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For so long I have always wanted to get my body...

For so long I have always wanted to get my body done . So about 2yesrs ago to be exact I found out about a place name vanity cosmetics and how cheap the surgeries were . So because of that I went ahead and paid money to them not knowing that they would tell me I have to lose weight before I am able to have surgery . ???? So for two years I've had asurgery paid to vanity and could t get my money or surgery done because I couldn't lose the weight that I needed to . But I recently digged Deep and went to vanity and demanded my refund . So they did refund me my cash . But not everything I paid to them . Which is ok I got something back . Anyways recently started looking into Yily she gave me a quote for a complete mommy make over which is great 6200.00 . But I still have about 50lbs I need to lose . So I'm on a diet now and trying to get the weight off . I want surgery by April of 2017 no later .

I don't look too bad with clothes on .

It's like I just need Yily to put her hands on this body and give me the look I've been wanting to achieve since for ever

Up just scrollin

Been scrolling on rs alday looking for thick girls or bigger girls that went to Yily for work .just wanna see some after pics to get a feel of how aggressive her skills are . Also decided to add some wish pics..also here's some of my wish pics

Leaving the gym !

So I have 50lbs to lose . This has probably been the roughest week of my life . I have not eaten any meat ???????????????? so I read some where on the internet that that if you go vegan for about a bout you'll lose a lot of weight . I know I shouldn't believe everything I read. But it all made sense ... the. Body stores fat .. so if I stop eating meat which I believe holds the most I'd probably start to lose it a lil bit . I also stop drinking juice and soda or any sweet beverages . I've been drinking water this entire week . Also I started waist trainer while I work out . Any tips on weight lost please inbox me I'm desperate to lose these lbs .... I want to have surgery in March if gods willing ????????. And my bmi is no where near 35. . Here's a pic after my workout tonight with my waist shaper on

Leaving the gym !

Idk why these pics didn't load when I did my post . But these are pics of me leaving the gym

Dropping pounds like water

Jump on the scale for the 1st time since I started working out last month ... I was 280 when starting . Got on the scale last night and what would you believe I'm down 15lbs 35 more to go . Motivated more than ever at this point

Goal is 260 flat by Thursday

Excited . I lost another pound

Update with my weight loss

If I could lose all 35 more lbs by feb think I might have to change my surgery date again ... me 16lbs lighter took this pic last night . Btw I work out in my waist shaper faithfully :) #progress

Who knew cutting out meat and sweets would work so fast

Down 3 more lbs



Mix emotions

Looking at some of Duran and Mallol's work and it's like I'm torn . I like Mallol's work and he doesn't sound too strict when it comes to the bmi which I am trying to get where it should be for surgery...the girl I posted as my wish pics I believe if I'm not mistaken is Mallol's work . She looks terrific and I love the fact that she is some what plus size . I was able to get a better feel of how I'd look after surgery . Mallol quoted me 41 for bbl tummy tuck but I also want my girls done .!! They sag horribly . Omg . Yily on the other hand quoted me 6200 for a bbl , breast augmentation and tuck . I haven't gotten a quote from Duran as of yet ... who else is plus size and had some work done ? I wanna see pics of you lol . Also I'm still trying to lose a total of 35 more pounds . I don't have any children my stomach isn't really lose , I don't think I need a tummy tuck I think I just want one because of how flat your tummy looks after you've had one ... I don't know if I should get a tuck or aggressive lipo to my stomach . I want to achieve a very flat tummy so I'm torn . I'll post some pics .. & you experts let me know what you guys think .

Please excuse all the typo's in previous post .

Pics of me with my waist shaper on this morning at work . If I could look like this after surgery with bigger ass and smaller lifted tits I'd be satisfied

I LOST A TOTAL OF 20lbs ....

260 flat , now the new goal is 255 by next Friday ...i am so addicted to the scale . I'm still not eating meat . Just salad with dressing lol and water only no soda juice coffee tea nothing . For dinner if I'm really hungry I'll probably make some noodles . Or eat cereal . I try to eat light and work out as much as I could . Also I have my herbal life pumpkin spice shake that plays a role in my eating healthy life style ... water became my best friend . I'm using the bathroom a lot now more than ever for some strange reason . lol I tell myself every time I use the bathroom that's a pound I just let go bol . Excuse me I'm high as shit writing this review lol. .... but anywho just wanted to rant about me losing 20 lbs god is good . I told myself I would t pay another doctor a penny for surgery until I was at my goal for it . Vanity cosmetics robbed me but it's all good . They took all my money then told me that I couldn't have my surgery until my bmi went down . They made me go through hell and back about getting a refund . The worst experience ever .!!!!! So here I am trying to be at goal and pay for this damn surgery ive been wanting since for ever . I am pushing hard for march 31 . I found a friend on here who was also going to yily . As I wanted to at the time . But if found Mallol and his work is beautiful and he is as strict as other doctors when it comes to bmi .... so I'm leaning more towards dr Mallol his work is beautiful and he answers all my questions in a timely manner ... idk in Jan for sure I'll be giving someone a deposit I'm torn between Mallol and yily but I'm leaning more towards Mallol ... so idk let's see

Mallol doll?

