I'm 48 Years Old and Have 3 Beautiful Ladies. Santa Monica CA

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I'm looking forward to seeing my buttcheecks more...

I'm looking forward to seeing my buttcheecks more defined, get rid off all the dimples, Get rid of the pain I'm going through every single day. I was hoping to get my color back but that is not going to be possible. I hope that by him doing enough of this procedures he can learned the way of getting rid of all the silicon without cutting.

Recovering from the removal of the silicon

2nd day and feeling good. Dr. Raffy and all his staff were wonderful. I didn't have to take any pain medication. As I promise here are some pictures. I'm looking forward to feel healthy again.

I meet with Dr. Raffy a week ago. He was attractive, caring and knowledgeable about the removal of the silicon. He examined my buttcheecks and explained in detail what was going on and also what will be the consequences if I didn't take care of it soon. I was impressed of the knowledge he had regarding the procedure. He also explained to me that he will remove as much as he can. I understand because he's doing it like a liposuction. I hope that this will eliviate the pain I'm going through. I have 3 beautiful intelligent young ladies and I don't want them to know what I have done

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