Duran in Jan the 30th* Dominican Republic !!!

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I'm wondering if anyone has used makeover travel...

I'm wondering if anyone has used makeover travel in Bolivia ? I have had my quote's and the Dr would be Dr.Lijeron`s But I can't find much info on him. I've also been quoted with Dr. Walkiris Robles in Dominican, I can seem to find more on Dr. Robles but not much of Makeover Travel and Dr Ligeron's. I'm planning of going in Jan or Feb and I'm from Canada. I'm excited and nervous.. I will be having a tummy tuck/ Lipo breast lift and implants a mommy makeover. Basically now it's coming down to choose which doctor I would love to hear feedback if any of you had experiences with either

no longer considering Bolivia !! Dr. Robles, Duran or Yilly >?

I couldn't find much information on the Doctor in Bolivia so Now i'm in a toss between Dr. Robles , Yilly Or Duran . I've had my qoute with Dr Robles and now waiting from Yilly and Duran. From what I see all 3 have great before and after pictures but seem's like Yilly has the most feed back on results when I click her name. I'm also wondering Where patience stay too and if any ever stayed at the hotels instead of the care house ?

Ok I got email consults back from Yily & Duran

So i got my qoute from both and I was leaning towards Duran but Yily consult email was so much more in depth explaining eveything! As for Duran there's still more questions I am needing to ask !! Still unsure which one I want ... Feedback would be great

Safety for mommy make over

Ok so it's been on my mind now about how much procedures is ok done at once! I thought id share this link. http://www.realself.com/question/can-multiple-cosmetic-procedures-one-surgery-session

Also wondering about if needing a blood transfusion is receiving blood safe in country's like Dominican ? Im scared of needing one and catching a disease or something! Im also leaning towards Duran and I feel comfortable that she would be able to give me my desired look!

Freaked out

Ok I know it's best to know everything about going out of your country to have procedures done and I tend to google everything.. I know bad can happen everywhere.. But this stuff kinda freaked me out.
But I wanted to share some pages on some deaths in the Dominican for cosmetic surgery. Don;t hate me for sharing this . what are your thoughts ???




Mommy makeover BOOKED WITH DURAN!!!

I'm finally booked with Duran for Jan 30th , I will be meeting up with LittleFlowerLady in Toronto . And flying out together and sharing recovery room. I have to say I'm nervous and scared. I hate flying and I have really bad anxiety with flying and I also don't like to take medications. I've had 3 C-sections and my last 2 I only took Advil and Tylenol no pain meds at all and it was awful pain/. I'm sure having a haul over done on me I will be needing meds but just the thought of something making me feel out of my own body and loopy freaks me out.
I'm glad I have someone to go with as it does make me feel a little better.

Next is flights being booked , and recovery and Hotel for stop over in Toronto.

I'm been peeking at people's pages to see what they have been bringing, anyone want to recommend anything they think I would need just let me know. I'm getting a tummy tuck,lipo and breast lift and implants and BBL.

Also I'm hoping the doctors will speak and understand english as theres medication I'm allergic too which is a antibiotic and its a big no no for me to have so i have a little fear with that.

Wow shocked on how little supportive my friends have been

I have to say I've been pretty excited about getting my breast fixed and this mommy makeover and had told a couple of my friend's. I'm shocked on how they reacted... I'm not to sure if it's just because I'm going out of the country for this or if it's because what I'm having done.
I mean if someone isn't happy with there teeth and want a nice smile... they get braces. I have braces now and everyone was supportive over it. But My breast are a really big bother to me that i didn't even want to post a pic on here as I'm that shamed of them.
The way I look at it is... If someone was given just ONE Vehicle to last there life time... they would take care of it and made sure everything was always tuned up and been getting repaired. Well that's how I feel about my body.. I've had 3 kids and I've nursed all 3.. no matter how hard this year I worked out and diet my belly just dosnt want to leave and my breast are going away to nothing just mostly all skin. This body I will have for life and so what If I want it tuned up and repaired. I deserve this for myself
I was just really hoping the few friends that I actually have would of been more supportive!!!

Info from Cosmed on scars

Dealing with Scars After a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a great way to get rid of the loose skin brought about by weight loss, but there’s one problem: scars. Being invasive in nature, a tummy tuck may leave scars in this area, which won’t be good for your overall look. Even a number of weeks won’t be enough for the scar to heal completely. More pressing is the fact that scars are often inevitable in tummy tucks, as the procedure requires making openings for fat and skin to be properly tucked.

