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Okay so I've been doing research a lot lately and...

Okay so I've been doing research a lot lately and I'm ready to put all the fears aside to get this done. I want to have liposuction to my waist, abdomen, entire back and flanks with fat grafting to my buttocks. I want to have a body like BOOM POW! I don't want to be conservative at all. I want a donky booty lol. (Lord I can't believe I said that lol)

Anyway I am 5' 5" and I'm about 170..with clothes on I look like I have a nice shape, without clothes I look like "who did what and why" lol its horrible especially my back(YIKES)

I was thinking about Salama but for almost $7000 I can get the same look or even better in a different country for much cheaper. I've been doing more research on this then I do research for my college studies. I was debating between MExico and DR. But coming from New York, I don't have time to sit on a plane for 5plus hours, just to get in a car and hop my ass over that border. The DR is about 3.5 hours from NYC and there are some amazing surgeons as well!

Im looking for a travel buddy! MY friend said she would come but she is so wishy washy.(annoying) I really want to go in May because thats the only time I will have time to recover because of school. I havent picked a doctor just yet, any advice would be amazing. With that in find remember I want a BIG OLE BOOTYY lol. I wanna get rid of my waterfall booty (a butt that goes right down into my legs)

Okay ladies i just got my nails done before typing...

Okay ladies i just got my nails done before typing this and they are wet so I'm not caring for correcting my spelling and grammar lol. any who. I am to the conclusion that there are wonderful doctors in both, mexico and DR. I've done my fair share of research and realized that yeah there are some great results from DR doctors but Im not seeing many pictures or stories. The most I've seen are 10 if I'm LUCKY. For me, pictures are very important. I don't want to go into a situation and not completely know what I may come out to look like. Personally, I've found many more results and stories about the doctors in mexico.
here are my main concerns:
Flight and cost
recovery homes
detailed experience.
-As for the distance I would prefer to travel to DR than mexico because the trip is shorter. But the upside is that it is the SAME EXACT price to travel from NY to san diego as it is to travel from NY to DR..Priceline really helps ladies!
-I've seen more information about recovery homes in mexico.
-Since pictures and detailed experience is important, I've seen by far way more stories on doctors such as campos, pantoja, cardenas, fuentes etc. (I don't want to go to a doctor that has 2 or 3 reviews...not feeling that haha)

This is getting long go lord I wonder if y'all reading this lol. But I got quotes from fuentes, campos, pantoja, and cardenas. The lowest was $3600 from pantoja and the highest was campos. I love Campos' results the best so that is who I think I may go with. For lipo of the full back, waist, flanks, and abdomen with fat grafting to the hips and buttocks it is $5345 (yes prices have raised y'all but i believe it is worth it ). This includes surgical fees, medicine, girdle, and anesthesia. I worked out a deal with my mother and grandmother and they agreed to pay for my flight and recovery home. sooo now I have to continue to save up and make my deposit soon.

** This whole update was to basically find out if anyone wanted a travel buddy to mexico sometime in may 2013, yes its a while from now lol but I do everything early. Lord I got carried away Have a great day ladies!!!**

Okay so I will be Sending in my deposit for 5/21...

Okay so I will be Sending in my deposit for 5/21 on wenesday. My deposit is 800. It is 800 because my surgery is next year! So excited 274 more days hahaha

**TEAM SALAMA** Okay ladies, you guys are...


Okay ladies, you guys are probably going to beat me over the head with a stick because I keep changing my mind lol. FIRST i was going to the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, then I was going to MEXICO. NOW I am going to SALAMA in FLORIDA. Im going to make this short and sweet. I HATE FLYING. From NY to MEXICO it is almost 6 hours and I am not supposed to be sitting on my butt for that long after surgery and Im not about to catch 2 or 3 connecting flights -___- And also, I straight up don't feel all that safe going into mexico as I would traveling to Florida. SOOO SALAMA it is. I was quoted $7799 and that includes :anesthesia, facility fees, 2 garments, 2 massages and transportation to and from hotel, airport and doctors office. Salamas work is great. I feel that he does a better job on girls who aren't as heavy so I am going to get down to 150. I just sent in my deposit with Nancy and I am scheduled for July 18th 2013. I picked this month instead of May because I will need to save up a whole lot more. Nancy says prices will keep raising and I believe it because just in March the price was 6599!!! And Salama is booked up until the end of MAY!!! The earliest date she said she had in May was the 20th! So ladies if you want salama, call now, get your quote and lock in a date!
Everyone have a blessed day =]

New date is June 26th!! I found a travel buddy and...

New date is June 26th!! I found a travel buddy and she is a doll!!! anyone looking to travel around the same time please feel free to write me=]] Soon I will complete my list of things I have to get. I should be done making payments by december! After seeing more pictures of ninifernandez on here I get so jealous. I no longer need the wish pix I had before, she is my wish haha.

I don't think I can wait anymore! If anyone would...

i don't think I can wait anymore! If anyone would like a later date I'm the girl you want lol. My date is june 27 2013 and I want an earlier date preferably around March but beggars can be choosers can they? Feel free to inbox me =]

Alright I am a tad bit confused. Salama produces...

