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Hello Realself! I am a 27 year old female with 1...

Hello Realself!
I am a 27 year old female with 1 child and I will be having surgery with Dr Duran on October 15, 2014. I plan on having a tummy tuck and BBL with lipo to back, stomach, arms and inner thighs. I am fairly new to this website so if anyone has any helpful information and/or advice please feel free to pass it along. I would sincerely appreciate it. I live in NYC and have already booked my flight, sent deposit to Duran and the deposit to the Recovery House as well. I will be staying at Daisy's Recovery House for 4 weeks. It was recommended that I stay in the country for 30 days if possible so I plan on staying in DR for 30 days! Yes I know that's a lot... Im sure I will be homesick and I will definitely miss my daughter but I want to be safe in case any complications arise. I am well aware of the risks and complications following plastic surgery especially when traveling to other countries, so I think it would best benefit me to stay as long as possible. There is an increased risk of infection and complications for the first few weeks following surgery and generally after 5 weeks the chance of infection/complications is usually diminished. Therefore, I plan on returning home 4 weeks post op. Anything can happen at anytime but I'm just trying to be as safe as I see fit. Everything is in GOD's will at the end of the day, so I put my life in HIS hands really. Anyway, I will be leaving October 13 which is on a Monday and my surgery is that Wednesday October 15. I do not have a travel buddy at the moment. Im not sure if I will find one considering I am 7 weeks away! Nonetheless I am nervous yet super excited at the same time, didn't know that was possible lollol... In my next post I will take before pics and a picture of the supplies I have so far. If there is anything else I need please let me know! Thank You All!!!

4 Weeks Away Till I'm A Duran Doll...

Hello Everyone,
So I thought I would give a brief update as to where I am right now. Currently I am 4 weeks away until my big day. I really hope and pray that all goes well with my surgery. I have a few things that I purchased and I'll upload the pics in a second. I will take my pre op pictures and measurements a day or two before surgery. So far I've been taking my vitamins daily as well as running a mile or two 2-3 times a week. My mother is my work out buddy. It's sad to say that at 46 with 7 children my mom is in better shape than I am! She puts a lot of young girls to shame and I am one of them. LoL So my game plan from now until:
1) Get an hour to an hour and a half of cardio daily,
2) No more wine after tonight *Sadface
3) Strictly Eat as healthy as possible! (No Fried, Starchy, or Fast Food Please)
4) 2 weeks prior begin Vitamedica Recovery Program
5) 1 week prior begin Bromelain and Quercetin Supplements
6) About 3-5 days prior begin Arnica Pills
7) Pray! Pray! And Pray
I don't know if I am over doing it but I brought just about 2 or more of everything. As for scar treatment I'm not really sure which is most effective so I brought a variety. When we loose blood our bodies get extremely cold so for that I purchased a heated blanket. I also have a few ideas in mind in terms of recovering from a BBL and Tummy Tuck in a combined procedure.. So for all the ladies looking to do both I hope this is helpful to you. I have been researching for a while now and a couple of BBL Vets suggested to buy either a ring cushion or an inflatable kiddie pool to sleep on. This is so you do not have to sleep on your newly enhanced backside. Obviously if you are having a combined procedure you MUST take the extra care if you want to optimize your results. Think about your recovery and make logical sense of it. Do not wait until the day of your surgery to try and figure things out. My advice is to get a head start now and do as much research as you can. So the inflatable cushion is one option. Another option is to get as many pillows as you can and sleep on your sides. The way I practice now is to put all or most of my weight on my thighs or hips. Another option is to buy a kneeling chair. Kneeling chairs take the pressure off of your buttocks when you need to sit for a while. I also purchased an infrared cellulite massager that I will be taking with me for self massages. Here are a few pictures feel free to hit me up if you have any questions. Take Care and GOD Bless.

Almost Forgot The Kneeling Chair

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