Duran Doll BBL LIPO November 2013

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Although I've been wanting a butt my entire life,...

Although I've been wanting a butt my entire life, there is a new found sense of urgency after seeing the jaw dropping results shown on RS. From what I see here, girls are changing the rules of the game, so I have to buy me some a** to level the playing field. It's like I found this site, blacked out and before I knew it had scheduled my procedure,recovery house stay and booked a flight...BOOM!

Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences, both good and bad. I have lots of questions and will offer non judgemental support in any way that I can. I will be combing this site today for answers, but if anyone here has recent experiences, with Duran or Armonia Recovery House, do tell...

Stay tuned as I proceed down this path to a new me!!!!!

The the journey begin (tragic)before & after pics!

Surely I'm making more of this than I should but...

Ladies, Im sure you have all read about necessary precautions when traveling to DR. I've been there before, but I'm sure that my upcoming Santa Domingo trip will be a little bit different than my stay at a resort in Punta Cana. Hoping that some of you BBL vets can tell me if you traveled with your iPhones/iPads/laptops. I'm thinking at the very least I need a phone in case of emergency. We're any stolen or missing during your trip? Additionally, I'm planning to box up a case or 2 of water as a free checked baggage item, as I'm told that water can run as much as $5 a gallon!

Looking for buddy to share condo 1st week of October

Ladies headed for DR next week inbox me if interested in splitting cost for condo, nurse, etc.

3 days til I cross over.????????????

Ladies,it's down to the wire and I'm both excited and scared to pieces; the range of emotions is crazy!!! I talk myself in and out of it every day, but I'm moving forward and praying heavy that all will end well with me having plenty junk in the trunk! Lol

In need of your prayers

I arrived in Santo Domingo today... Did my labs, met with cardiologist and everything turned out to be good. Iron is 12.2... Just made it!
Everything is chaos and disorganized, but that came as no surprises since I've traveled to similar places. Dr. Baez was an angel and took a lot if time answering all of my concerns with her husband acting as her assistant. They actually waited with me for a ride from recovery house and drove me there when the ride never showed up since I was her last patient of the day. I will provide a detailed account of my experience post surgery because I am pooped and have to get up
In 5 hours. Love ...peace & happy healing. Next time you hear from me I'll be lookn back at it ! ????????????

What happened on my trip to DR (part 1)

Hey Booty Girls,
Sorry for the slow response but after the build up, fight there and back in 48hrs I was physically emotionally drained and its soo much to tell but I'll do my best.

Like all of you, I was super excited about the procedure.i reached out to Baez via whatsapp and she got back with me calming most of my fears and made me feel comfortable with her ability to give me what I wanted and more importantly keeping my health top of mind. When I arrived there was a driver waiting for me. He had a sign with my name on it. He took me directly to Dr. Baez's office. Well when he pulled up to this less than impressive yellow building I thought he had to make another stop before dropping me , but I was wrong. I then told myself that the inside would surely be better but I was wrong again. The driver escorted me inside where we were met by Dr. Baez's husband .He settled up with the driver and he was on his way. What I noticed immediately was that the lobby to the building was about a 10x10 space with the front door to emergency room being about 3-4 feet from the front door. Put a pin in that... I'll get back to the the "Yo ass better not have an emergency room!" OK, we go up to the 5th floor to a small office where the Dr is waiting. She stood to greet me and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. 3 things stuck out in my mind...1. She looks to be less than 25. 2. there are no other patients waiting. Those concerns fade quickly because she is quite knowledgeable and is a very warn and welcoming person. The 3rd thing is that she is beautiful...she and her husband could be prototypes for dominican Barbie & Ken. Lol after I take everything in we sat down to conduct a thorough interview. I was examined and then taken down to ER to meet with the cardiologist.
I was also happy to see two women waiting to see her as I left the office. Now to get to the
Emergency Room...It consists of 2 beds surrounded by old vinyl curtains a non English speaking receptionist at the desk and a sliding back door that steps right into the parking garage. No monitoring equipment,beeping machines, gauze, Qtips, alcohol swabs, EMT's...nothing!!! This too is about a 10x10 space. I remember thinking he was gonna monitor my heart activity by putting his ear to my chest, but of course I was being silly a d he did not. He had a bag sitting in a stained canvas chair and he pulls out a small bag with a mobile EKG machine. It reminded me of the machine that the scientist used to bring Frankenstein to life. I had a clamp on each wrist and ankle and suction cups that went around my boobs. After a minute or 2 the machine spit out asking paper with lines indicating my healthy heart activity. He writes something up, Baez's hubby slides him the money and I'm off to the lab next door...now here is where it gets good. I walk in to the lab and again not a soul is waiting. We walk to the counter, her hubby tells the women what I need and I'm given a cup to provide urine. I'm directed to a rest room. In the lobby.I open the door and the smell of urine literally brings me to TEARS! I was shocked but I dealt with it, peed and went to wash my hands, but no soap. Ok, good thing I have antibacterial gel. Take per to counter and I'm directed behind a wall where I'm met with a woman who already has a needle prepared to draw my blood....I'm like....HALT! Where did that needle come from boo? Those gloves? Did you wash your hands and if so, where because there wasn't any soap in my bathroom. These were all my thought, but I only called her on the needle. She accommodates me by disposing of the needle in a container that I'm not familiar with. Here in the states it's clear that the needles are gone bye bye forever. I see her break a seal on another needle and SWEET JESUS, she nicked her finger in the process. Something that I didn't notice until after my blood is drawn. I could see blood under the gloves. I'm like God, PLEASE LET THAT BE FROM THE FIRST NEEDLE! I go back up to dr's office as my head is still spinning from my ER @lab experiences. They called for my ride from Armonia. After waiting about 20 minutes Dr. Baez and her husband drive me to the recovery house.