What can you do to reduce the visibility of your scar? Experts say scar management should begin before the tummy tuck. Bad habits such as smoking must be stopped prior to undergoing the procedure, as smoking can complicate the healing process. While scare-less surgeries are not entirely possible, patients can do certain things to minimize the appearance and severity of scars.

Following post-operative instructions can reduce the size and visibility of the scar. Take a break before resuming your hectic schedule after the surgery. Too much activity when the wound is still fresh may result in an even bigger scar. Some surgeons recommend rubbing the scar with petroleum jelly to improve the scar’s appearance as soon as it completely heals.

Trying to get my list ready and some medication concerns

SO in the email from Duran I had a list of meds that I will be needing after surgery I'm not sure if Duran supplies the medications that she has listed there or I need to supply it.
-fraxiparina o mexaprin
-amoxicilina con ácido clavulanico
-hierro (Iron)
Vitamina C, B12
Proteína (ensure)
Lioton gel (heparin gel)
Arnica (tab y crema)

I had taken the list to my family doc My doctor has concerns wit hfraxiparina o mexaprin and said she cannot prescribe it to me as it's abloom thiner and its medication that requires a lot of care/monitoring.

as for the amoxicilina con ácido clavulanico - I'm allergic and that's a Big NO No and she wanted me to see what she would like me to have to replace that.
I've been waiting almost 2 weeks now to hear back from Duran
and I've sent her another email asking her about this . I know I have read from a lot of people it takes awhile but she was soo fast in the beginning getting back to me with my quote and answering questions.
My doctor also wanted to know why the Omeprazol would be inquired ? I believe she said that's a stomach medication.
I still feel like I have so much more question's for her .. I'll make another post for my questions that way I can go back to them if i forget. Mommy brains are horrible with memory!! ANd not to mention someone else may have the answer for me !

As for my list right now I'm researching compression socks/stockings.
I'm kinda lost with what kind, how high up they should go!! I will have a very long flight/travel back to Canada and I'm having multiple procedures done and worried of blood clots! I heard that compression socks help :)
Here is a page I'm reading on it

I'm also wondering do I have to bring my own protein shakes or do I buy them there and what about the water >? I'm sure I can buy bottle water there as I'm assuming the water there may not be safe ?

Ergh I gained weight :(

So for the last month and half I haven't been making it to the gym and my new eating changes went out through the window! All started with my boys getting sick an working on top of it all , no time for myself and being a emotional eater!! Ive gained back almost all the weight that took forever for me to loose and feeling pretty crappy. Cant believe how fast it comes back!!
I hope it doesn't change anything as my results with Duran as when I had heard from dra robles she had told me to loose some weight for nicer results !
Duran didn't say anything though about losing any weight, im going to try again starting monday to hit the gym and back to my healthy eating again... Just hard to get back into the routine again with work and kids and all.

On the better side of things i'm pretty much done nursing my almost 11 mth old!
I was told me another doc that my milk would need to dry up which can take a few months. Mine and lilflowerlady got our tickets , hotel, recovery room booked! I was told me Elizabeth the day before my surgery I need to be there 7am and the morning off i need to be there 630am!

I'm still trying to gather up supplies
Compression socks and so on! Shopping around for deals!!

2 Month's counting down!! Duran doll !!!!

SO I have been quit busy over the last few week's everyone had been sick in the house. I had strep throat and lost 5 lbs in a few days Yaay for that but not for being sick. I had my blood work done just incase to see how it was looking already and My Iron was a little low only at 17 when My doctor said it should be above 20 so i guess I'll start to take a low dosage of iron as I'm taking prenatal vitamins right now that is high is Iron.
Everything else my doctor said is great my memo is over 13 :)

I done some shopping for supplies since I last blogged
I ordered the Harmony Healing kit from makemeheal.com has all my vitamins and stuff.
my compression stocking thigh high from surgical discount.com
I also ordered the tummy tuck scar healing strip off Amazon.
Myself and LittleFlowerlady is wondering about the lipo boards as well if it's necessary to purchase any and if so where would be the best online place to buy ?

