The pain of waiting to get this BBL! oh boy!

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Hello Ladies, Just found out about this...

Hello Ladies,

Just found out about this Brazilian Butt lift a month ago. I wish i knew about this along time ago i would have got it done way back....Any who Im searching for the best doctor. I found Lily from DR. I emailed her waiting for reply. Im a petite mami of two. Im 5'1, weight is 110. Tryna gain 30lbs for my surgery. If any one has any tips let me know. Thanks

Today i got a reply for Yily Loramny De Los Santos...

Today i got a reply for Yily Loramny De Los Santos Rosario! Yay! She quoted me $ 3350. Cant wait i will continue gain weight. Anyone know how to gain weight fast let me know. Can i gain 20lbs in 2months? Is it possible? I would like to book for August but not sure if its to early and i won't have enough fat. I want at least 1200 cc in each butt cheek!

Does any one know how much weight i should gain to...

Does any one know how much weight i should gain to achieve 1200cc per butt cheek?

I would like to book July is any one going in July...

I would like to book July is any one going in July.With Dr Yily De Los Santos. I need a buddy for cheaper pricing. Also anyone up in hear gained 25 in 3 months?

Hello ladies. So a couple of days ago, I have told...

Hello ladies. So a couple of days ago, I have told my bf that Im gonna have this procedure and at first he didnt believe me and said yes do it and that he cant wait! But as soon as he sees me eating and actually tryna gain weight to get fat. He says that i dont need it done and that im stupid to have it done and blah blah blah...and i told him to relax because no matter what he says im to focus and this is all i want done and this is what is gonna happen and that i need support not a hater! lol..for all your ladies with a good supporting BF good for you to have that!

Anyways, Just tryna gain 20lbs for BBL....Yesterday, I found this weight gainer protein shake at the health store and guess what ladies.. If you put 4 scoops in a glass of water its 980 calories!!! Thats Right 980 CALORIES! Your suppose to drink it one a day. But I'm gonna drink it 4 times a day with milk so thats 4000 calories gain in a day from just drinking this, not including the food I eat in a day. Im to focus now! I need this BBL so BAD ITS GETTING ME SO EXCITED!

Does anyone know after a couple of years later can...

Does anyone know after a couple of years later can i still have kids?

I think im getting crazy about big butts now.!...

I think im getting crazy about big butts now.! After looking at all these wish pics everyone has up on here. Before i didn't look at girls butts but damn, I'm sooo sad i have no ass! I need this done! I I'm drinking my protein shake (1000 calories) to feel better! lol

Does anyone know if yily could put 1200 cc in each cheek? I emailed her waiting for answers! Thats how much i need at least~!

So I found out what kind of fats i need to achieve...

So I found out what kind of fats i need to achieve my wish ass! lol...

Just want to clarify the difference between fats.

The fat under the skin, that you can pinch easily is subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is the only fat that lipo can safely remove.

The fat in the abdomen cavity is visceral fat. This fat surrounds the intestines and other organs in your abdomen. Visceral fat cannot be removed with liposuction and there are no known methods to safely remove it.

Good to know!

LipoSite FAQ’s • Weights Measures Volumes...

LipoSite FAQ’s

• Weights Measures Volumes ccs and more
Questions on converting between cc's and pounds and all those other English-Metric-English issues.
1. How many ccs are in a liter?
2. What is the relationship between cc and pounds?
3. How much fat did you take out? or What the heck is a cc?
• How many ccs are in a liter?:
There are 1,000 ccs in a liter.
• What is the relationship between cc and pounds?:
Even though cc (cubic centimeter or cubic centiliter) is a measure of volume and the pound is a measure of weight, there is a way to calculate the relationship pretty closely.

1,000 cc = 1 liter

1 liter (of water) weighs 1 kilogram

1 kg = 2.2 pounds

- or -

1 pound = 454.5 cc (approx.)
• How much fat did you take out? or What the heck is a cc?:
Everyone wants to know how much fat was taken out during their liposuction. Although understandable, it's not always quite as important as people think. As virtually everyone reading this already knows, liposuction is a contouring procedure, not a weight-loss procedure. And unlike breast implants, where you can eventually see pretty much what you have, the number of cc's removed is not always as evident.

