very very careful the first couple of days. It was uncomfortable but I'm glad she didnt let me wear my faja for the first 5 days....


Pre op testing:
I went straight from the airport to Cipla. When I first got there I went to get my labs drawn. The phlebotomist was super professional and very clean (wore gloves, burned the needle, etc). From there I went to the radiologist and omg, that man is crazy. I get in the room and hes like “ok, strip for me baby” I was like wth lol. U have to take off ur top and bra. He made me laugh the whole time. Hes a trip. The only issue I had is that he took 12 xrays (by my count) Im not a radiologist but I think thats crazy exposure. I basically had to tell him I was done. Anyway, that guys a riot. From there I went to the cardiologist after waiting a little while for her to arrive. U mind as well walk around cipla nekked bc you have to get undressed a couple times for preop testing. She's very good at what she does. She hooked me up to this traveling ekg machine. Theres like 15 leads she places all over ur body. It was weird, but very accurate. I was impressed.... Let me tell you, theres no such thing as patient confidentiality in cipla! The cardiologist walked out of the room for a moment to talk to a woman that wanted to get work done. The woman was pissed bc they denied her sx bc of health issues. U can hear everything when ur in that small office. Anyway, when the cardiologist came back, she told me aalllll about this womans health issues. Meanwhile in the other room, I could hear the woman arguing with another doctor (a male doctor who was sitting at durans desk) about how she spent so much $ to come to dr etc. Finally, after she wouldnt give up, the doctor agreed to have her see a specialist way across town. When he said that, the cardiologist told me that the woman was crazy bc the extra tests were very expensive and she would never pass anyway... I dont know, I guess the moral is: if ur not healthy, u cant “cheat” the test. I read a couple times on fb how some girls want to cheat their blood test or hide the fact that they have heart issues. I never comment on those post bc believing that u can do that is extremely ignorant. If ur unhealthy, forget about the sx for now and get ur issues under control first. Maybe surgeons who just care about money will but Duran wont do it if ur health isnt in order... We left and grabbed something to eat then came back to cipla for my lab results. My hemo was a dismal 12.2 and I was so nervous that Duran wouldnt do everything. I knew I would need a transfusion when I saw that number. Damn period :-/

The consult w Dra was the day of sx. …. I was one of only 2 girls scheduled that day.

Cipla after sx:
Was ok. I have no horror stories to tell. I thought the nurses were very attentive and knowledgeable and they came right away the one time I called them for pain med. The only thing I didnt like was the fact that one assistant (not a nurse) walked straight out of the room across from me into my room and started unwrapping my pads. I didnt want to say anything bc I didnt want to be annoying but then the thought of the pads touching my incisions crossed my mind and I asked her to put on gloves. She laughed at me and said “why.” Then I told her what I just wrote and she put them on hesitantly. Later when they were dressing me I realized that they put your tshirt on you, then the pads, then the faja so the pads dont touch your skin. Thats probably why she thought I was crazy. Jocelyn kept telling them that I was a nurse so that they wouldnt hate me for being pushy lol. Later tho Duran came in and told me to take the faja off so I was just in a t shirt w pads taped to me. I still wore the bra and sleeves tho. Having no faja is very uncomfortable, it makes u feel like ur falling apart.

2 Pints of Dominican O+ in My Veins
Had to get a transfusion. I was nervous about it, but I knew I needed it. I was pale and weak so I got it before I left Cipla. Dra Duran explained where the blood comes from and how it is processed. I was loopy while she was talking to me, but she assured me many, many times that it was safe. Then I remembered that I been praying about this sx for months and I knew I would be ok. ….Duran said that 6 out of 10 people need transfusions (which I think is crazy) but, its safe, so dont worry.