Just received an email from dr Mallol i think I'm gonna go with him . Only because he isn't as strict as the other doctors when it comes to BMI.... I have been trying to lose weight for about two years now for a surgery I paid through vanity 2 years ago . I couldn't get the amount of weight off me to have surgery with vanity . Not because I couldn't , because I was Not as dedicated as I am today . But I like my size I've always just wanted to drop down maybe 30-50 pounds and still look solid . Mallol telling me that he can still do my surgery with out me killing myself trying to get down to 200 where my bmi would be perfect is a blessing . I am going to give myself until the end of this month to drop 15 more pounds then I'll make half of my payment to Mallol and start looking into RH and start gathering supplies .... excited isn't the word for me at this point .lol also here's a recent pic of me . I can see changes in my body .... also I'm wearing my shaper day and night

Update with my weight loss journey

I was trying to do an update every day until the day I have surgery which should be sometime in March gods willing ... but I been so caught up with work ... I worked out once this week but I've been fasting and trying to drink as much water as I can .....lol I'm no longer in the 60's lol


So I decided to do a pic stitch of my before and after pic to show you guys my progress in a physical form . Sometimes we get on the scale and it doesn't say what we want t to say . We feel like all the effort we putting in to lose the weight we desire to lose so bad won't drop . But we forget that we can also lose inches , and drop dress sizes and the scale will still say the same thing . Dedication is key man . It feel so good seeing family and friends I haven't seen in a minute and they all saying the same thing . "Wow you looking good " lol ... the fact that my hard work and dedication isn't going un-notice is what's driving me to go even harder . I myself see a big difference .Mallol I'm coming for u

I wish I could wake up 20 lbs lighter lol

I have been on a long break . It's been a week I haven't updated or work out . Between work and losing this weight it's driving me crazy .... I just wanna lose exactly what I need to and get my body re-made lol ... I wanna see more pics from Mallol dolls please tag bigger girls thanks in advance . Also I added some recent pics of myself so u guys can see my weight loss progress ...

Hey there!!

Just wanted to update with some pics of me this morning ...

Depressed :/

I was down to 255 lbs then out of no where I get my period this morning the scale is saying I went back up to 260 .... I fasted yesterday didn't eat nothing and this scale trying to make me go crazy .... I need to be exactly 230 . I need tips and help on things I can do to drop the weight faster and safer ... besides working out and eating healthy . I'm doing all that not getting fast enough weight loss results ... oh also I spoke with Mallol he answer all my questions in a timely manner and I haven't even given him a deposit as of yet .... I like that... he sends me a message every morning .... I'm trying my hardest to push for march .... but if I can go before then I'm willing to as well ... long as I get my procedure done before may I'll be ok

Ugh?? I can't wait to get this over with

Hey girlies ... hope all you ladies that had surgery recently are all healing well . And to us ladies that's trying to lose these pounds for surgery please give me tips on anything other tips you guys may have tried or use to shed the weight faster.. it's like I wanna be normal again I love breath sleep eat poop real self . I'm on this site everyday looking for new Mallol dolls that are a little heavier to compare how my results would look based on there's and our bodies being similar .. I spend way too much time on real self . Anyways tag any Mallol dolls and always anyone going the end of march hit me up .. btw just getting back from the gym I work my ass off today and I felt so good afterwards .... lol I'm just excited because I'm seeing my hard work pay off ... here's a pic from the gym tonight and oh look what the scale says today :)

The scale going down so slow now

I know I haven't been updating as much . I have Been very busy with work , and trying to get these last sets of lbs off .. super excited and ready to be fine . Lol . I haven't been working out as much as I was before , but I've been trying to eat as light as I can . I can see a major difference in my appearance and I like what I'm seeing . So I know for a fact that I will be the Business once everything gets snatched .... still pushing for march !!! Oh btw I'm no longer in the 50's lol I'm now working on getting down to 240 then I'll try to see if I can get to 230 the more I lose the better the results ... any new reviews with Mallol for Jan ?? Tag people I wanna seee more of his work

Lost 2 more lbs

The weight is dropping but not fast enough ugh .... I got 17 more to go I pray this is a breeze

Happy Valentine's Day ladies

So since it's Valentine's Day decided to pay my deposit . Although I told myself I wouldn't pay it until I'm at my goal weight for surgery .... but what ever went ahead and paid it . Now question how do I book my date with the doctor ??? Look to book 3/28 need my date booked asap . I have a surgery buddy that's having hers done same day so I really want that date as well ...

