subglandular breast aug small A, 350cc inspira

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Hello all, I am very happy to tell you that I have...

Hello all, I am very happy to tell you that I have finally scheduled my breast augmentation for November!I am currently an a cup but very small. I have wanted to do this since I was 16 and now that I am in my early 30s and done having children I am finally ready. The thing I am most nervous about is going subglandular (over the muscle). I think it will be best for my lifestyle however I don't know anyone who has done this and I have such small boobs to start with that I am nervous. I was wondering if anyone can tell me about their experience with them at all, especially anyone who was small chested like me. Do they seem to last the same amount of time looking good? It would really help calm my nerves. I am going 350 cc moderate silicone inspira. Thank you to all who have written about your experiences on here, you have truly helped me with this decision!
PS I will post before and after pics once I am done with procedure.

Beast implants 350 cc

Getting closer to my surgery date. I still have to book my hotel, buy bras and find a reliable sitter. Nothing like waiting till the last minute huh? LOL. I am so excited I cant wait!

Pre op

Sorry, I had to take pictures myself so they are not very good. This is the bra I will be taking with me to surgery. I wanted one that hooked in front, but couldn't find one in time. Oh well. I have all my medications ready, most of my clothes packed and it looks like I will be taking the circus ( I mean family) with me to hotel. Babysitters fell through. My 9 year old doesn't pay much attention, but I am wondering what my nosed 10 year old will say. I told them I was doing a non cosmetic procedure. Don't know how I'm going to hide this though since I'm one of those people who walks FREELY in my house. LOL. I just hope my baby doesn't headbutt me in my new boobs. She sleeps in my bed still. Yikes.

wish pics

I noticed the wish pics I was gathering had all different shapes and sizes of boobs. I realized I just liked the way boobs look I guess haha. So I had to have my guy help me narrow down pics to give my doctor. These were the winners. Not sure if mine will be able to hold a candle to these, but cross my fingers I get close. Wish me luck girls!

Stuff I had to get ready for big day

This is when I was getting ready the night before. I couldn't sleep till like 2 AM. I was trying to finish the last of the laundry and put together things for the baby that we needed to take. Also thought it was a good idea to take along some barf bags I had from my last surgery. Few months back, don't worry they're clean haha. Urgent was set for 6:45 AM

Recovery day two! Loving it!

So apparently they did not put the wish pics I sent them in my file but no biggie, my surgeon is phenomenal and I knew she would do exactly what I wanted, which was pretty modest. I got 405cc in both over the muscle,moderate smooth silicone Inspira Natrell, infra mammary incision. Couldn't be happier. This is the day after surgery and I feel fabulous. Arrived for surgery and everything was as they had prepared me it would be. Everyone was so kind. I was nervous being the first surgery after the Election Day but they made me feel much more comfortable once I was there. Woke up not too groggy, the anestesiologist did such a good job. Only wore a bandeau out. I have to wear that for 48 hours while icing on and off. I admit I am being lazy about the icing. I took the prescription pain med once right after surgery but then only Tylenol when needed. No bruising so far. I am crossing me fingers it stays this easy and good! I thought recovery would be so much harder. I wish I had bought a thinner zip up shirt, I took a zip up sweater and couldn't wear deodorant so I reeked all day. Can't wait for my shower tomorrow. LOL. I couldn't be more thrilled with my results!

Third day post op

I won't post pics today because I think they look pretty much the same as my last pics. I took bandeau off after 48 hours. I tried putting on a bra but I started getting a little red around the incision area so I took it off just in case the bra was irritating it. I still have a little red near the incision area but it's not hot and I feel fine so I am not going to worry myself yet. Anyone else get redness near incision? I started getting the creaking in my boobs last night that everyone talks about. It is weird haha. Unfortunately I have a lot of people who keep coming around me with terrible colds and I am getting a bit annoyed. I don't want to catch a freakin cold right now! Crossing my fingers. I took a shower yesterday. It couldn't scrub my chest so I still have a few of the markings on my chest, hopefully I can get them off next shower. I think I'll wait till tomorrow to shower again since my shower is upstairs and Dr. asked me to try and avoid stairs for a week. I can't wait till I can lift my arms high enough to shave them, I feel so grimy right now. Other wise fine.

small bump on side of breast

Ok, so i woke up this morning to a small bump a little bigger than the size of a pea at the side of my implant. It's close to my armpit and does not hurt, not red, you can't see it much much I can feel it. I called my PS office and they told me since I am coming in tomorrow that they will look at it then. I hope it's not anything big. Anyone else experience this? I found a couple posted questions similar to this but no follow up from the poster.
Other than that, my righty, which is the one with the bump, seems to be coming along nicely. It's dropping and not as swollen. My lefty however, is stubborn. High and tight, still swollen and shiny. I get to start massages tomorrow, hopefully it helps with this. Not in much pain still, just a little here and there. I have more mobility in my right arm than my left due to the swelling I am sure. Overall I still love the way they look, just praying I heal fine. I have some pictures but for some reason my computer hates me today so I will upload them when I can. Have a good day all!

One week update 405 cc overs, silicone inspira smooth moderates, inframammory

Hello, so one full week update! I fonally can go upstairs when I want. I guess the lump is just the implant. I can feel it at the edge. I started massages on them today and it seems to already be a tad bit smaller. The nurse told me that when it happens sometimes it goes away on its own as the implant settles. It's fine with me as long as it doesn't get worse and I start feeling or seeing tons of them. I am just happy it wasn't anything bad like a seroma. They look great today. Lefty is finally falling in place with the right but, still has a little ways to go. Sorry again, my computer still won't let me upload the pics from earlier so these are from today. I drove an hour away for my appointment and was a little sore up top but not bad. My implants are starting to feel softer and so far no regrets! Have a good one!

One week Update Pics!

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