Mini Vacation

Dra told me I'm healing faster than expected and I think its bc after the initial couple days of excruciating pain, I was up and moving as much as possible. I was determined to make this a mini vacation so Jocelyn and Lina took me out a lot. Dont feel uncomfortable or scared about walking around dr. Dont go by yourself of course but there are lots of tourist strolling around. No worries. Plus, the heat makes u sweat all that extra fluid out. (just make sure u go over your incisions and drain sites w an alcohol wipe afterwards and spray a little antibacterial spray on there). I think thats why I didnt retain much fluid, honestly. Once u feel comfortable, get out and enjoy the country. Its a beautiful crazy sprited place. Be careful crossing the street tho... u'll see what I mean :-)

Driving in Dr:
Speaking of crossing the street.... OMG! Dr driving is... wow. Just. Wow. I've never seen anything like it. Stop signs? Haha! Red lights? Totally optional! Speed limit? What's that? You want to get around the bumper to bumper traffic by driving on the sidewalk? Why the heck not! After all, everyone else is doing it. Crazy doesnt even begin to cover it... When the driver was taking me to the rh from Cipla after sx, he did drive insanely slow and avoided the millions of pot holes tho but it was crazy bc everyone was honking at us and trying to get around us ;-)

The Plane Ride:
This was the only plane I have ever been on where everyone started clapping and whistling when the plane touched down lol. I couldnt help but join in :-) As soon as I stepped off the plane my hair immediately turned to a frizz puff. When u get off the plane, there's a live band playin and girls dancing in traditional dresses. That was pretty cool. It did seem like they pick every good looking guy to work in the airport arrival area. They were all super handsome but really super young. I felt like a cradle robber.

I almost missed the flight back. Got to the airport 3 min after the gate closed and had to beg to get on. The gate closes 1 hr b4 ur flight leaves. So leave very early. Maybe its cuz it was a saturday, but traffic for the most part was basically locked and not moving. Thank goodness there's no speed limit cause once we got to the highway doing 100 made up for lost time. And scared the bejesus out of me... I didnt have a chance to get wheelchair assistance cause I had to run to do everything. So leave early. Like, really early.

My Stay at Daisys RH:
I roomed by myself so I was alone most of the time. The other girls that were there were pretty much healed by the time I came and they went home a few days later. So bc the rh is newer, I was the only one after they left. So I was bored out of my mind most of the time. Thankfully, once I was ready, Jocelyn came and took me walking and and to do a bunch of stuff so I got to have a mini vacay. Shes great. She takes u to the mall or to get ur hair done or whatever u feel up to doing. The wifi was hit or miss, mostly miss. The food was good. I ate everything with the exception of the papaya. That fruit both smells and taste like vomit... the meals are pretty small tho. Matter fact as soon as I got thru customs at the ATL airport I spent almost $20 on food lol. I was so hungry! … The place, for the most part, is quiet. Cujo lives next door so u might hear him bark from time to time, but it wasnt anything crazy. The place is an actual hotel tho, so when the rooms arent rented out to girls recovering, they are rented out to regular people. I felt safe everyday and usually left my door unlocked unless I was sleep. The only real negative was that there is no long mirror in your room. Jocelyn said she would buy some tho. Lina is a great help. Shes the assistant who stays there 24/7. She's like the happpiest smiliest person you'll ever meet. She started doing a dance and singing when I gave her a maxi dress I didnt wear. She's too cute lol. Overall I liked my stay and I would stay there again if I went back for rd2. What makes the difference is Jocelyn bc she tries so hard to make u feel comfortable. And shes like 5 mos post op w Yily so she knows what ur going thru. U know, I went alone so she made all the difference. Didnt take pics bc it looks just like the site.

What I Didn't Use:

I used pretty much everything except all the maxi dresses and underwear I brought. Since I roomed alone, I barely wore underwear since its much easier to use the bathroom if u dont have to struggle to pull them down. With a tt, bending down is not easy the first couple days.... Def overpacked on the maxi dresses. You really only need 3. And get them in dark colors. At the post op appts u see a lot of girls w green n yellow bloody fluid leaks on their light colored dresses. Thats pretty gross. Sleeveless maxi dresses, like the tube top ones, helped me a lot since I got a ba and arm lipo. U can just slip them on and off. I used everything else I brought. I packed light and only brought a carry on and a little bookbag. Really, thats all u need.

