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I am 27 years old with two boy 26months apart, but...

I am 27 years old with two boy 26months apart, but breastfed for about a year each. My weight has fluctuated greatly since high school and when I was my heaviest my breast were a 34F. After losing some weight they were down in the 34DDD range. When I quit bf my last son, and then lost 15lb my breast were a saggy 36c 34 deflated d. My dr said I needed a full anchor lift and that he would great as big of implants as he could in. We ended with 400cc on the right and 425cc on the left. I'm only 3 days post op and I love them so far but am a little disappointed on the size. They are a big smaller that I had hoped. Pain wise everything is fantastic, I took the Percocet the first day because everyone said to stay on top on them, but I went all night without them and woke up with pretty much no pain. No I'm just sticking with Valium and ibuprofen twice a day and it's going great!

4 days post op and feeling great

It's crazy to me how little pain I am having. I drove my son to school this morning and had a few other errands to run. I mainly just feel tired, no pain in my breasts at all. I feel like my bra may not be right enough? So I put another on over it.

10 days post op

It amazes me how normal I feel. I'm so ready to start working out again. I don't know why, but I feel so fluffy, I thought bigger boobies would make me feel so much thinner, but not the case right now. Loving my breast, I really wanted the fake look, but my ps told me it wouldn't be possible unless we went way big with saline. So I'm looking pretty natural and I have to say, it's not hurting my feelings! The only thing is he couldn't totally "cut" or "relax" (I don't know the correct term) my muscles on one of the breasts so it looks a little flat in the middle.

Nipples revealed

Man I have been looking at pictures for months so I thought I was going to be so prepared for how my nipples and scars would look, but it is still so hard to see myself like this. I am healing incredibly well, so that's nice. But I just don't love the way they look right now. And I know I am only 12 days out and have a long road ahead of me, so I just keep reminding myself that. The tape has been off since yesterday so I'm already getting more used to them.

Healing like a rockstar

15 days post op and removed my last bit of tape from the bottom of my breast, I am amazed at how fast my incisions are healing. They are still a little itchy and tender where my drains were but other than that I am super happy. Both of my breasts look a little Square at the bottom, and it is really bothering me. Just hoping that it rounds out as my implants drop more?
I tried on a dress today at a boutique and the cashier said "I want your boobs"! That made me feel really good because I feel like they are at a very weird stage right now

3 weeks today

Just wanted to add a few more pics, I'm really seeing a change in the look and the feel. They totally jiggle and look real. I thought that was going to make me sad (I really wanted that fake look) but I'm super happy with them. I do still wish they were a bit bigger, but it is what it is.

Feeling back to my old self

I'm coming up on 4 weeks post op and the last few days have been a breeze! They are tender randomly throughout the day, but I feel like I should be back in the gym already. I have totally let myself go since surgery :/ still no feeling in my nipples ( PS said it could take up to 18 months) so I'm not to concerned about it.

Here's a couple more pics with different angles

4 week incision/scar update

I was thinking about starting my scar treatment soon, I bought the silicone scar stick and I was going to get some silicone scar sheets in a few weeks.

1 month today

5 weeks

I started sleeping on my stomach the last couple of days, I wake up with a little pain in my bottom incision but other than that, feeling really good! I rejected one stitch so far, and I had another opening a few days later right next to it. I'm so happy I read about people spitting stitches, because I would have literally thought I had a worm coming out of my nipple! It was so creepy looking :/

Wow they really dropped!

I can't believe how much they've dropped and changed in the last couple of days. My old bra that didn't fit a few weeks ago, fits perfectly now. The little imperfections that were bothering me before are hardly noticeable now. Now I just have to lose these few pounds I've gained and I'll be totally set!!
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon

Dr Marcus is amazing! I had only met one other dr before him and I knew 5 min into the consultation that he would be the one to do my surgery. He was very honest with me on what to expect and didn't give me any false hope. He also made sure we had his cell number to send him picture and he even came by my hotel room the night of surgery. He is amazing and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve themselves

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