I was debating on getting the BBL hoping that the price would drop down a lot but it was only $300 cheaper without it as she said most of the work is in the Lipo so just as well to go all in and have it done.
Has anyone used the make me heal kit? or the scar strip ? if so how did you find it ??

Shipments are in.. it's getting REAL!!! Also looking at cosmetic dental

So i received my compression thigh high stockings 20-30 , I was a little worried on getting the proper size but seems to fit just right. You can check out DiscountSurgical.com I thought I got a good deal, $9.99 then of course shipping!! It ended up costing me $30 but I checked the stores here in my town and the compression stocking were $80 and up so I got a good deal.

I also received the harmony healing kit from www.makemeheal.com and included pictures .

Also i hate water and I heard that were suppose to drink a lot of it so I will be bringing my flavoured Mio's to add to the water which also has Electrolytes that would be good for recovering as well.

Not sure if I mentioned that my Tummy tuck silicone strip came in swell, I ordered if off Amazon if I remember it cost me over $50 and then shipping on top of it. It was the best deal that I was able to find just hope it's worth it as I read good reviews on it.

SO other news My dental Braces will be coming off soon and I need to get 3 dental implants :( It's going to run me $10,000 so now I'm thinking of going to Mexico for my next cosmetic trip , I've been quoted in DR as well but the dentist in mexico I'm feeling more confident in him and more reviews that he would be the best person. I just can't see myself spending $10,000 on 3 teeth when i can go out of Canada and have it done for half the price or less.

The dentist in Santo DR was Jose Alonso
and the one is Mexico is

I would love to have feed back if anyone had any dental work with either of them

How to sleep comfortably after having a mommy makeover and BBL ?

So I'm starting to get excited and anxious for my new body.. I'm wondering if anyone else out there has had the combination of tummy tuck/lipo, breast lift/implants and BBL ? Did you bring anything to help you sleep comfortably a pillow or anything ? any advise would be great.
I'm not sure on all the details on how much sitting on your butt your aloud to do or laying down on it!!


This has been a big shock to me… while trying to figure out my period cycle for Jan if I'll be on my period around that time… Realizing that I have been extremely late for this month's period. I know a avg cycle is about 28 days well my periods are usually around 24-26 days and it's now day 31. I went through 4 pregnancy tests and it's all positive.

On top of it I had booked a Alaska cruise for my husband and I for our wedding anniversary in July, and I can't be on a cruise after 24 week's.
everything is just a mess.. We wasn't planning on having anymore!!
I have my flights that I can use the credit but united airlines will charge me a extra $200 on top of it for changing flights not sure if it can be switched to someones else's name or not.
Thankfully my deposit was never put down with Duran so I lucked out there, I'm not trying to see if I were still able to go and get dental implants done instead of cancelling my flights.

I feel awful… there are so many parents out there struggling to have babies and I', here pregnant and feel selfish for feeling this way .. that I'm upset about not able to get my body not able to do the Alaska cruise.
I've been taking this really hard. I invested a lot of money into everything and now for none of it to happen or maybe years later :(



I had a miscarriage today, It's the first miscarriage I've ever had.
I'm soo confused right now with what I'm suppose to do and why this is happening to me.

I was so angry and upset the weekend and the last couple days I've been feeling ok and happy and excited about having another one. My husband and I canceled our Alaska cruise because I would of been over the 24th week mark and not able to go.

So we booked a cruise for Feb 9th where it would still be in my early pregnancy!!
I still have my flights kept and my appointment with Duran. Now I have to decide if I'm still gonna go or not If I go then my cruise will have to be cancelled AGAIN!!

This just feel's like a roller coaster.. I feel devastated and hurt and awful. I blame myself for this happening for the way I was feeling selfish over the weekend when I found out.

But it made me think to myself.. am I really wanting anymore now ? I know I was upset in the beginning but I was starting to feel happy about it. Could be a sign that maybe I'm not meant to have this surgery at this time or maybe to make me realize that I'm not done and should try again for another baby.
I just don't know what I want anymore and what to do!!!

I spent all afternoon crying at the hospital, I have a lot of bleeding and cramps and I feel emotionally drained. I wouldn't wish this feeling upon anyone
I feel hopeless as a mother of not being able to save this pregnancy. I know I was only early my doctor figures about 5 weeks .. but it still hurts :(

What to do ?????????