What U Need to Bring:
U can find the usual list on a lot of reviews so I'll only include the things that helped me tremendously.
1) Lanacaine (the same thing, but cheaper than Dermoplast) was a life saver for both pain and wound dressing.
2) 2X3 bandages to cover drain sites
3) Qtips to apply ointment to drain sites (no fingers!)
4) Alcohol wipes (or Lysol wipes) to regularly clean shared things like remotes, light switches, etc. Your drain sites are open wounds and microbes spread more easily than most people think. Picking up a dirty remote then checking your drain can easily cause infection. Sounds like overkill but its better to be safe than sorry. U have no idea whats on ur roomates or ur nurses hands. And neither do they.
5) Alcohol wipes to wipe down incisions (do not remove the paper tape). I did this after taking walks or doing anything else that made me sweat. Baby wipes are not antiseptic.
6) A small hand held mirror. This was important for checking incisions, skin condition, drain sites, ect. when I was relaxed in whatever position I was in and didnt feel like moving since I couldnt see anything over these huge boobs. I kept everything within arms reach on the bed btw. Keeping track of the color and condition of your skin is important after a tt. Dra Duran is an awesome doc and I trust her work, but it's our job to ensure our best healing. Brush up on signs of infection and tissue necrosis before you head out. At every post op call, she asked me about the color and condition of my stomach skin.
7) Download an app that converts Fahrenheit to Celsius. Thank goodness the formula is engraved in my mind. Two girls were running fevers post op and I had to convert the temps. No ones internet worked to download the app in dr so do it in advance. This is really important bc if u have a fever, u have to tell Dra Duran in Celsius.
8) Graduated compression socks. The $30 Dra Duran makes u buy in dr are actually anti-embolism socks. They are designed for bedridden patients and wont do much for swelling once u begin to ambulate. Get 20-30mmHg only. Anything less will be too weak and anything more (30+mmHg) can actually cause damage if worn for too long (like more than a week or 2). In fact, in the US, theyre really only worn under prescription, so stick with the 20-30. Anyway, I double compressed, meaning I wore the anti-embolism socks with the compression socks on top and I had no leg swelling whatsoever. So this strategy is important. All the girls in my second post op appt were like “I wish I read that before I came.” It seemed like lower leg swelling caused mobility issues for some of the girls.
9) Also very important is to bring ace bandages. I brought two and used both. The nurses in Cipla seemed very well trained with the exception of one. She seemed nervous so I figured she was new. She pushed the bolus into my iv WAY to fast and it caused intense burning pain in my entire arm. After I was discharged, I developed superficial thrombophlembitis at the iv site. You may experience this too: your vein will feel hard, swollen and painful to the touch. Its caused by the iv. Anyway, if this happens to you, you need to wrap your hand with an ace bandage for 3-4 days. Not only does it alleviate the pain, but the swelling will go down as well. Anyway, I wasnt the only one who experienced this, but I was the only one who brought something to help with it. So def bring an ace bandage... .the second was used when I peed all over my faja in the middle of the night while trying to use the bathroom. I didnt feel like waking Lina so I just wrapped the other ace bandage around my tummy for compression til I could get my faja washed in the morning. The pee hole of the fajas Dra Duran gives is funny. Dont be surprised if u have a few accidents. It happens to the best of us lol. About the thrombophlembitis: please dont be afraid to speak up to the nurses at cipla and tell them to push the bolus slow, like over 15 to 30 seconds. Most of the nurses were really good, but that one nurse, man... Anyway, u shouldnt feel any pain while the medication is being administered. U may feel the medication itself, but it should not cause pain. If it does, speak up and tell them to slow down.
10) Paper tape to secure pads in place. Dra Duran didnt allow me to wear my faja for 5 days. She said my skin was too sensitive bc of the tt. So I didnt have the faja to hold the pads in place over the “tail” drain. And that thing leaks like crazy.
11) Something to pee with. I used styrofoam cups cause I was cheap, but I dont recommend that bc of how the pee hole is in this faja. In the salome faja, it was fine, but this pee hole is weird. So bring a pEz or a pStyle or something. I still have to buy one..
12) If u have a latex allergy, bring your own non latex gloves. All the ones I saw in dr were latex.
13) Snacks! Sometimes u may feel like the meals are too small and too healthy.
14) A vibrator :-) Dra didnt let me get massages at all while I was in dr. So Im glad I brought a little vibrator w me to massage my back and arms. It helped a lot w loosening up the knots after lipo.