It's getting so real

So finally paid my deposit and got confirmation of my surgery date .. I'm still at 247 but I still got about a month to lose about 15 more lbs before then ... I am so excited man lol I'm ready to book my flight and start getting supplies . Anyone else going to dr mallol around 03/29/17? Talk to me people let me know what's really good lol I

A little depressed :(

So spoke with mallol yesterday and I was asking him what do he think about my doing breast reduction then a lift with implants he the replied and said what I wasn't expecting at all . Which was I should post pone my breast for stage 2 ! Wtf I didn't have any intentions on doing a second round of surgery . He said that my breast were too big and I shouldn't want to put my body through all that at once . But I'm confused I see mommy make overs performed every day by other doctors including himself . I even sent him a pic of his own work on another patient who also had breast reduction and Had intense lipo and bbl , but he agreed that it would be best to do my bbl then breast at another time ..and then at one point he said he will see at physical examination if he would be able to do both .... but what ever I guess safety 1st ... but I was thinking on trying to get reduction here in Miami before going to see him on the 29th of march ??! But idk if that's an option at this point . So I'm
Doing a little research to see if that's possible .. if so then my problems will be solved . Will cost me a little more but I would be and feel complete /.... oh as far as my weight I've only drop a lbs since my last update .and I decided to
Add some wish pics and pics of me currently ..lol ...I wonder if these are achievable and realistic let me know what y'all think .

Traveling from Miami Florida to dr what's the best websites for ticket deals !

It's getting so real February is almost done and over with and here comes march :) super excited about everything although mallol doesn't sound like he's gonna do my breast reduction for me . I lost 2 lbs since the last I updated . Still pushing for 230 march 29th where are u lol

10lbs to go

Super excited !!! Exactly 2 more weeks away ... ticket has been purchased and I started buying some of my things . I think so far I've got pads , band-aides tank tops , big underwears antibacterial soap vitamins and I think that's it for now . Anyways so when I stared my weight lost journey a few months ago . About 3-4 months ago to be exactly ideal weight loss goal was to get down to 230 well I'm at 240 and I have 10 more pounds to go before my big booty day .... omg this is all turning into reality . I know I'm forgetting a few things so please feel free to add anything I may be missing . I've order my faja online with bbl pillow and lipo foam and compression socks already just waiting for them In the mail at this time ... I can't stop scrolling looking for new Mallol Barbie's ... please tag any new Mallol dolls

Omg so the wait is about to come to an end !!!

Bitter sweet moment for me . The suspense is almost over . Leaving for dr Tomorow and I can't even explain how anxious I am to have this procedure done and completed...I still have a lot of things I haven't done yet or things I haven't purchased . But hopefully I can get those things purchased in dr and what ever else I haven't done I can figure it out along the way ... so I did decide to take mallols Premium package and me and my surgery buddy is staying at sea lily ... I'll update more when I arrive to the air port Tomorow afternoon ....

This has to be the biggest mistake I've ever made .

