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Hi ya'll! I am 5'11 165lbs and...

Hi ya'll! I am 5'11 165lbs and barely an A cup. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to have this procedure but do to cost and being young I put it off. I have money saved for the procedure. My consultation with Dr. Marcus is this coming Tues 2/24. Cant wait!

Decisions Decisions

Doing lots of research to figure out exactly what I want.
So far I have decided on Silicone implants, submuscular, inframammary incision.

I am 5'11 and weigh about 165. I have a bigger build so I am hoping for a bigger size.
I tried on a C and a D cup from VS and thought the D looked better on my frame. I am hoping for about 420cc && 425cc.

My consult is Tuesday so we shall see what the Doc thinks.
Thanks for following and to all the ppl that share their experience.

Wish Boobies




Recommend: High profile 500cc submuscular inframammary incision
Bigger then I thought but excited because it looks awesome!!
Doc says my case is a little more difficult considering I have no breast tissue.
Kind of nervous but I have hopes for an awesome result!
Very excited about my augmentation. Scheduling surgery date tomorrow.


Just called and scheduled my appointment with Dr David E Marcus in Santa Rosa for April 20 @ 11:15.

I am very excited/nervous/hopeful/anxious so many feelings. I know that this is something I have wanted for myself since i was a little girl and will finally make me feel complete and good about myself as a women. I am doing this solely for myself and I am so glad because I work really hard to be a confident successful person and I deserve it!! (:

Pre Bra shopping

Got my welcome packet in the mail today! Very excited. My packet went over all the things I needed to avoid pre op and post op. One of the items was a suggested post op bra: Under Armor Zip front from Sports Authority.
So I went and tried it on. Not very comfortable for my shape. But I did find a zip close sports bra by Champion that fit perfectly. It has adjustable straps which is a huge plus for a sports bra.
After I purchased two of them I found them on Amazon for HALF THE PRICE!! I will be returning the ones that I bought since I know for sure they fit and order it from online.

Count down!! 1 month pre op

Getting very anxious and excited.. Can't wait to shop!! I did order the genie zip front bra Large. Fits well with light padding. Hoping it will be a comfortable bra post op. Pre op apt April 6 planning to talk to my PS about going a little bigger. He suggested 500ccs at the consult and after talking with a friend who had hers done a year ago I think I want to go up to a 550+ if possible. Curious what he'll say. ((: I will update after my next Appointment. Thanks for following!!

open and honest

I am very fortunate to have such supportive people in my life!
My boyfriend has supported me since day one. He tells me that I am perfect the way that I am, and I love him for that but I want to make this change for me.

At first I did not want to tell my parents. I was very hesitant about telling my mom because I know that moms worry and don't want to see their children do things to their bodies. I decided to write her a letter telling her how I feel and explaining how safe the procedure is. To my surprise she has been very supportive and loving. She actually was not surprised and said that she figured that I was eventually going to. ( I have been talking about it since I was a teen) Even my father has accepted it.

I have been very open and honest with a lot of people close to me about my procedure. I know some people choose to keep this experience very intimate and choose to not tell anyone, but for me I want to be open about this. I cant hide the change that will be more then obvious. I am not ashamed nor shy about it. I simply choose to be open about it. I'm so excited I cant help but share and discuss it with people close to me. My boyfriend is so tired of me looking at boobs and talking about it lol.

What can I say.. Its been a long time coming. ((:

Suggestions please!

My ps rec 500cc. Thinking about asking for 550-600. I am 5'11. Medium build. Don't want to be huge but nice and full. Starting from zero so idk ???? Need help deciding. I'm not even nervous about my procedure I'm mostly nervous about not picking the right size.

Post Op Apt

Went to my post op yesterday! So excited.. Got an opportunity to chat with my PS about size. We decided on 600cc Silicone, Under muscle, Under breast fold. I was given arnica for swelling and bruising after surgery as well as sage wipes for night before and morning of. Girls will arrive in two weeks!!