Random pics


Dra duran didnt let me get massages at all. I honestly didnt ask her the full explanation why but she said it was because I still had my front drain and because I had a tt. When I asked her I was in so much pain so this answer was good enough for me at the time. I had in my front drain until the day before I went home (9 days I think) So I didnt get any massages in dr at all. I still havent had any lymphatic massages and, to be honest, I dont think im going to get any. I have a great Homedic deep tissue massager that I use on my lipoed areas a couple times a day and it takes away the knots really fast. I can feel a difference right away. So I think im going to save my cash and just keep doing this. If u cant get massages, put on some dominican mucic tv and dance around your room to get your blood flowing and bring a little vibrator to break up lipo knots :-)

Dr Meds:
Personally, I thought these were strong enough. Dra prescribed me a list of meds, all of which I did not get. I dont want to say which ones I didnt get cause I dont want to encourage others to do that, but, I know that I didnt need them all. U def need to get the antibiotic if u might be thinking about omitting some meds. Again, which I do not recommend.

Personally, the tt mr hurt the most so the muscle relaxer she prescribed helped a lot. As far as getting meds in dr, u really can walk into a pharmacy and get whatever u want. I heard that they were more expensive at Cipla, so instead of doing that Jocelyn and Lina just went to pick them up for me at a pharmacy down the block. I spent $90 on everything. People say that dr meds arent strong, but I had everything done and I think they were strong enough and Im a baby w pain. The OxaForte helped me the most (diclofenac/codeine). It's funny, u can tell their med distribution standards are looser than ours cause there were all these extra meds in the bag and I looked at my receipt and it wasnt on there. I thought that was weird, but...

3 Weeks :-)

I been sitting on my booty but leaning front so that all the weight is on my thighs and my but is kind of hovering in the air. It's been working pretty well. To sleep, Ive been using a mountain of pillows so that my butt doesnt touch the bed. Im anemic again; the symptoms have returned. I admit tho, Im not as gun-ho about fixing it as I was before sx. Gotta start taking vitamins again. The only issue Im having is that my armpit fat sticks out of my faja vest. This area was lipoed so Im hoping it resolves in time. It looks crazy right now. Boobs have dropped nicely which makes my nips look higher. Hoping theyll stay where they are now. Subglandular settles into place by about 6-8 weeks, so I read.

I found this article from an American doc and it helped me to feel a lot better about subglandular placement. Reading it reminded me of everything Duran said :-)
Why is the Subglandular Position Preferred for Breast Augmentation?
Subglandular (above the muscle) implant positioning is more natural anatomically. For women who are seeking to rejuvenate deflated or naturally small breasts, it makes the most sense to add volume to the breast where it is missing: in the breast space, rather than under a muscle!
The pectoralis major (“pec”) muscle is a flat muscle that is activated and engaged in nearly all activities of the upper body and the “core” (the trunk). It has a straight vector of pull upwards and outwards, and it certainly was not designed to be stretched out over a breast implant!
The “submuscular, “subpectoral” and “dual plane” procedures all involve placing the implant beneath the pectoralis muscle to some extent. Contraction of this muscle causes displacement of the implants upwards and outwards, along the vector of muscle flexion. This deformity is known as the Motion Deformity of submuscular procedures, and is avoided by placing the implant above the muscle.
For some women, chronic contraction of the pec muscle around the implant can create strain, tension or physical discomfort in the neck, upper back or shoulder area. In addition, because part of the pectoralis muscle is permanently detached from the sternum and ribs in submuscular procedures, implants in this location can sometimes negatively affect muscle strength and function. Implants placed beneath the breast tissue only do not flex or become distorted with pectoralis major motion.
With age, time and gravity (known as the “fourth dimension”), breast tissue and skin slowly lose elasticity and the breast can assume some droop. As a result, some women may be interested in a breast lift ater in life. When breast implants are placed under the muscle, the breast tissue may sag and “fall off” the implant, creating what Plastic Surgeons refer to as the “Snoopy Deformity”. The submuscular implant stays in a position that is too high and the breast does not look natural or aesthetically pleasing.
For all these reasons, Subglandular Implants are usually requested in women who are athletic, well-informed and fully educated about their options for breast augmentation and advantages and disadvantages of each technique, and who wish to maintain full function of their pectoralis muscles while avoiding any deformity! As women surgeons, we only recommend to our patients what we would do to our own bodies and what makes most sense functionally, aesthetically and when using common sense.