This has been emotionally hard on me , I don;t know what to do … whats the next step and what's the right choices.
I had to go and have my Beta hcg test done again this morning and they are now dropped down to -3 :( so the doctor is confirming the miscarriage as it's now below 5 . She said My husband and I have to figure out what we want…
if we don't want anymore then we need to take some precaution.
I just don't know
why is this even happening to me right now .. I'm just a mess!!! A week ago i was planning for my surgery and then days later I was planning for a baby and now I'm back to square one.. but wondering the right options .
I'm looking at these options right now… Nothing has been cancelled for my surgery my flights and all is still booked. If I go and have this surgery there is no cruise for me and hubby time for a long time. and God knows we need this more then ever right now.
I can also forget the surgery for now and put it on hold, and just go to DR and have my dental implants done and be back in time to do the cruise with my husband. But I would only do this option if we decide on no more babies
If we decide on no more babies I don't want to put my body on hold any longer
rather get it done and over with.

Just so much to think about
this is sooo hard :(

What to do :(

I have never felt soo stress, One day I'm leaning towards maybe to have another baby and then the next I think I want to go ahead with my appointment with Duran and instead of my hubby getting snipped maybe just have the I.U.D incase in a few years my mind changes and I do decide to want more. I know they don't recommend spending this money and having a baby afterwards…

My thoughts today are leaning towards going to DR for the surgery and changing our cruise for April instead of Feb. My main concern is will I be well enough for travel and be able to wear my Bikini in early April ? how long did it take you to recovery from a mommy make over ?

Going forward

It's been a crazy Christmas around here , between the miscarriage and my husband throwing his back out on Christmas day.

well I have decided again with going ahead with the mommy make over in Jan, My heart still hurts from having a miscarriage even though I only knew I was pregnant for few days it hurts.

Ive spent a couple hrs on real self tonight looking at before and after pictures, reading people's feed back. I notice one thing though .. I was looking at other surgeons and Baez DR is rated in the Top doctor for real self , But A lot of her patience don't show many pictures.. it was hard to come across someone with before and after pictures only a very few. ANyone know who had a mommy makeover with her with before and after pictures ?

DURAN"S Patience! Please read!!

This is horrible.. this was posted on her page, I guess someone has made up a fake email account pretending to be her! who knows how many pictures this pictures this person has gotten and money from people. SO people please be aware!!!

I attached a pic!!

Durans EMAIL

Lipo and boobs possibly BBL *No Tummy Tuck*

So the last week I have been really stressing.. I decided I was gonna go ahead with the tummy tuck and get everything done as planed but then I started having dreams about being pregnant and having a baby.
I started getting super stressed… so stressed out with not knowing what I should do that I even got in touch with some psychics to see what they could see happening for me or what my angels were recommending me to do.
I can be a bit spiritual and I do believe in psychics

The couple that I had spoken to.. didn't want me to tell them anything and only knew my first name. They both said there is a baby that is suppose to be coming either by someone very close to me but can almost say that it is me. She even knew that I had recently had a miscarriage without me telling her anything.

So to get to the point… I feel better knowing that my angels are letting me know that Im suppose to have another one so I have decided to hold off on the tummy tuck for now until after if we do decide to have another one. I'm waiting on Duran to email me back with a new quote for the Lipo and Boobs done and possibly the BBL.

I just didn't want to put myself through the tummy tuck and then in a few months conceiving and having to do it all over again. Lipo thats fine because the fat gotta go lol
I'm really looking forward to going to DR just needs to find out whats going to work for me at this time. The short pregnancy I had really caused a lot of "what if's' for me and even the psychic said to me that If I go ahead and getting the surgery done and my husband getting snipped that this would be something I would have always playing in the back of my mind " what if '

So girl's wish me luck with everything
I definitely felt like i have been on a emotional roller coaster

Now I just need to find out if everything that I was suppose to have and do for the tummy tuck would the same apply as the Lipo ? Faja and such ??

Question for Duran's patience

I'm just wondering if you got your Hep B vaccines before going to DR ?
Im getting my 2 vaccine and can't have my 3 rd for 5 months which means I won't be fully protected until I'm given that vaccine.
Just checking to see if anyone went and hasn't been vaccinated and everything is fine over there and I shouldn't worry

Also surgical instruments… Just wanted to make sure everything is sterial and looked after..
I would hate to go there and contact some disease , HIV, Aids or Hep or something

any feedback will be greatly appreciated

A couple of the nurse's here seem to be pretty worried and upset that I had made the choice to go over there for this..

