DO NOT GET Mentor Textured Shaped Implants!! (Or Any Shaped Brand for That Matter)! - Santa Rosa, CA

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Ladies, I just had my Mentor textured teardrop...

Ladies, I just had my Mentor textured teardrop shaped implants REPLACED with Mentor smooth round and I can not begin to tell you how happy I am to have those ridiculous shaped implants out!!!
The difference is night and day and I feel that the shaped implants are a bunch of bull-honky and I would know! The difference is night and day!!!
My story is that I basically have no breast tissue and have a super bony chest and sternum (I am all skin and bone up there). I was super concerned I would not be a good candidate for a breast aug because I thought I would get that ball-ey look and it would look strange on me. Surgeon recommended the tear drop shaped implants for two reasons...1. natural slope up top and he said would look more natural, and 2. He said they were safer and less incident of Capsular Contracture and rupture.
I am here to tell you that both are lies!!
The shaped implants were always so firm and unnatural feeling, didn't move around. I compared mine to two friends of mine, one with smooth round and another with saline. I could see and feel that the difference was huge! Theirs' felt so soft and squishy, like real breasts, mine felt much firmer, even after years of waiting for them to soften up. I have wanted to exchange them ever since he put them in 3 years ago. They always looked a bit weird and unnatural and even more so with time. One started to rotate a bit, the other started to flatten out on the bottom, they were odd and pointy, did not have that lovely fullness at the bottom that I wanted. They also rippled pretty bad on the sides when I leaned forward (he said they rippled less which is also a lie). And, you could totally feel the firm edge in the sternum area and underneath (the edge is more defined and firm with shaped than with smooth round). They were just creepy. I am sure if I brought more to the table that they wouldn't feel quite as creepy but they would still be more firm and less movable than smooth round.
I found a new surgeon who replaced them with smooth round ones and, OH MY GOD....What a difference. Even in the first moment when I woke up and I poked the side with my finger and it actually was squishy! I felt the edge in my sternum area and all I could feel was squish, no horrid implant edge under my skin.
Ladies, I am living proof of having both implant types and if you are trying to decide, get the smooth round! I think the shaped ones need to be phased out in my opinion. The new ones not only feel more natural, they also LOOK more natural already and it is only two weeks post! The top bulge I was worried about is not there, it is pretty much the exact same upper pole slope as the tear drop ones, and I even went a bit bigger!
I went super conservative for both augmentations. The teardrops were 180 cc moderate projection and the latest smooth rounds are 225 cc moderate plus projection. I wish I had gone bigger actually cause I can't tell a difference in size at all and I actually had hoped for a little bump in my size.

Another creepy thing about the shaped boobs would become the ambient temperature rather than my body temperature. Yup, so a cold day or night, I would get cold boobs if they had some exposure. It was creepy. Now they are so warm and squishy and luscious...the boobs I always wanted!

Another really can't push your boobs up with a bra if you have tear drops because they are shaped and more or less immobile. I can tell already that these new implants will be so much more fun and natural. My husband already likes them so much better and will be way more fun for him. The teardrop ones are really just no fun to play with cause they just stay permanently their shape.

Additionally, regarding safety of the tear drop, it is actually not proven. I have talked to in person and heard on this site from many surgeons that it really hasn't been proven that they are safer or that there is less Capsular Contracture. In fact, my second surgeon thinks that I may have had a bit of Capsular contracture in the capsule when he took it out on the weird flattened side. He showed me the implants after surgery that he took out and that one was permanently squished on the bottom with this weird indent. He said he is sending it in to see what the deal is with it, if it had some kind of internal rupture or what. He thought it was strange.

So if you are concerned about natural look, the shaped implants will not help you out anymore than the smooth round. The smooth round actually can rely on gravity to bring more fullness to the bottom. Just don't go too big and don't get high profile and you will be fine with smooth round moderate plus for a natural look and feel.
I will post photos eventually as well as video squish tests of both, but I need to heal first and get through my vacations. But I wanted to get this review out there ASAP for women being directed by their surgeons to get shaped implants.

And one more thing, I would avoid the textured round ones as well cause they are the same concept...firmer more cohesive gel with a textured, thicker shell that is not supposed to move around. It will be the same. Get SMOOTH ROUND!!!

Mentor Shaped Teardrop vs. Mentor Round smooth

The photos are in and are very telling! Have a look and see for yourself! I show you the visual proof that your doctors are liars if they tell you the shaped ones look more natural. They always looked weird but got weirder as time went on. They rotated a touch and one of them actually tore on the inside. It happened either when they were inserted or during a mammogram. Surgeon #2 showed them to me (I wish I took a picture) cause the implant was actually deformed and caved in on the bottom on my right breast and would not regain it's shape when held straight up. It was permanently like that but with no visible tear on the outside so my surgeon had to send back to Mentor for them to analyze. They did not stand behind their product nor offer a refund (horrible). It really bothers me that I went with Mentor a second time around but that was what the surgeon #2 (who I trust) recommended.

The new ones feel much much more natural and squishy and move around.

Before I had any breast augmentation

Photos of horrible Breast Augmentation #1 with Mentor Memory Shape Teardrops

3 months post revised augmentation with Mentor smooth round silicone gel 225cc

New implants are much better in every way! You can see that they are more natural and with a much prettier shape than the teardrops. No Victoria Beckham round fake look that I was so worried I would get cause I am so skinny and boney up top! They hang very naturally.

My stats in case that is helpful to any of you...

I am currently 46 years old, 5' 6" tall and weigh 125 lbs more or less.
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