Some of u gals have been pming me about my hair. I have been using MSM 1000mg daily with Vit B Complex 100. The B Vitamins help to increase legnth while the MSM helps with lengthening the anagen growth phase which decreases hair fall. I sometimes drink a protein shake, but I dont think its enough to actually make a difference in growth. I dont use styling products; only olive oil, coconut oil and macadamia nut oil when I can afford it. Thats the best, but very expensive. Sooooooometimes I use the olive oil Eco Styler. Also, I only co-wash, no shampoo. I also do not straighten my hair. Its been close to 4 years without heat. I did straighten my hair for this dr trip bc I figured I wouldnt be able to dangle every day. I also use this regemine for my oldest daughter and her hair is to her thighs. I used to be really rough w my hair: relaxing it, straightening it every day, tons of products, ect and always wondered why it didnt grow. Now I have to cut it regularly to keep it the length I want :-) yay! Anyhoo, try this if ur looking to grow ur hair. It wont happen overnight tho. Took about 3 years to get from straggly shoulder length to what I have now.

Random Little Things:
U need to give a deposit for the tv and ac remotes while ur in Cipla. I forget the exact amount but it's either 500 or 1500 pesos. Ull get it back when u turn in the remotes before u leave Cipla tho. In reality, ull be to loopy to watch tv and probably too cold from anesthesia to use the ac. But everyones different so bring some pesos w u to cipla the day of sx.

I Started Using

my diy abdominal board last night. After only one night my stretch marks are completely flat! Doing the happy dance :-) They started to puff up again after I took my faja off tho. I used a mini clipboard. Its the perfect size (6x9") and free is much cheaper than $25 for a real one.

Preop Markings


Almost one month post

Time flies! Tried on an old swimsuit I havent worn since I was 18. I feel more comfortable in it now then I did 10 years ago lol. Im still conservative tho, Id never wear this in public! Maybe with a long tank top over it... Idk. Maybe that will change. It's just that I have 2 daughters so I feel like Im not “allowed” to be sexy anymore. Anyone else feel like that?

Measurements right now are:
37” around the boobs
29” under the boobs
25” waist
43” hips
11” around the arms

Super happy about my arms bc I was always self conscious about showing them.

I think I might be going back to try to gain what I lost in the hip area. I also have some asymmetry in my booty :-( Its not noticeable but I can feel that one side is more full than the other in the lateral area... I didnt have my thighs lipoed and Im hoping they'll have enough fat for another 100cc per hip and a couple cc's for the little dent I have. Im gald I didnt get my thighs done like I wanted to bc Id be out of luck for rd2. Scared to lipo any area 2x. I read that it can cause hypodermal scarring?

The issue I had w armpit fat spilling out has subsided. I guess it was just swelling. Thank goodness bc it looked aweful!

Ive been bootlegging an abdominal board since I been home and it has helped tremendously w smoothing out my tummy. The stretch marks are almost blended. I use a mini sized clipboard (6x8) and wrapped it in some dollar store craft foam. Its perfect! I also have been keeping my tt incision compressed with 5mm high density foam bc it was raised and thick. It is now flat and smooth and is beginning to thin :-) Im hoping it heals like my 2 csection scars did. Besides the crazy skin fold they created, I could barely see where the actual incisions were. My bb looks crazy, but I like that the stitches are not in a circle around my bb like I seen some doctors do (in the states).

A couple of days ago Dra duran posted the pic above on her instagram. (That was a crazy day for me) But a couple of people were commenting that the before and afters were of 2 different women. And it sure the hell is! I feel brand new lol. But whoever doubts can come onto my rs and see for themselves. Durans hands are blessed. I can take no credit for the way I look now. She did that. She did pick the absolute worst before pic ever tho. Notice I didnt put up any pics of my front after the 20lb weight gain. Now u know why...

