Hiring a Nurse in DR anybody ? # Duran Dolls - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Hello Ladies, I m a 29 years old mom and can...

Hello Ladies,

I m a 29 years old mom and can t wait to get the body i could only dream of. I have been on research mode for as long as i can remember.

I first wanted to go to Campos but his prices are not for me specially when he tend not to lipo the upper back. Then i was ready to go to Colombia with dr Luis fernando Mejia from cuerpo figura y armonia but found it to be too far from home so i decided to settle for DR because their shaping skills is truly amazing and their prices are still affordable .

Now where could i find someone who is aggressive with lipo and not Conservative with the fat grafting? Cabral was my answer until he starts slipping up again then i decided to go to Yily not to be part of any bandwagon but because her lipo is great but i am not feeling her fat grafting, she doesn't put in the maximum .

Back to the SODOCIPRE website again looking up every surgeon on facebook . i found some of the surgeons and like their work but the one that truly caught my attention was Dr Hilario Duran transformations . I decided to send her an email for a quote and ask a bunch of questions . Her answer was fast and honest she told me i needed a tummy tuck for me to get a small waist with no loose skin.

She also told me that the maximum amount of CC she was able to inject so far was 1400 cc but it s going to depend on my skin elasticity .

She seems really humble and offers an all inclusive package at Spa medical ( Jacqueline rh) so i believe my search is over.

Now time to get physically fit , eat better, take my supplements and save for surgery. I am giving shopping and eating out a little break .
until next time! :)

Our bbl sister Betterbodynyc is having surgery...

Our bbl sister Betterbodynyc is having surgery today with Dra hilario Duran, please let us pray an wish her a great experience and an easy recovery.

I have been hearing some not so cool situations...

I have been hearing some not so cool situations that happened at a Recovery house in DR so i have decided to look for a rental or a hotel . I do not want to deal with all the cat fights . I really want to recover in peace. Some of my friends think it s not a good idea for safety purpose but we will see. If anybody has information on nurses i can hire for help please let me know.
Thanks in advance
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So i sent Duran a message expressing my concern with the RH. She told me not to worry about it if i decide to go to a hotel she will be referring a nurse to take care of me and my friend.

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