Duran's implants

Does anyone know if Duran would do under the muscle ? also anyone that had implants and later became pregnant did it change anything or cause any difficulty with breastfeeding ?
I decided on Lipo, Bbl and breast lift and implants, but my husband and I are planning to have another baby. I had read it's best if you plan on having a baby and to nurse to have implants under the muscle and wondering if she does that ?

Been trying to Reach Duran

Been trying to reach duran now for over a week and Elizabeth for a week now
I have contact duran on every device and email . This is sooo frustrating

Lipo Foam found in Canada :)

after days searching and searching trying to get lipo foam ordered after reading so much good stuff about it. I had to have it!!
All the sites that I came across from other real self members they didn't ship to Canada and neither did Amazon. I called a company who has a distributor here in Canada in B.C . And here is the website
Keir Surgical Estore
and it's called Epi Foam
Hope this help's for other Canadians who has had this struggle getting them as well

Pez Travel urinal

Also had a hard time getting one of these in Canada

none wants to ship
here the link

It came to $18 with shipping

Finally got through with Elizabeth

I confirmed my appointment and she recommend buying the 2nd Garmet faja down there $150 as other's are bringing down the 2nd with them that isn't the correct sizes. SHe also said the compression stocking have to fit right as well and that's $35. SO ladies hold off buying your 2nd Garmet/ Faja's and maybe compression stockings. It's all there to purchase and best to purchase there to make sure you have the correct size. Those Faja's isn't cheap to be buying the wrong size!!
I also have to be there on the 29th, 7am and no eating or drinking for blood test Fun!!!
So glad I spoke to her to confirm.. it put my mind at ease. We also had Daisy from Daisys recovery house contact her where I have been having so much trouble getting in touch with her. Daisy has been wonderful to us so far and looking forward to meeting her!

Well now I feel excited to look forward to the new me. I'm still waiting on the quote though with what I'm wanting done as I made changes. Elizabeth said to contact her tomorrow but I know thats going to be nearly impossible
I said I will email Duran images again and what i would like done .

Anyone know if Duran accepts Bank Draft ?

would better to take Bank draft then Cash
wondering if anyone knows if she will accept it instead of bringing down cash

Duran is HOT!!!

Check out how busy this woman is..
she just posted this on her FB and twitter,

I heard though that she's excellent for staying in touch with her patients after surgery and that's Number One priority to make sure us ladies are recovering well and not running into problems. At less we know the care and concern is with us afterwards

Check out her screen shot of her messages on her phone
I'm sure I'm probably on every message app


Getting close!!!!!!

Well this weekend I will be leaving for Toronto on Sunday for the night and the myself and little flower lady is off to Dominican Republic. A question for those who had Duran.. Did you bring cash or did you pay everything all in advance ? I called the bank down there yesterday so see if they accept a bank draft and they don't, not even a travellers check. I hate having to go with cash on me

Can't believe just a few more days

Well Sunday I'm off to Toronto for the night to meet up with littleflowerlady were sharing a hotel that night and then heading to DR for our new adventure ! We leave early in the morning and get out after lunch. I'm hoping to see Duran that day and get my new quote where I'm not getting the tummy tuck now. At less that way If I need more money my hubby can wire it to me and should have it in time. I picked up a gift today for Duran and Daisy as a thank you! I had my appointment today with my family doctor and everything is good to go !! My blood work is great and she seems excited for me! She gave me my precricpition for at ativan for flying and my antibiotics . She was going to give me my pain medication but the one she was going to prescribe increase bleeding with my anti depressants so didn't want to risk it ! And I didn't want anything that would make me feel loopy or stoned!

My last 2 c sections all I took was Tylenol and advil I refused everything they offered me! It's part of my anxiety disorder that I can't take anything that makes me feel weird!
So I'm a little concern about the meds I will receive down there and that blue pill that is given .. I wonder if that blue pill is just a ativan ?