After 4 weeks off Im looking forward to my shift on Monday. I feel like I could have gone back at 2 weeks tho to be honest. I still am not sitting or laying on my booty. I think Ill try to hold off for as long as possible. Angiogenesis can last for 5-6 weeks, but I doubt that fat cells that havent received a blood supply by then would still be around. It doesnt hurt to take precaution tho.

this was the pic Duran posted

I almost didnt want to share this :-)

Ive been cheating my way to a smaller waist by tying a very tight scarf around where my waist dips in the most. I like the salome vest I have but it doesnt compress enough in the waist. After doing this for 5 days I lost 2 inches :-) and I can feel that the hard lipo knots (fluid?) are not in that area anymore. Was going to buy a smaller faja but didnt want all over tighter compression. This has been a great alternative. I may stop this tho bc I dont want my waist any smaller. It would look freakishly small and would def be a dead giveaway for having had surgery. But, its worth a try for any fresh post op dolls.

Booty & Boobs

... Im really not very happy with the shape of my butt :-( Since the hips melted away within the first few days, my butt is still square... It wasnt like that when I was in dr, but I dont carry any fat in my hips, so Im guessing thats why.... Im considering a rd2 to try to get my hips back. Problem is that I only have fat left in my thighs and Idk if that will be enough.. Ive definitely developed a severe case of booty greed lately; thats why I havent posted my bbl results... I like the front of me.. there's just something about the shape of my butt that I cant get over. Going to write Duran and see what she says. Hoping I get a discount cuz I cant afford her prices right now!

What's hilarious tho, is that my right boob is smiling at me. The left one has healed fine and the incision is barely there, but my left one is dark. The incisions were made at two different places with the right one being higher than the left. Im thinking the left incision was made in my regular skin and the right was made in my areola?? Im not really worried about it bc I dont scar dark... But they are definitely healing very differently.

Nothing else has changed...

How I slept in Dr

Totally forgot to mention this... I slept on an inflatable kiddy boat while I was in dr. I anticipated that there may not be a whole lot of extra pillows at the rh so I packed 2 of these. One was the circle doughnut type one> That one didnt work out too well bc it was very tight around my hips (only had an 18" diameter). The boat type one worked better bc it was longer/wider and didnt smash my hips. I didnt use it when came home bc it's pretty shallow. I can elevate my booty off of the bed a lot better with pillows. With the boat, it still touched a little. It worked great but beware, it's impossible to get out of!

Anyway, this is a great idea bc it takes up a lot less room in your suitcase and it works well. From a healthcare perspective, having to refill it every here and there is a great way to keep your lungs open after sx :-)

"Dont worry about it til 3 mos."

That's what Duran said after she told me I was crazy.... I swear every mirror lies to me. Even the camera cant get it's story straight. Every time I look at my booty, it looks different. It even looks different in most of my pics. I know the angle has something to do with it, but still. One min I love it, the next min I want to have another round. Wtf??? So Im not looking at my booty til it "settles" ... Anyone else have these issues?

Some other stuff before I forget

The pics I posted of CIPLA are actually of CECIP. Realized this like a month ago and forgot to edit. Im going to keep the pics up tho bc, for the most part, they look exactly the same as Cipla. The only exception is that Cipla was a chaotic mess. Not like the neat little room thats pictured above. Oh, and Cipla was a brighter, less morbid shade of green :-)

Layla0609 asks: The operating room doesn't look to bad. Do they carry emergency equipment like an Ambubag,a defib, And 02? I didn't see any around on your pics.
I have to make a correction about that post.. I'll be doing it soon... To be honest, I really didnt see a crash cart or anything similar. And a defib is a defib so I think I would have noticed. But, BUT, the area directly behind me was out of my view. From my peripheral I could see a mess of equipment there, but I couldnt tell what anything was bc I was laying down... So.. Who knows? ... I With the amount of precautions they took in order to let u have sx, I doubt they wouldnt have something so standard like a crash cart in the OR. Good observation!

Newbootyindamakin asked about massages:
My husband gave me a few (3, i think) but I havent had any professional lymphatic ones done. Theres a few videos on youtube so I just went the diy route. Its working well, so far, but Im not recommending that anyone skip them completely or replace them with just a handheld massager. Even tho that works extremely well to break up the knots, everyone heals differently. I use the handheld 1-3x per day.

