Hoping That Dr Goico Can Fix Botched Lipo. Dominican Republic, DO

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Had Lipo and BBL done by Dr Yilly in DR. Have been...

Had Lipo and BBL done by Dr Yilly in DR. Have been left with deformed stomach and sides. Dents where too much fat was taken, hills where fat was left behind and scar tissue. Very upsetting.

Have only heard good things about Dr Goico and really like his before and afters so hoping that he'll be able to make me look normal again.

Also wanting to get breast implants and fat graft under my eyes as they're tired looking and liney.

Hopefully my review will be able to help others who find themselves in a similar situation.

Cheers, x

Arrived. Scheduled for pre-op at 4pm tomorrow

Hey there,

I've been super busy working (and working, and working) for the past few months to save up for surgery so now I'm here I'll try to write a bit about how everything has been going so far.

What I'm hoping to have done:

Revision lipo on my: tummy, flanks and back (have now realised that I have also been left with lumps on my back! ...Goodness). Also lipo on my arms and inner/outer/back of thighs and knees and pubis area.

revision fat grafting: my hips are unneven (not sure if you can see in the photos) and instead of putting the fat graft onto the parts of my butt where you need the roundness I was kinda given a pair of saddlebags. Another Dr that I got a quote from before speaking with Dr FG picked up on the fat grafting issues and was VERY surprised- he laughed and said that people usually want saddlebags removed, not put on. He had a good sense of humour. Hoping that Dr FG can remove these and add the fat to the parts of my butt that could do with some roundness.

Fat repositioning under my eyes and some fat grafting to make them look less hollow and to fill in a few of my wrinkles.



I've been in touch with both Karel and Dr FG. At times it's tricky as they're very busy and I sometimes work in areas that don't have reception. A bit frustrating and stressful at times (as was also arranging flights, apartment, nurse and driver) but they're so nice when you do chat to them that it makes up for this.

Been trying to load up on iron and vitamin C; supplements, cutting back on caffeine, exercising, eating red meat (even liver-YUK!), drinking orange juice, eating veggies etc. and not fasting, which I normally like to do at various times through the week as Dr said it can lower hemo so be aware fellow fasters!

I've bought wet wipes as you can't shower for a few days, protein/ meal replacment bars as the anaesthesia leaves me with no appetite for about a week, baby food- fruity variety (again, it's good for when you don't want to eat as it's blended and is full of vitamins- it's also better than snacking on junk and I like the taste), instant golden syrup porridge (it's quite healthy and I love it!), fat free milk, tonnes of water, red meat, rice, peppers, chicken. I'm feeling quite well prepared (in terms of foood/ drink) which is nice :)

I've got some long dresses, a nightie, a few t-shirt, sandles, flip flops for when my feet swell, books, laptop for all my films and tv shows so I can zone out, I've waxed my legs as there's no way I'll be able to get down there for a while (I found this out the hard way last time).

My home nurse is called Isa. I met her at CIPLA (she does overnight nursing there) last time I was here. I love her to bits :) She's really funny, kind and chatty which always puts me at ease. She speaks perfect English and the fact that you can joke around with her so much is testament to how well she speaks the language. This, I think, is super important when you're in pain and need to be able to communicate as having surgery is already stressful enough. I luckily kept her contact and when I asked her is she'd be free to help me out and she said of course. I was super happy as had already asked the recovery houses if they'd be able to send someone and the rates that they were charging were more expensive than staying in the recovery houses... I also wasn't asking for anyone to cook, or wash me etc etc. Last time I had no one take care of me, I stayed alone and cared for myself mostly and was fine with it. But because I'm having a BA and my arms will be weak I'll definitely need some help with my faja for a few days. It's also nice to have a friendly face pop in and have a chat with you, see how you're doing. I told the recovery house that I didn't want much help or time, just a few hours here and there but they were still pricey! Never mind. I'm just please I have Isa. Her partner Charlie is equally as nice, they make a great team. We have spent some time hanging out and had food together as my surgery isn't booked until wednesday (I wanted to get here a bit earlier so i could get myself relaxed as the journey was gruelling... almost 20 hours altogether!!!) and I've been thankful for the company.

I have my pre-op tomorrow at 4pm. Wish me luck!!! :)

I'm going to include some seperate entries about Isa my nurse (and driver) and the apartment that I have rented through Airbnb. Last time I was here a lot of the ladies had a pretty crappy opinion of the recovery houses that they stayed in and the ones that are really nice and also really expensive (in my opinion at least), especially if, like me, you're wanting to stick around for a few weeks. It's an incredibly long journey on the way home and I like to be close to my Dr for as long as possible so that if anything goes wrong I can go and see him. Plus it's nice to have a break.

I would have included some pics of my apartment but had my phone pinched a few days ago. I'll not go into that though as it's seperate from the review and won't help anyone! :)

All the best, xxx
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Have gotten in touch with Dr Goico as his reviews and photos of his work look spotless. Just over 6 months ago I had Lipo on my tummy, back, sides and inner thighs and knees by Dr Yilly as well as a BBL. I've been left with a deformed stomach- leftover fat around different areas, then parts where too much was taken so have dent, and scar tissue. Very upsetting especially since I had quite a nice body before- i just wanted to be a bit slimmer in parts and shapelier in the bottom and hip areas. I'm hoping that Dr Goico will get back to me and say he feels like he can fix the mess that I'm in. I had lots of massages and wore my garment for 3 months each day too so it's nothing that I've done myself. I'm hoping to have the Lipo revised on my tummy, sides and back to fix all the unevenness, then fat grafts to the dent where too much was taken, BBL as I have been left with asymmetry, and Lipo on my thighs as I've also been left with unevenness there. As well as that I'd like to have my boobs done and a fat graft ├╝ber my eyes to fix the tired look. If anyone has had revision Lipo done by Dr Goico I'd love to hear from you as I've not seen any of his revisions yet. It's taking quite a while for him to get back to me so I got in touch with Karel. She seems sweet and responds quite fast (his secretary). She's apologised and explained that he gets a lot of emails and that hopefully he should have a quote ready for after the weekend. I'm really looking forward to hearing from him. I hope my review helps others that are going through the same thing. Being left with deformities is really not nice. Thanks guys, x

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