Also done some shopping today and bought myself some shirts and I loved this black dress but it's very tight on me and it's a medium I'm hoping I'll get to wear it coming back home when my hubby picks me up! I added some pictures as I had a full view mirror trying on clothes . I also lost 4 lbs this week I was worried about my BMI as it was 29.2 and I don't think she will do the surgery if it's 30 and above ! So really trying to get it down. This might seem awful but I just drank protein shakes and had eggs and veggies for supper and drank lots of water and worked out ! There was a day that I took some laxatives to clean out my system and I lost 3 lbs that day ha ! One thing I can't seem to live without right now is my ice caps from tim Hortons. I'm also a fast food junkie and hoping my 2 weeks in DR will be my detox from all this junk. And get me on the right track!

Wifi at Cipla?

Anyone know if there is Wifi that u can connect to at Cipla
I Think that's duran hsp
And how good the connection is

Any one going with JFK flight Delta 495 630pm ?

What a day I had...
Im not traveling alone!!! My anxiety is already up from being all the phone all day and rearranging all my flights.
Due to bad weather today my flight was cancelled and now I won't be leaving until morning and Littleflowerlady and I are on different flights and different times. I won't be arriving until late tomorrow night.

Anyone else on this flight JFK flight Delta 495 630pm ??

I hate having to travel alone :(

delayed in TORONTO

I'm delayed in Toronto heading to New York but they said I will still make my 6 pm flight to Santo Domingo. What a roller coaster this was at the airport just trying to get to my gate !! Can't wait to meet Daisy and littleflowerlady tonight they are picking me up at the airport. Hate the fact knowing my flight there will be over 4 hrs.. did I mention I hate flying and I have wicket anxiety attacks. Hoping I'll sleep most of it . Keep you all posted when I'm there
Thanks for following my Journey

OMG Duran doll today

I got in last night almost midnight. DAISY is so sweet her and littleflowerlady picked me up and everyone at the recovery house has been great. So I came to get all my test done a day earlier and duran told me that she had a cancelation and can mine today If I want. My blood work came back good just waiting on my ekg test.
She marked me up and we talked about what I was wanting and hoping for. She's sweet ! She has made me feel very comfortable . Well I'm gonna keep this short for now and post more later

post op

Ok girls.. If you can't speak Spanish Cipla has very little English . They couldn't understand Alot with my questions and be responding to there questions. Duran is very very sweet. I think it was about 6 pm they came in and told me to take the blue pill. 730 I was in the surgery room. They gave me meds and said it e old make me sleepy and to break normal and had me on my tummy. I remember the pressure on my back it didn't hurt though as they had me numb neck Down. I kept moving my head and they told me to stop moving and the next thing I know I woke up 130 am in my room. These last 2 days has been difficult to sleep because of the BBL and I can't sleep on tummy because of my boobs. I told her I wanted big and she gave me 500 cc and said it would be a double D. My breast done hurt mostly my butt and my back a little. My drains are in my back. She said she would include the mini tummy tuck if needed and my body would handle more. But she said that I was fine without it and my body is beautiful this was in the morning. We'll I'm trying not to lie down Alot but when I stand up sometimes I get dizzy real dizzy. Yesterday at the recovery house I thought I was dieing I was seeing double and soo dizzy but they said it was normal and it's from the sleep medication. I'm going for another nap I will post more later

oh and as u can see there was soon much blood

Ergh hard to get comfy

I know I'm not suppose to lie on my butt for long periods. I'm using the nursing pillow. Bit it's soo uncomfortable trying to get in and out of bed. My boobs done hurt much just my butt and every now and then I get a stinging sensation on my left side of my back. Littleflowerlady had her sergury yesterday and back at the recovery house now and seems to be doing well.

I've been sleeping a lot when I do get up to walk I feel soo drain and tired. Takes Alot out of.me.

I will try and post again later

Ok Elizabeth ignoring my messages

Ok so I'm allergic to certain antibiotics . This is what happen.. I'll keep it short!

I was dropped do at the Cipla.. Daisy said Elizabeth speaks English and will take care of me. While in for my consult with duran I was trying to explain to her that I'm allergic to Keflex. I think she had hard time understanding what I I was saying.