What happened on my trip to DR (part 2)

Where was I? ...
Lets see, Dr. Baez walks me into the reception area if armonia and exchanges words with the young lady that came down, letting her know that it was poor client care for them not to send a ride for me.She asked that the driver drop me off for surgery by 6:30 the next morning, we hug and go our separate ways.

Fast forward to the next morning...my sleep was broken because I was so anxious. I bet I didn't get a total of 3 hours. I jump up shower and ready to go. I ask what time Angel ( house driver) would be there and I'm told at 7am. Hmmm, didn't she say I needed to be there at 6:30? Yea, but no biggy. I've traveled enough to know that they don't operate on our time. It's like whenever and furthermore, why get stressed over something that was out of my hands. I never saw Angel and by now it's 8:30. If he came he must have called up and the ladies going to CIPLA went down to meet him. Now I'm getting antsy and Ruth beckons me to come on and we caught a random taxi out front to CECIP. We went to reception at CECIP and Ruth was told that Baez. had no surgeries that day. I couldn't make out all that was being discussed but recognized random words like NO and hermano . Luckily I recalled enough from HS Spanish to interject "no hermano...hermanA" because of course, my Dr. Is a female. I'm told no... Baez I'd a man and that neither he or I am on the schedule for the day!

By now it's 9-9:30 and at this point I'm slowly coming undone, in part because its 9-9:30, but mostly because I had paid Beaz the day before because u didn't want the cash on me, and now my spidey senses are kickin in telling me that I've been hustled. Lol. I can laugh now, but in that moment there wasn't a damn thing funny. Ruth goes back and forth with the people at CECIP and she walks away hunching her shoulders like she doesn't know what's next! I'm like BULL SH*T... you don't know. I've robbed Peter, Paul and Mary to get here and I'm not leaving without my azz or my money! ***sidebar for my Chicago girls...Im a very laid back person, but I was raised in Lawndale before relocating as a teenager. Need I say more? I wasn't leaving w/o my money! To be continued... Sorry to be so long winded but I promise I'll get back online tonight. Gotta cook now.

What happened on my trip to DR (part 3)