...Still havent had any professional lymphatic massages. Dont plan on it either. $85 a session, 2x pre week??? No, thank you.

Boottyy and Afterlife83 (love that name) asked about thigh high socks for double compression:
Firstly, for comfort. Secondly, studies have shown that there isnt a significant difference between thigh high and knee length as far as benefits go. 3rd(ly) thigh high compression socks tend to be a much worse fit and pts usually dont stay in them for very long because of it. From a post op perspective, i couldnt imagine wearing ted hose, thigh high compression socks AND a knee length faja. Thats insane. Save yourself some trouble and stick w knee length for double compression...

The scarf thing was recently asked about a few times... Im at 24” in the morning, 27-28” by the end of the day :-/ when I dont wear the scarf, 26” when I do. So it def does do something. Buut, if youre going to do that def only use it with an abdominal board or else you may develop permanent indents across your tummy or (worse) possible unnecessary pressure on your sutures, incisions or mr if u have a tt.

What else? ….oh, I get in contact w Duran via her hilarioplasticsurg gmail. She answers either the same day or the next morning. So far, every post op doll I talked to said something similar. So if youre worried about communication after sx, dont be. She definitely doesnt ignore us. Getting a hold of her for the first time is still a headache, I hear...

Last, but not least, another sx prayer for preop dolls from Triguena :-):
"BEFORE SURGERY PRAYER" Loving Father, I entrust myself to your care this day; guide with wisdom and skill the minds and hands of the medical people who minister in your Name, and grant that every cause of illness be removed, I may be restored to soundness of health and learn to live in more perfect harmony with you and with those around me. Into your hands, I commend my body and my soul. Amen.

Just want to let you all know...

The reason I take nudie pics is bc I want people considering this sx to be able to see REAL results. Everyone looks amazing with the help of a waist cincher and a butt lifting faja. Be realistic about your expected results.

Im not posting nudies to be fresh :-/ Come on yall... This is a plastic surgery site!

TT update


2 Months!

Hey Beauties!!!!

... made it to 2 months :-) yay!! lol I can say that the excitement has worn thin a little. I feel completely used to my body now, like nothing ever happened. But then when I look at my before pics and it hits me like a bag of bricks :-) Super happy with the decision i made. I definitely encourage anyone who wants to get a mommy makeover. It's so worth it!

Ok so I havent been wearing my faja as much as I should. It's pretty apparent after about 3 hrs my stomach starts to swell. The stretch marks are defined and my incision puffs up really crazy on one side (pic posted). It looks like a mini dog ear deformity. Thankfully, it's not there unless Im swollen. The most Ive gone without it is about 4 hrs. After that, it starts to feel like I "need" to have it....

Never noticed how completely different my nips were. Each breast looks like it could be from two different women. When I was breastfeeding, my nips were much darker, but I dont remember them being so different in size. .. Anyhoo, I posted different boob angles so that you can see the difference with arms raised, lowered, etc. And I posted some old pics I found for comparison.

Im happy to say that ALL back pain is completely GONE!!!! I havent even heard my back "pop" once since the procedure. Big difference from it popping every time I stood up and aching whenever I was on my feet for long periods of time. The muscle repair has really helped to give my back the abdominal support that was gone for so many years. :-)

Waist is still 24" in the AM, then 27" by night even when I wear the faja all day long. Not quite sure when the swelling will end.... Hoping before summer lol
Ive graduated to sleeping on my stomach about 2 weeks ago. If I lay directly on my boobs, however, they feel like theyll explode! I only did that once and it was way too uncomfortable to feel relaxed... I lay with 2 thick pillows under my stomach and a pillow under my head, my boobs dont touch the mattress much and its much more comfortable.

Booty is still holding strong at 43". I measure once in the am and once at night and it's always the same so Im hoping I 'll keep what I have :-). I been sitting at work (so that I dont call attention) but not on hard surfaces and still with most of the pressure on my thighs. At home I still use a boppy.

I still have some of the armpit backfat spillage going on (see Jan 1st photo). Im pretty sure it's here to stay. It seems as if my skin reattached that way bc it's there no matter what I do. If I could have done things differently, I would have bought one of those long sleeve bras that seamlessly cover from shoulders to waist. If I get that area re-lipoed Im definitely investing in one of those. The spillage is exactly where my faja straps are (you can permanently see the outline of my faja where my armpits are when I take it off) so I know they are what has caused the problem.