After Elizabeth dropped me off in a different area . Noone spoke English. . I was then trying to tell them I'm Alergic to keflex. Anyways the antibiotics that was prescribe to me has keflex the pharamist said. It's been 3 days trying to reach Elizabeth and duran. What I'm upset About is that Elizabeth seen and read my messages on whatsapp and the same with Daisy. She tried contacting her to. And the B..t.ch isn't messaging us back or has tried to call Daisy. I'm scared I'll end up with a infection and can't reach anyone to get the right medication . ELIZABETH IS IGNORING US!!! DURAN REALLY NEEDS A BETTER ASSISTANT . I understand Duran is very busy but for important serious stuff like this her assistant should be helping us .

5 day post op

I had my drains out today man does it ever feel good. I'm still swollen and bruised . Duran said I can start my massages on weds and I see her again on Friday.

As for pain and comfort.. The boobs are doing well but hard to get comfortable with this butt when trying to sleep. Night time always seems the worse for me. One thing I wish I would of brought was arnica cream. the girls here at daisy said it amazing. The pills don't seem to do much for me. I still look like I was ran over.

I'm. Going to take a nap now and try to update later

1 week post op

Ok one of the things I found that was great and couldn't go without specially in the beginning was the Pez funnel. And I'm not sure how most does the number 2 with the faja on but the hole dosnt seem to be large enough to do it with it on so not gonna risk it. So I have to take it off each time.

Yesterday I felt well enough for a walk for icecream so myself and any other girl and her mom went. The fresh air did us good I think. Ice cream just at the end of this street :)

I'm suppose to start my massages today and I see Duran again on friday. Hopefully my tummy will get more flatter each day but worried it won't because I never had the TT.

It's so hard to sleep without pressure on my butt even when It supported up with pillows I wake up with it on the mattress which is kinda hard. As in pain.. My boobs dosnt really hurt and my butt is just mostly uncomfortable. My drains was taken out on Monday and since then the sharp stabbing pain in my back has been gone!

I'll update again soon

forgot to add

Forgot to add this pic to last post

butt before and after 9 days post op

Duran seriously needs anew assistant

I'm. Leaving to fly out in the morning and was suppose to have my 2nd faja last week . Elizabeth had told me that I had to pay for the 2nd one with the sergury. I'm hoping I'm not out 150 bucks!

Last week she told me to to come back Monday morning for the faja and letter that I was requesting and this morning she didn't remember and of course no faja or letter ready.

What's the point of having a assistant who dosnt do her job! So now I'm. Back at the recovery house and she told daisy she will contact her when its ready to be picked up.

Not a good morning I'm tired and home sick and wanna be home already!

I made it back home

I got back home on the 11th it only took me 2 days of traveling and the kids been miserably sick since I've been home so Ive been very busy. I will try and update in the next few days

I'm doing well :)

Haven't been posting much

Sorry no updates
both boys are sick and it's all about wanting mommy.
M boob around the aerola is getting really itchy and red out side the stitches
I was told not to get them wet and she gave me powder to be putting on them. I put a little bit of polysporne on them to see if it would help. I'm terrified of getting them infected.

Anyone know how long it takes for the stitches to come out or Desolve ? Some part of it is really black and thick just looks gross.
I've been getting massages every day from my husband but I still have bumps and knots how long do they usually stay for ? its on my stomach back and sides I guess from the Lipo
I will post pics below

pic update

Sorry this one didn't load


help indents in my butt

Omg I have indents in my butt. Not sure if it's from sitting on what is going on but it looks like cellulite starting.. any suggestions girls ?

worried I ruined my bum

I've been soo sick.. been 4 days now with the influenza and running high fever . My body is aching like crazy .. seriously the surgery was a piece of cake compare to this! Well I have indents in my bum and my bum is really deflating : ( I'm soo sad!! All I've been doing is sitting and lying on it because I'm sick and still can't sleep on my tummy because of my boobs. I've been getting in a hot bath a few times a day to help with the cold and body aching. I sit on a towel underneath so it's not as hard but I really think the hot water and sitting on it is killing my fat cells. It only started to happen since I've be gain the hot baths.. so ladies have have any of you experience this as well ?

I msged duran and she said I might need to massage it to have it even out but it will also cause it to deflate more.

This really sucks
I just can't go without my baths right now

I also ha concerns with with my boobs where the stitches and scab is. She said it looks out but I need to take antibiotics for my fever she dosnt like that
I'm just so sad today over my bumm and trying to get better
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