My blood is rising to a slow boil at this point. I'm mad at myself for paying in advance because I know better. Mad at the fact that its approaching 10AM and I supposedly had a 6:30AM surgery scheduled.Mad that nobody seems to know who my Dr. is and where to find her. When Ruth and I stepped out to catch another taxi I described the place where I had gone for my tests and we ended up back at the public hospital. We stepped inside and Ruth questioned the young lady at the receptionist desk about Baez. Again, the back and forth and she doesn't know. Mind you, this is the same woman that was there the day before... Not 24 hours earlier. I tell Ruth that I'm going up to the office where I had met the dr the day before. The receptionist says no, that I should wait there. I ignored her request and Ruth was on my heels...thank God for Ruth.lol I get to the office, fully expecting it to be vacant. I swing the door open and there sits Dr. Baez and her hubby. She looks at her watch and asks Ruth why we were so late. They go back and forth and I told her what my experience had been... all the confusion... late start...etc, and that I wasn't comfortable with the public hospital and would prefer to have my procedure done at CICEP. She let me know that she does work at CICEP at times but it has to be scheduled in advance and that she would see if she could reserve a room for the following day (Saturday) and would let me know. She also told me that it was too late for that day and considering all the running around it probably wouldn't be a good idea for that day. She refunded me $2400 of my $2700. Stating that the EKG & labs cost that. I didn't argue the point and went on my way. Then Ruth calls Myra (lady that runs Armonia) who suggests that she bring me to CIPLA to talk with Yilli and Duran just in case Baez can't get me in. Since Duran was my 1st choice before the whole Cabral scare, I opted to talk to her 1st, plus Yilli's office was packed. Duran says that she could do the surgery later that day, but I would have to get new test and EKG because she didn't know the people Baez used. So, I just wasted that $300 basically. Ok, no problem as long as I get what I came for. Duran calls her cardiologist who came in and said that my heart was fine but since I am 40+ and suffer from high BP (controlled by medication) she wanted me to get a electrocardiograph. By now it's 2pm and I have to go to the other side of town and back. I'm then told by cardiologist that its getting late and I would have to wait until Monday to have test reviewed, but... According to Elizabeth Duran was booked and I would have to speak directly with her to get on the schedule for Monday. Only problem is that Duran was in sx and expecting me to be her last for the day. So now Myra is encouraging me to go ahead and get the test and hang out until Monday and get in with either Duran or Yilli.

So to recap in one day I had a late start...a missing doctor... a found doctor...surgery cancelled... paid for test...surgery back on with new doctor... $300 worth of test deemed useless...new test ordered and performed.... additional test required...too late so surgery cancelled...pay for new test and MAYBE I'll be back on with 2nd doctor or just to keep it interesting possibly see a 3rd and get my surgery Monday or Tuesday. Now, I don't know about you all but that was a hell of a lot for me to process. I know this is a voluntary procedure, but a serious one none the less and they play it just a little too fast and loose for my comfort level. I decided to come home, regroup and return better informed and prepared. I scheduled a red eye flight home To top it all off I was pulled in Miami, delayed 30 minutes or so,interviewed and searched, but that's a whole other story. In closing, I have nothing against Baez,but I felt very uncomfortable with the public hospital and I hate that I wasted $300 on tests that I can't use but that's a small price to pay. I'm healthy, at home and planning to return next month.

Clarification on Dr Australia Fragoso Baez

Thanks for all the support during my multiple post detailing my DR experience. Some of you have had additional comments and questions so I figured it was easier to respond in one post versus inboxing you all back, etc.

1. I DID NOT get the impression that Dr Baez was playing games with my money at all. She gave me the option of paying up front and I did because I didn't want the cash on me. The only thing is that had I chose to pay at the time of surgery I wouldn't have gotten stuck with test that I couldn't use, but that's on me, not her. I would advise that you don't pay until time of service.

2. I have NO ISSUE AT ALL with her as a surgeon. Granted, I haven't seen a lot of her work, but I've also only heard good things about her, both here and among the few Dominicans that I asked. She was also very kind, patient and seemed to be very health conscious. My issues were the following:

1- that lab is sketchy at best.

2-I wasn't comfortable with the hospital being properly equipped with necessary resources if there was an emergency situation

3- I felt that she and her husband were a little offended by my concern about the facility and my voicing frustration about my experience.

4. Based on all that i had gone through i dont think they should have penalized me $300. Under normal circumstances I would have made a fuss, but these were not normal circumstances. disorganization is the order of the day there. Yes, this is a voluntary procedure but it's serious business and its unsettling for things to be so lax. Things need to be better orchestrated and communicated.

5-I asked to be rescheduled at CECIP and was told no twice and given no alternative. I interpreted that to be "I don't want to do your surgery at this point".So no, I won't be returning to her in November because she seemed disinterested in accommodating my request for a different surgical center.

In closing, Im not trying to change anyone's mind about her. Hell, I would have still let her work on me if the situation was handled differently, but I have zero regrets about coming home. It cost me some extra money but I can't put a price tag on my health.

I am many things, but a quitter I am not!

Alright dolls, DR round 2...just booked my flight. Bag still packed from last go round. Scared to the high heavens, but praying hard. Wish me luck!

Just 12 more days until I cross over and oh yes I'm gonna act a fool...like a kid with a new toy!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

stay tuned...

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