24 YR OLD No Kids Wanting a Complete Make Over

For so long I have always wanted to get my body...

For so long I have always wanted to get my body done . So about 2yesrs ago to be exact I found out about a place name vanity cosmetics and how cheap the surgeries were . So because of that I went ahead and paid money to them not knowing that they would tell me I have to lose weight before I am able to have surgery . ???? So for two years I've had asurgery paid to vanity and could t get my money or surgery done because I couldn't lose the weight that I needed to . But I recently digged Deep and went to vanity and demanded my refund . So they did refund me my cash . But not everything I paid to them . Which is ok I got something back . Anyways recently started looking into Yily she gave me a quote for a complete mommy make over which is great 6200.00 . But I still have about 50lbs I need to lose . So I'm on a diet now and trying to get the weight off . I want surgery by April of 2017 no later .

I don't look too bad with clothes on .

It's like I just need Yily to put her hands on this body and give me the look I've been wanting to achieve since for ever

Up just scrollin

Been scrolling on rs alday looking for thick girls or bigger girls that went to Yily for work .just wanna see some after pics to get a feel of how aggressive her skills are . Also decided to add some wish pics..also here's some of my wish pics
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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