Before discussing this, let's go over a few definitions. A "cc" is a metric measurement of volume that is used commonly in medicine and science. 1,000 cc's, which is also called a "liter," is about a quart. A liter of liquid weighs about 2.2 pounds (obviously, a liter of air weighs much less, and a liter of iron would weigh much more - remember, it's a volume, not a weight) and one pound is about 450 cc's.

When someone tells you how many cc's were removed, you really have to know specifically what they're talking about. Part of the confusion is because there are many different ways of counting it. In liposuction, a certain amount of fluid (i.e., superwet or tumescent) is injected before doing the surgery. You need to know how much fluid was injected because if, for example, two doctors say a total of 3,000 ccs was removed, but one injected 1000 cc's beforehand and the other injected 2,500, it makes a big difference. One surgeon advertised that he typically removed 10 quarts from his patients but failed to note that he also injected 8 or 9 quarts of fluid, meaning that the real amount of fat he removed was more like 1 or 2 quarts.

So if you're quoted a number, is that the total amount of material removed, or does it take into consideration how much was injected and how much settled out? In fact, the most accurate method is if the surgeon lets the total amount of fat and fluid removed sit for a while (at least 20 minutes or so) and then counts only the supranatant fat; i.e., the fat that is floating, as opposed to the total amount removed. Fat is very light (lighter than skin, muscle, bone, etc.) and so it floats on top. (That's also why you don't lose as much WEIGHT with lipo as many people wish--sorry!) Even that, strictly speaking, is not completely accurate since the "fat" in that layer still contains some of the fluid injected, some blood, and other body exudates (fluids). And, of course, there is a limit to the amount of fat that can be removed safely in a single procedure.

At the end of each case, I use the following sample notation in my records:

3,650 (2,700/950); 2,500 - where 3,650 is the total amount removed, 2,700 is the supranatant, 950 is the infranatant (i.e., the stuff at the bottom) and 2,500 is the amount of fluid injected. When the patient asks me how much fat was removed, the answer in this case is 2,700 cc's. This method is less useful with ultrasonic liposuction which, because it emulsifies the fat, produces less clear separation of the supranatant and the infranatant.

Finally, the absolute amount of fat removed is not nearly as important as the relative amount. 500 cc's removed from someone who is petite is likely to produce a much more dramatic change and result than 3,000 cc's removed from someone who is significantly larger. Some of my best results (depending, of course, on how you want to define that) have been achieved by removing well under 1,000 cc's. The issue is really how much fat was removed relative to the individual body in question. Either way, it's often not what was taken out that matters the most, it's what's left behind.

Hey ladies, Im looking for durandolls before...

Hey ladies,

Im looking for durandolls before and after pictures...Im looking up on here and they say Lily does not do projection...So i want to see some of duran works...anyone pls let me know.

Thanks ladies

To the ladies that already had a BBL, quick...

To the ladies that already had a BBL, quick question does the pain after hurt more than having a baby? I also had a BA does it hurt more than that too? Reading all these blogs wondering if i can take the pain and how much help i need after or if i can do it on my own.

DR DURAN Takes for ever to respond. Need a quote...

DR DURAN Takes for ever to respond. Need a quote i might go to her for that bubble butt!

How many pounds does 1400 cc of liposuctioned fat...

How many pounds does 1400 cc of liposuctioned fat equal?
Converting 1400 cc to grams is 1400 grams. 1400 grams is equivalent to 3.09 lbs.

GOOD TO KNOW i need 1400 cc in my butt! Im eating like a pig. I feel sick.