Alright I am a tad bit confused. Salama produces nice bodies but nothing that I would get all excited for and drop my drawers for. Hmmm. He gives nice butts but Im not too fond of sculpting anymore. Don't get me wrong, those who have went to him have amazing transformations but I havent seen a tiny tiny waist and a nice big ass with huge hips (hint hint thats what Im going for lol) I feel like these results are more likely to be seen with doctors in different countries like DR. I was looking into Duran but can't find much info and she hasn't provided me with the best answers. The only thing she told me was what was included in her quote and to send 500. I don't know what type of anesthesia she uses, what to do or not to do before and after surgery, info on garments or my stay in the DR. Usually Im the type of person to "wing it" but I feel like this would cause me to die (all seriousness) Yily is def out of the picture, tried contacting Dr Perry got nothing from him and I spoke with Dr Salhauzer but I've only seen 2 results that I loved. What would you ladies do? My dad is approaching its sneaking up on me

Sooo I was pretty bored this morning and said hey...

Sooo I was pretty bored this morning and said hey let me buy my plane tickets. For 2 round trip tickets I paid 415. That is from NYC to Florida. I am not a plane ticket buyer so idk if I got a deal or not. I mainly bought these tickets so I can't possibly back out. Next step is to pay for my hotel. I want to stay in a hotel that is close to the doctors office, grocery stores, shopping=] and a pharmacy. I don't really care for the price. I told my friend that while I'm in florida I will be living in luxury! There is a Residence Inn located right next to the aventura mall. It is 5 minutes from the office and 2 minutes from a CVS pharmacy and grocery stores. This means I can get my lazy ass up and walk to get my medicine and groceries the day before surgery instead of paying for a taxi. For 8 days at the hotel Im looking at is 1600. I know thats a lot but the rooms are so pretty and I feel that it will help make my recovery go by smoother. No one wants to wake up and question themselves if they just saw a roach..just saying lol. I also started dieting. Idk if I lost weight because I don't own a scale but my shirt is loose around my stomach so Im guessing its working. I have a nice shape now from the front but my back looks awful it has such a weird shape. Im crossing my fingers that Salama can correct this. Im losing weight to help Salama help me. What I mean by this is that I noticed that he does better work on women who are thinner. When it comes to bigger women I just tilt my head and sigh.... I don't want to go into his office looking like Ronald McDonald himself has been personally feeding me breakfast lunch and dinner for the past 5 years so I am working to get down to 150 and I feel like Im almost there. Wooot Woot.

Okay I booked my hotel!! I will be staying at...

Okay I booked my hotel!! I will be staying at Hyatt House Fort Lauderdale Airport/Cruise Port for a total of 9 days. I am paying 134 a night and it has 2 full beds a full kitchen and separate living room. I chose this because I want to be able to walk around the room and not be stuck in a tight space for 9 days. so my flight is booked, hotel all I have to do is call Nancy in the morning and pay off the rest of my surgery!

I made the switch from salama to ghuarni because I...

I made the switch from salama to ghuarni because I am more confident in his work. Every patient I spoke to that went to him are so happy with his results. I've seen like most of Salamas patients are seeming unhappy and go for revisions. Also Dr Ghurani is less busy then Salama so I feel like I will get the care and attention that is needed from the doctor! I also feel that Salama does a great job at making the butt look nice and full but I havent seen anything that I liked lately when it comes to projection. Any who, I emailed the wonderful Nancy and Ghurani had my date open so I was able to make a switch and keep my date, hotel and flight!! So Goodbye Salama Hellllllllo Ghurani!

Round 2. This time with Butt Implants

I had my surgery on june 28 with dr perry. At first I was thrilled. I hide wide hips and a huge butt but I lost most of my volume. I must say I am still happy because I had no ass at all prior to going into surgery. I had a dent in both butt cheeks and I want to get that fixed but not with dr. perry. I was looking into Dr. Bass that works at Vanity. I was was sent photos of his butt implant work and I really liked it. I want to do this because it is a more permanent look and I wont have to worry about losing volume. I am being charge 5000 and that includes the implants and fat grafting to my hips.

BBL with Hassan 7/24

I am not getting another bbl with hassan. The first time was with perry and I want to use miriam for my messages again but I lost her number! Does anyone know Miriams contact info??

Bad lab results

I got my lab results and I haven't been cleared. I have a low white blood cell count. Ladies does this mean it's over for me ? I'm going back in tomorrow hopefully to get re tested. My surgery is on the 24th but I'm leaving New York the 23rd. If I go to the doctor tomorrow my results should be in by the 20th. If they are still low I have to see a blood specialist which I don't have time for. Any advice ?!

Update with hasan

I had my surgery on Wednesday with Hasan. He added more fat to my hips and butt. Because this is my third surgery recovery was a lot easier. I came down to Miami by myself and I stayed with a nurse my whole stay which is what I would recommend. She cooked and gave massages daily and took care of me as if I was family. Her name is Miriam landlord. I would recommend her to everybody. By the 3rd day I was able to do laps around Her neighboorhood. If anyone needs a good nurse go on her website
Miami Plastic Surgeon

No longer going to Salama I am now team perry I just can't update my doctor on here!

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