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Just wanted you ladies to see what i looked like...

Just wanted you ladies to see what i looked like before the baby. Miss these days! When i had Beach body! I will be posting the pics I sent to Dr. Yily in a second. When u see these before and after baby pics you will clearly understand why I need the mommy make over lol. All I keep thinking is 10 MORE DAYS until I'm YILY-fine :)

Pics I sent to Yily

Hi dolls! I've been meaning to post the pics I sent to Yily! These were taken in Dec 2013. I have 8 days until my SX!!

More pics!

More pics! The rest of my pics didn't upload...

SPORTS BRA for Breast lift!

Hey dolls; as you ladies know; I plan on having a breast lift and augmentation. I picked up the sports bra from macys today. I read a lot of reviews! I know I will be provided with a surgical bra; I'm not 100% sure if I picked up the right one. Nor size. I got one that zips in the front. Made by playtex. Size: small. Price:39.99 I'll post a pic of it.... :)

Day One

Hello Ladies! By God, I arrived safely in Santo Domingo. I woke up to loud screams and "WEPAS"! Lol. As I strutted in my 4.5" heels to customs I was sweating bullets. NY was as they say in DR "mucho frio", and when I got off the plane it was "muy caliente". I then headed to customs.

**Side Note: Make sure to go get the $10 document twd the right. You have to fill out both documents, then you wait in one line to the right. The two documents are submitted at the customs line. If you don't get the $10 document then you'll get sent back, then you'll have to wait in the customs line again like I did. They will give you a perforated receipt. In the customs line they will take one, and you will keep the other. This will be given to the last person after you get your luggage.

After I got my luggage and exited customs, I was looking for someone with my name. No one had my name up so I panicked and called the recovery house. They gave me my driver's number, and luckily he was there. I met two women during the ride to the clinic but they went to the CECIP. I was own and on my way to CIPLA. MY driver Wilson was very kind & helpful. He made them do my blood work and chest x-ray ASAP. I got the results for the x-ray which checked out fine, but I didn't get the blood work results. We left Yily's office and headed to the recovery House-- Queen Recovery House. I didn't meet Yily yesterday.

As soon as I got there I felt comfortable. The house is very welcoming, inviting, and clean. It's not modern at all, but it's open and spacious. Betty (the house secretary) took my bags and introduced me to everyone and showed me around. Minutes after I was sitting front of a feast! Amazingly delicious. Afterwards I mingled with two women that I met staying at the recovery house. They were very kind. I was so tired I called my family to let them know all was good. I took a 3 hour nap, woke up, & it was dinner time again!

** I'll post pictures of the house later. You have to share a bathroom.

I checked my RS and I got a disturbing inbox about the details of a young woman who died days prior to my arrival-- a patient of Dr. Yily. My spirits were down. The women at the recovery house gave me a lot of love and support and we talked for hours, and shared laughs and hugs. At 9:30 I learned that my girlfriend's flight got in early! I surprised her at the airport.

We came back, laughed, ate my last meal before 12, and knocked out.
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