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Wow!!! It's so unreal , I'm finally taking care of...

Wow!!! It's so unreal , I'm finally taking care of ME !!! :) :) I want to thank you girls because ya'll have been my motivation to actually move forward and get these procedures done!

I'm 25 soon to be 26 mother of 2 beautiful midgets 5 & 3 my joys :)))
I have always wanted my breast done for 10 years to be exact, when I finally admitted to myself at 15 that I wasn't going to be as fortunate in that dept as the women in my family :(

When I finally had enough money and courage to start looking for a surgeon I
found out I was 8 weeks pregnant with my first born so plans were put on hold ... I was able to get my pre pregnancy bod back, but after my second blessing my lil girl I wasn't so lucky :( I've struggled with my weight ever since which caused the rest of my body to go downhill :( Not to mention my confidence level and self esteem is at an all time low ....

BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Tired of being depressed and feeling so low about myself !!!

I know that Dra.Hilario Duran is the right choice for me :) If any of you ladies have any tips I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you much BBL SISTERS!!

Hope everyone is well .... As for me excited yet a...

Hope everyone is well .... As for me excited yet a lil overwhelmed with last minute decisions :( It turns out my fiance won't be able to take any time off until the end of July :( Not a huge difference but still don't really want to reschedule, but not sure if I want to go alone I know there is a few recovery homes in DR and I don't doubt they will be very professional but just for peace if mind I would want my babe there..... What do you guys think?

Ive sent my deposit to Duran but she hasn't responded to my emails letting me know she did receive it ..... I know she had been having issues with email so I sent facebook message and still no response..... I know she is busy but Ihate this uneasy feeling anybody else experiencing the same?

Added pics but why are they looking like that ? Is...

Added pics but why are they looking like that ? Is there a way to remove them ?

Omg sooooo frustrated!! So I called Dra Durans...

Omg sooooo frustrated!! So I called Dra Durans office got Elizabeth on the phone asked if I was in fact scheduled for June 25th she said yes.. I asked if I could change date to end of july she advised she had july 30 & 31. Asked her toput me down for the 30th. Then asked about deposit.... She asked how I sent it advised her western union... Heard her talking to someone in back groundthen came back to phone and said no western union did not release funds to Dra.Duran..... Really?! So she is going to have problems picking up funds she was expecting but didnt bother to email me to notify me? When I've asked about it she never responded..... When Elizabeth was about to tell to call someone but line disconnected tried calling back 5 different times no one answered. .... Called Western Union they claim not to have any record of wire transfer asked why would that be rep advised because receiver had picked it up...... I just hope its a simple misunderstanding... :))))))
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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