Idk where to start . Smh it's soooo much but no I haven't had surgery yet yesterday I was told my hemo was low so I had to go get blood transfusion 2 bags I paid $340 for that my hemo went up to a 12.1 I didn't like the idea of getting blood in this country but I said fuck it I didn't travel all the way from Florida to go back without my surgery , anyways while getting the blood transfusion I noticed none of the nurses wore gloves when handling me and dealing with me which to me is disgusting I wasn't the only patient there receiving blood which means they were not using gloves with any of those other patients as well.... at one point the nurse had to change the bag so I can get my second blood transfusion blood spilled on the floor and a little on my bed again she was wearing absolutely any gloves she threw the empty packets of blood into a trash that was by my bed side and which was completely open and not sealed . SMH ... I came to dr with my surgery buddy she was able to have her surgery done while I was waiting on the driver to come and pick me up her husband starting blowing me up because he haven't heard from her since she went into surgery smh ... so when the driver picked me up I begged him to take me back to the clinic to see my surgery buddy so she can at least use my phone and call her family and let everyone know that she was ok he picked me up with three other girls in the car that were coming g from the clinic from seeing mallol for their post opp visit the ladies looked nice in my opinion . But anyways so we got to the house and the driver stated that he couldn't take me and stated that he had someone else that would come and pick me up from recovery home and take me back to the clinic to see my friend but I would have to pay the guy 20 US dollars I was ok with that . I just wanted to go see her ... FAST FORWAD the driver came he spoke a little English and we were on our way to my friend. When I got there she was shaking and couldn't breath scared and all alone in pain with no one there to assist with any of her needs .!!!! PLEASE CONSIDER IF THIS IS SOMETHING YOU WANT TO GO THROUGH . When she saw me she was so happy she started breathing a little better and stopped crying I think she was just in shock because she woke up and there's was no one around . I instantly connected her phone to my personal hotspot so that way she could get in touch with her family and let them know that she was ok.... FAST FORWARD the nurses at the clinic speak absolutely NO ENGLISH what so ever do me trying to explain to them that she's asking for pain meds was difficult they would speak Spanish back to you with attitude and didn't even try to understand what it is your trying to say ... !!! At one point my friend threw up all on her bed and floor I called the nurse to have her come change the sheets and clean the floor the nurse came in WITH NO GLOVES and a mop mopped all the vomit with the mop and dragged that mop out of the room and didn't come back a second time to re-mop with fresh clean mop my friend slept on the sheets that she threw up on until this morning when I could no longer be nice I went and downloaded the translate app and asked the lady to change them for her which she did and changed her gown and so forth . Oh my friend was scheduled to have tt lipo bbl lipo to arms inner thighs . Well mallol only lipoed her arms and her back and transferred that fat to her butt her inner thighs was not touched and her tummy was never even marked for tt from the start now that I think of it. So she had a big fat ass with not even lipo to her tummy or tt her ass looks great but it's like wtf did she get ass for if her stomach is gonna stay that way . Well mallol stated that during surgery her pressure went up and that's why he wasn't able to continue the surgery on her smh !!!!! He is now stating that she should wait 3 months and come back for tt which is b.s she is willing to stay extra days if she has to just to get her tt .. tt is what she came for but while talking to mallol in consultation she decided to add bbl so I know how hurt she is I stayed with her the entire night and I watched her cry . The pain is horrible in her words the pain meds they give is a joke smh ... if I never came back here to check on her idk what state she would be in physically and mentally .... anyways as for me my period came on this morning after those two bags of transfusion I said hours getting smh . Just my luck right ? Mallol assured me I'd be the 1st to have surgery this morning at 6 well it's almost 1pm still no surgery I'm bleeding with no pads because I didn't bring my suitcase that had those things in it . And no extra clothes because I slept at the clinic with my friend last night seeing that I was scheduled to have surgery this morning .... smh . Mallol stated that I have to wait and check with pulmonary doctor or how ever you spell that shit because I just recently stopped smoking marijuana about a month ago . Which is fine it's for my health . I haven't eaten anything since 12 last night and my period is on I'm cramping and I feel weak as fuck .... oh last night I asked the nurse to bring me sheets to spread in the couch so I can watch over my friend this lady came back with a big with sheet that clearly had blood stains on it for me to lay on .. omg the ac remote had blood on it none of the nurses wore gloves or washed their hands before handling patients there is no hand sanitizers available none of the soap things in the bathrooms had soap in them . && we question why the girls are getting infections . Smh this is your answer here ... THE CLINIC IS LOVELY IT LOOKS CLEAN AND SMELLS CLEAN how ever the staff does not take precaution that the us does ... so again question if this is worth it . I feel disgusted with myself I cried last night and this morning I am grateful to be an American citizen and living in the states because I don't think I would be able to live in a country like this . After mallol did my friends surgery he didn't check on her not once . I had to keep calling people to come in and out to make sure she was good . I know the doctor is busy with other patients but the girls on real self exaggerate the truth a lot because my experience thus far is one completely different from what I've read . DO NOT GET ME WRONG THE DOCTOR SPEAKS PERFECT ENGLISH HE IS A SWEET HEART but he doesn't show patients the after care that everyone states he does in those lovely reviews . Well I'm just here going crazy questioning if I still want to go through with my procedure here after seeing what's going on up close and personal and not reading another review smh . Sorry if I have any typos I'm not proof reading this shit I'm frustrated and hungry and cramping really bad my attitude is on another level and any minute anyone could get it . Here's a pic of my friends ass and her stomach that wasn't even touched

Idk why her pics didn't load . Let's try this again

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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