Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty That I've Wanted for Years (Plus Tonsillectomy) Santa Monica, CA

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On Friday July 1st I'm going to be getting my...

On Friday July 1st I'm going to be getting my deviated septum fixed as well as cosmetic alterations to my nose. I've always had a bump in my nose that I've hated and my surgeon told me he could correct it but any cosmetic procedures would be $8,000. At first I had decided against it but after looking into non surgical nose jobs I finally decided (literally an hour before my appointment) to do it since I've wanted it for so long. My biggest concern is obviously the bump on my nose but I'm worried that I did not articulate clearly enough to my doctor what I wanted, since I want not only the bump removed but a curved nasal bridge. I'm very nervous that he will only remove the bump and leave me with a straight bridge. I am unable to get in contact with him since I'm out of the country until the day before my surgery but I'm really hoping I'll be able to give him a more detailed explanation of what I want before the surgery and show him some pictures and that I'll end up with the nose I've always wanted! I'm thinking of specifically asking for a curved bridge and supratip break and reduction in size (maybe)

Day of surgery

I only got to talk to my doctor for a few minutes before my procedure. I was a little concerned because he seemed to not like the nose I was describing and telling me my idea of a ski slope nose was very "passé" I told him I had lived with a straight bridged bumped nose my whole life and would really want a cute bridged nose. I showed him pictures (most were screenshots from this website because of all the beautiful noses) and he said it'd be possible. After I woke up from surgery my throat was on fire (mostly from tonsillectomy) they didn't want to give me medicine and I was very nauseous so they gave me a shot before I went home. The pictures were the pictures I showed him of what I wanted ! (Some are from RS, if it's you let me know and I'll take them down!)

Day 2

Woke up this morning. All my pain seems to be from my tonsillectomy, not much in my face/sinuses. The worst part in regards to my nose is that with my mustache dressing I can't really breathe out of my nose and since I can't breathe out of my mouth whenever I sleep I wake up gasping. There's been a ton of blood from the nose which I'm a little concerned about but I think the doctor mentioned that was normal so not trying not to let that cause me too much anxiety.

Day 8

Got my cast off!! Still in excruciating pain from the tonsillectomy but I haven't experienced any pain with my nose throughout this whole experience. My doctor said the swelling would go down quite a bit in the bridge and the tip would get more refined in the weeks/months to come. Very happy so far !!!

Day 12

The swelling is going down more and more each day and I'm absolutely in love with my nose. It's so perfect and exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be happier
Santa Monica Facial Plastic Surgeon

So far my experience with dr. Daneshrad has been great. Really hoping we can further discuss what I want in further detail before the surgery! I'm nervous our conversation was too brief and having a lot of anxiety that he may not be able to do what I want

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