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Have a confirmed Dec.2nd sx date w Dr. Yily. ...

Have a confirmed Dec.2nd sx date w Dr. Yily. Getting full back/arms/inner thigh lipo, BBL, and Breast Augmentation. Staying in Serenity RH from 12/1-12/5 and then w fam until about 1/2/17. I have that excited yet nervous feeling. But 33yrs old, 2 boys (3 and 10), and thyroid issues, I'm ready to feel Beautiful again. I am wondering what would be biggest difference in results b/w lipo and tummy tuck. Most of the girls seem to get Tummy tuck, haven't come across too many lipo reviews. Wondering if the doctor have suggested a tummy tuck over lipo if she felt it would give a better result??

6 Week Countdown

Getting close and def feeling more and more real!!! Flying out Nov. 30th. Gonna see my doctor for full physical end of this month. Want to make sure physically set. I've been taking my multivitamins, iron and folic acid pills for 2 wks now. Stopped any alcohol intake 2 wks ago. I've been taking boxing/cardio class at my gym twice a week and running 2 a week. Trying to get my heart at top shape and also toning my legs. Don't want to have hot upper body and legs not fit. I am on heavier side, 188lbs and 5'5 so being "too thin" for bbl is def not a
Concern. I feel like there's so much to do, yet not really much to do other than pack essentials and get there. Anyone have any additional suggestions other than the standard ones doctor sends? Anyone gonna be at Serenity RH 12/1-12/5??

12 more days!!

12 more days until surgery!! i am so anxious and excited! I fly out on the 30th, and surgery on Dec. 2nd. I was hoping someone knows the specs for compression socks and arm sleeves needed for surgery/recovery? i would rather take them with and haven't received response other than socks and sleeves? also, any recommendations on faja/garment compressions?? Any other packing tips would be appreciated.

3 days postop, Dr. Yily/Serenity RH

Surgery is done! Helped calm anxiety. Now focusing on tough recovery. I had bbl, lipo and breast lift/ augmentation. I can't speak too mix on office experience/interaction as they have a non/disclosure/Defamation form they make you sign before surgery. At the end of it all, I am very happy with my results so far. I am very swollen! Today is my follow up in Yilys office and they might remove drainage today. After my appt I have my first massage which I am doing at my recovery house, Serenity. I absolutely LOVE Serenity Recovery House and ALL the girls working here. Especially Flaca, Maritza and Veronica. They are so professional and on top of every single thing, without me having to ask or request. I have a private room with private bathroom. For my night of surgery I a private nurse which came highly recommended from several girls! She was above and beyond my expectations. I honestly felt like I had my mom next to me. She did not leave my side the entire time! She even brought me my own blanket, wipes, and calming essential
Oil. She is bilingual and ensured I received top service before, during and after my procedure. I needed a transfusion before leaving and she remained by my side the entire time. For those looking for a local nurse, who is bilingual and available
For overnight care, reach out to Maria at to book someone who provides top care for you while in this journey. She had so
Many tips and suggestions I don't know how I could've gotten through all the bumps in road without her!!
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