So glad we discussed size. He did suggest UHP 700 but because I am active I don't want them very big. (also want to be able to find bras without a hassle) He also mentioned because I have very little tissue to start with I have a higher risk of loosing nipple sensation. Very disappointed but its a small price to pay to have my dreams come true (: I also have not had kids yet and because they are not permanent this is a good start for me. I can always go bigger next round.

Very happy with the surgeon I chose and Im counting down the days!

Nerves!! 3 day count down

About 3 days left untill surgery! Looking at post op pics with girls with similar stats. Getting very nervous! When I went to my pre op and my PS said 500cc I was timid about how big.. now that seems small. Then my PS said 700cc and again was intimidated so I went with 600cc. Now Im nervous I should have trusted my PS more and went with the bigger size. I know Ill be happy to have anything but I want to be nice and full!! Ugh. Hoping I made the right decision! Very excited but have mixed feelings about it. SO many girls wish they went bigger! Dont want to be one of them. I just thought if I had a chance of not loosing my nip sensation I didnt want to completely risk loosing it if there was a chance it might still be there. Wish me luck!! Input is greatly appreciated!

Titties Today!!

Two more hours before I go in. Did some final touches around the house. Filled my ice packs and got em chillin in the freezer. Nervous but not as nervous as I thought Id be. I don't think its going to hit me until I get to the office! Really hoping the 600s fit! And the pain isn't unbearable. I have a great support system and luckily my bfs dad is a pharmacist so he's been very informative. Thanks for all the support ladies! Ill keep you updated as much as possible!

P.s. Is it weird I feel like I MIGHT miss me little boobies?
....Probably NOT! lol

Finally here

Girls are here! Woke up on OR in quite a bit of Pain. Hard to breath and talk. Went home and bf went and got me enchiladas and made me brownies ((: As the day went on breathing got easier but tightness and pain still there. Tools lots of meds and iced all day. Woke up last night about once every hour. Doc didn't put me in a bra so I've been bra less which is kind of nice. Woke up today feeling a little better. Just took my arnica tabs and rubbed arnica gel on tops and side.

Arnica tablets && Gel, Ice packs and Water

4 days out with my 550 texture high profile unders. Feeling better every day. Lover my memorie foam neck pillow, cloth ice packs and sweat pants.

Post op! Docs liking them so far. Go in Monday to start working the inner cleavage. Braless and loving it!

Happy Healing

So tomorrow is my 1 week. So glad the hard part is over. Finally starting to feel A LOT better. Doesn't hurt to move around. Icing and ibuprofen is still a must! Can't wait to heel up so I can go to the gym.
Right now they still totally feel awkward and tight. I know eventually they will feel like ive always had em but right now they are totally foreign. Normal right?!
I thought I knew what to expect and I had a good idea and still do.. (Thanks to this website!!)
BUT Surgery was totally harder then I realized. I was so focus on the cc amount that I completely forgot about the pain. I never cried and it hasn't been unbareable but for some reason I had the expectation that it is a walk in the park. Not to scare anyone but IT IS surgery!
Just saying.. be prepared!

Somethings I used for recovery:
*Protein shakes are a must! *Glutamine is great bonus, && BCAAS for repair! Its well worth it if you aren't already familiar with these things to take a trip to the Sup store and get small serving of these thing to aid in recovery.
WATER!! Sleep! EAT!
Neck pillow
Cloth ice packs
Pill divider- with days is helpful so you don't forget
stoole softner.
Arnica gel, Arnica tablets
Coco nut oil- to keep em lubbed!
Happy Healing (((:

Update tomorrow for 1 week post op!

550cc HP Unders 1 wk

Feeling better each day. Still rough. Glad I have another week from work! Any suggestions for sleeping better? So uncomfomy.


From AA to D

Happy with my results so far! Finally feeling comfortable and able to sleep on my side. Braless and living it! Excites to shop (:


Getting softer, dropping and filling out a 36D!!


So.. I'm really happy with my results but my implants seem to move outwards because of my muscle. I'm wondering if overtime my muscles will loosen and my skin will stretch more and droop a little to give me a crease and cleavage. Please feel free to leave feedback. Thanks!
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