Waiting for Duran

So today i called Duran's office to get a quote. She told me to call back in 3 hours. She is a very busy lady. Im debating to go to her or Yily. Thinking of Duran so i can get that bubble booty! People up in her are saying Yily doesnt give that bubble butt and i need that. So if she quotes and she has something available in July. I will send her my deposit. I gained 2lbs already. My belly is getting fat but its ok, it will go straight to my ass! i love it! I need to be 140LBS let see how it goes. I need 3.9 LBs to get 1400cc in each butt cheek so thats at least 7lbs for my butt and 4lbs for my hips! So 11Lbs to hit my goal but i should gain at least 30 LBS to be on the safe side. Anyways, Im hooked on RS! LOL


So still waiting for Dr Duran to quote my ass! She is such a busy lady. I called 3 times yesterday and today in the morning. The staff told me to just wait for my email reply. I just want a quote and set my date already. I hate waiting it sucks! Anyways i gained 5 LBS total. Yay ME! lol

Still Waiting!

Im still waiting for a annoying this waiting game.


Why am I waiting still for a response still? This is crazy, not sure if this is a professional office. But it dont make sense to me. I dont think she takes her work serious, because any work place would not take over a week for a response. Anyway, just seen a blog on Yily's work again. Thanks to petitemami her butt looks great, nice bubble butt and she is the same size as me. So might still go with Yily still researching.....


Im feeling good about myself! Gaining weight, eating like a pig, doing squats. Dreaming every night for this big booty. LOL...So i want to gain at least 35LBS yes ladies, i want to make sure my butt turns out right! This is gonna happen and this is what i will be doing! lol...anyways still waiting for that QUOTE!!


Im so happy Duran responded. I waited patiently, cant wait im going to send my $500 deposit. Thank you lord. Time to get this BOOTY right! Im so happy on a monday morning!

Starting to prepare my list of items to pack.

My List

Wife beaters
Maxi pads
Hiblicens Soap
Disposable chucks
Baby Wipes
Tape measure
Stool Softener
Water Pills
Weewee Pads
Epi Foam
Bio-Cell Pills
VitaMedica Recovery Kit
Compression Garment ( back- up)
3 panties
3 maxi dresses
Big bulky sweater ( plane ride home)
Pair of leggings (plane ride home)
Silicone bandages
Cotton nightgown
Feminine Wipes
Special Band aids
Daily pill organizer

If I think of anything else, I will add to the list in an additional post.

Gonna order Garments from this site

On a MC D's Diet!

Hello beautiful ladies! So far i have gained 7lbs. Yippie! lol.. I wish i was like my sister that could go eat a burger and gain 5lbs. lol...but unfortunately my body is different. So i have decided to eat Mc D's lunch and Dinner starting tomorrow. I will do this for 2 weeks i wonder if i will gain a easy 10lbs. Well, pray for me ladies. Need this weight up and ready for my BBL. Any ladies that want to give me more information about what to bring im all ears. Thanks TEAM DURAN!!


So i booked and ready to go in NOV 19 2013! I thought about it, i need as much fat on me so this turns out right! I will be buying everything i need now so any ladies that want to update me and give me so info that would help! Thanks dolls! Im getting excited just looking at these nice pictures up in here!

Keeping this info in mind...

Ordered the Vitamedica Recovery Kit from It has the essential vitamins that are important in preparing the body for surgery, and also aids in recovery and speedy healing. Day 1 of taking Vitamedica pills.

I will also be taking wheatgrass and kelp which are rich in other minerals and bioflavonoids. Wheatgrass is a great way to detoxify blood, increase red blood cell count, stimulate body's enzyme system by enriching the blood, and its high alkalinity balances acidic PH levels (I haven't been eating healthy due to weight gain, so this balance is necessary for me). Kelp helps to get rid of the worst mineral deficiencies in people. Bioflavonoids help to strengthen cell membranes, especially those of capillaries that are often cut during surgery. Doctors limit the intake of Vitamin E prior to surgery to less than 400mg per day since it is hard to completely avoid Vitamin E. I am also taking 65mg Ultra Iron twice a day and Bio-Cell twice a day which helps to regenerate new healthy cells.

Squeem from ($79.50)

Faja from ($142.00)

Thanks to petitemami

I wish

So I found this picture of this lady on a RS member profile. wish pictures. I had to post it this is my wish picture for sure. I wish i had this girls body!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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