Switched to Dr Plaza July 18th In Cali, Colombia

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I absolutely love this website. I was scared at...

I absolutely love this website. I was scared at first but im ready! Surgery with Dr. MANUEL DIAZ JULY 18TH. Anyone want to be my surgery buddy? His package include a recovery house. I chose home because he have great reviews and np deaths under his belt. I'm so nervous but my family and boyfriend is so supportive. My friend is traveling with me he speaks Spanish fluently. Anyone going to Diaz in July let me know so we can be SX buddies please! Bye bye fat I'm so ready and I'm not changing my mind this time lol


Is anyone getting that nooooo don't go to DR they have aids, infection...etc!!!! Ugh shut up!!!! My God know my heart and I refuse to believe that he would allow any of this....I rebuke all that!!!! Geesh anyway time is getting near and I need to focus on getting all my supplies together!



yessss my SX voucher

Finally I'm sopoo ready!!!

OK no bbl

So I like my ass I think it's perfect. They need to snatch this waist though asap lol


Ok so I have found a place on IG called @diamondrecovery they have different supply boxes to pick from. So that helped a lot only thing I need now is my ezpee, and prescriptions!!!! The countdown begins...1 month and 11 days left!!!!

yes I'm ready to be snatched

Days are flying I'm so ready before pics

27 more days....omg this is getting real

undecided about bbl

So I like butt and it's so soft I don't think I want a bbl. I'm not into having a huge butt so I'll keep my cute one. I do want more of a cuff though. I'm going to ask for a cuff only nothing added.

I made it on the flat side

Yayy dr plaza was great and I love my body

No more pain! I feel great

I love my scar

30 days post op

Omg I love my body dr plaza did that baby!!!

Two months post op

I am feeling just as good as I look. I love my results!!! I started working out again and I am making sure I eat very healthy. My body is back to normal. My skin is back soft. Ladies its so important to get your post op treatment (massages). The only think I am over is this swelling at the lower part of my incision. Patient is very important with this process. Overall this is the best money I ever spent. Now lets talk about the haters!!!! Omg I have so many now!!! Ladies be ready on this journey because the hate is so real. Some of my friends no longer want to hang with me and always tell me " girl you have to wait until I get this body right". My sisters are jealous and tell me I think I am all that. A big girl tried to fight me on the train because she said I thought I was all that lol it is so crazy for real. I have learned to embrace it...if you don't have no haters you not popping. LOL wishing everyone best wishes on their journey and it is the best decision you will ever make. I am so happy with my doctor. ladies make sure you keep researching and do what is best for you and not from other people view.

Round 2 planning

Hey ladies so I am loving my results from Dr. Plaza. I am now planning a round 2 for only lipo on the front of my tummy. I received my quote and lets just say it is a great one lmao. I love him and his work...everyone has their own opinion!!!
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