Speaking of the faja, Ive progressively taken it in 4 1/4". It was a size small when I ordered it. Now it's probably a xs or maybe smaller. Like I wrote before, my sewing machine has it's own place at my dining room table so the option of taking it in was definitely better than buying a new one every few weeks.

So thats about it! Will update at 3 mos or sooner if anything else new happens!

Prayers sent up for all you beautiful dolls heading for their surgery. Remember, there may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning :-)

Anyone know where I can buy these shoes?

Been Googling my heart out to no avail!!!

Post op prescription and durans info


4 months post :-)

Hey Hey! Im 4 months post op as of the 11th. Apologies for not updating sooner. I'm starting to feel all the negative emotions of having had this sx... Mainly, I get an extraordinary amount of unwanted attention and Im so over it. At first, it was no big deal bc I got attention before I had sx (men will try to talk to anything with a pulse), but now, it's getting out of hand. Men have no regard whether Im with my young daughters or not, they just walk right up to me and start trying to talk to me. What do they think I'm going to do? Ignore my children so I can smile in their face? It happens so often now Im starting to wonder if some mothers actually DO that just for some random dude's attention. It's not just from young guys that like big asses; its random. And people keep asking me if I squat and work out. Oddly, it's a lot of lesbians who ask me this. And people keep asking to TOUCH MY HAIR now or if my hair is real, etc. It's just too much attention. And what the hell, they ALWAYS say the same lines: you seem real smart, there's something different about you, I like your swag, etc. Who the hell says swag anymore? One guy told me that I resemble an onion bc he could tell that theres a lot of different layers beneath my skin. WTF? So I recited all the layers of the skin from the stratum corneum to the sub q and then asked if he could educate me on the different layers of an onion. He didnt know what to say; I just smiled and walked away... I went out one evening and after going to coat check, I went to the bar. When I got there, the bartender said someone opened a tab for me and is willing to pay for whatever I want all night. I was there for literally, like 2 minutes. I never met the guy (or girl) but that basically means I was being watched from the moment I walked thru the door. The last straw was being followed from work... That was frightening and the dude only ever saw me in scrubs. Unisex scrubs at that; theyre not even a little bit revealing. I felt something wasn't right (I'm big on intuition) so I pulled into a busy gas station and surely enough, my patient's brother came up to my car and asked me for a date. It's just too much.. I dont dress any differently than I did before. My style is kinda rugged, romantic and super ultra femme and I dont want to change that. I shouldnt have to throw on an oversized ugly Christmas sweater every time I want to go outside for fear of being followed, but that's what it's come down to.

Sorry for the rant and thanks for putting up with me.

As far as healing goes, pretty much all the swelling is gone and I only wear my faja vest at night or when I work since Im standing for so long. Booty is still 43" but sometimes it's a little under 43", not sure if that means some swelling is still present. I sleep on my stomach with a big pillow under tummy and one for my head. I leave a gap for my breast so theyre not compressed by the pillows or mattress. So far, I cant even remember my old body. I feel like this has been "me" forever. I dont even think of the implants anymore. Overall, Im super, duper happy with having had this sx. It's just that people dont know how to act. I'd definitely do it all over again even with all the unwanted attn. And Im STILL considering rd2 for wider/rounder hips! (Crazy, right?) The emotional roller coaster continues long after the pain is gone...

Wish pic is a fraud

Super disappointed that these pics were photoshopped... Some of these were my wish pics. But it seems like Im in better shape than some of the originals.... For that, I thank Duran :-)


Scars 'n Measurements

Took down pics.....

From this point on i'll update w pics with no identifiable background.... I ask, in the nicest way possible, that if you used any of my pics on your page, please take them down as well.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I love this woman! She's amazing. I chose to go to Dra Hilario Duran bc of her proven results. I would have never gotten these results here in the us. I never felt unsafe or like my life was not in good hands. If youre thinking about going out of the country, do your research thoroughly. Dra Duran is a fantastic choice! Hurry up tho, her prices are rising as fast as her fame :-)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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