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Hi ladies!! I'm so excited! I'm going to have the...

Hi ladies!! I'm so excited! I'm going to have the girls lifted and gifted! I hope to go up to 450cc( will see). Obviously I have flapjacks. 34 b. If I roll em up and tuck em in. I'm going 8/9 to talk to my PS about whether or not I want them under or over the muscle( I do lift weights) any advice is greatly appreciated! And a couple other questions I forgot to ask at the initial consultation. Don't know if he is going to do a lollipop or anchor lift. I will keep you posted!

Met with my PS

I was able to have a quick meeting with my PS today ( man he's wonderful). I had some questions for him that he took the time to answer fully for me. I am going to go under the muscle as he feels this is a better outcome. He is planning on doing a lollipop lift and he is going to go with 450cc. If he feels it's too much he is going to go with 425cc. But he thinks I'll have enough room. I absolutely love that he took the time to answer all my questions and didn't make me feel like I was wasting his time.


Today I had my pre-op! So I basically have one month until my surgery. Iam now paid in full and just praying that I stay healthy( with the kids going back to school). The plan is still lollipop lift with 450cc mentor high profile silicone implants. Got my prescriptions to fill and my sage cloths to use right before surgery. Oh and they gave me Arnica Montana to take after the surgery.

Nervous about size

So lately I've been getting nervous about the size I've picked(between 425-450cc). So today I decided to convert as close as possible 450cc to 15.83oz so I could try them on as rice sizers. After I tried them on, they did seem big to me, but they seem proportional. I have pretty broad shoulders. And it's not like I'm small???? in still have 10lbs I'd like to lose, but I don't know if that's going to happen at this point????

One week to go...

One week to go, exactly 7 days and here I am with stinking cold. Thank you kids! I called my PS and they said as long as I don't develop a fever i should be good to go. Bright spot to my day!

Today is the day!!

Well today is the day!!! I do still have a cough so hopefully all goes well. I hafta be there at 7:30 so at least i don't have to be hungry for long. I will update as soon as I'm able.

Let's try this again....

Alright, today is my rescheduled appointment so let's hope it happens today! I'm still coughing but it's not wet,which is what they seemed worried about. And it's definitely not as frequent. I am definitely nervous/excited. I will update as soon as I'm able.


I'm on the other side! Got home around 1ish. My hubby is taking excellent care of me and I will give a better update when I'm a little less groggy.

Not 24 hours yet....

But definitely feeling better then yesterday. My new girls are very tight and pretty high( which I expected) but man are they itchy. My husband has been an absolute God send. Can't say enough about how awesome he has been! I ended up with 400cc not as big as I had wanted but I really don't think he couldn't out anymore in there. He's the expert and I trust his judgment. I am happy with my results.

2 full days

I am 2 full days post op. So here is how I am doing. I'm seriously trying to just hang out and not do alot let alone worry about every little change. Honestly reading so many different stories has helped a bunch. So I'm not freaking out about the weird air bubble feelings. But they are there. I was concerned about rippling so that's why there are so many pictures,but I figured out it was the gauze inside my bra that was causing the texture change.
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon

So far my interactions with him and his staff have been absolutely wonderful. Totally thoughtful and cares about the look I want but what he also feels would be best.

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