29 Yr Old 2 Kids Second Job Plus Lipo - Santa Barbara, CA

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This is my second job, I had kids since my first...

This is my second job, I had kids since my first and my breast were a bit droopy and I wanted them bigger; I wanted to not have to wear a push up bra. So originally I had 375cc and they were perfect. Now I have 700cc and they are what I wanted, but the dr let down my crease on the left side and the implant dropped nicely, but not on the right so it's still too high, and it's 5 months out. I wear a strap and massage but nothing works. I'm angry bc I don't see why he would t let them both down. I want him to fix it but I don't have money to pay any more money.
The lipo on the other hand was so worth it, results are amazing I love it!

Before photos

My before boobs. What do you guys think? Was it worth the unevenness in my boobs??


I'd like to know if anyone has had experience being unhappy with their procedure, particularly assymetry, and what their surgeon said. Were they willing to fix it? Did they charge you? I think it's really unfair because I have all my money to have him so it right in the first place, and I think in my case it was his fault. I don't have any money to get it fixed :( any experience with this?

So my doctor agreed with me

And I am getting a revision on my right breast. As soon as I come up with 1000$. I understand the or and anesthesia but his fee is higher than both!! I thought I paid him all that money to do it right the first time!

Next Thursday

I am having my revision on my right breast. Capsulectomy(sub pectoral reaugmentation) bilateral. I'm nervous from the recent Doctor answers to my last question, but he did a good job on my left breast so... I don't know, I'm excited to have matching breasts! I hope it goes well! I hope by writing this it helps someone; ladies make sure before you sign on with a surgeon what his revision policies are very clearly!

Double bubble

I am also concerned about the slight double bubble on my right breast. The fold was lowered to accommodate the large implant, but is there anything i can do to help release or stretch the old imf? Anyone have experience with this?

I am making another appointment

To see what he says about the double bubble. Not that I have the money for him to correct this if he can. I'm really disappointed with my dr overall. I wish I had chosen someone else. There's just no way to know what the outcome will be.if I had the money I would go somewhere else and have a revision. Is the double bubble that bad to warrant another surgery?


I know it could be way worse, and it's probably not my doctors fault these complications happened, and after reading other people's stories what he charged for my revision sounds incredibly reasonable. I hope he can fix my other breast.

Today is the day

Today is my revision, at 10:30 and I'm already starving and so thirsty!!! Ahh this sucks. Can't wait to have matching boobies tho!


That ambien gives you crazy dreams! I dreamed that I woke up symmastia and it was awful!!

1 week post op

Feeling good, a little sore. I'm worried about having to lift my children that my muscle will construct and keep my implant high. It still has to drop and let swelling go down.


New pic. Progress?

I'm wearing a band

To push down my right breast, but I'm afraid my left breast will be pushed down too far, if it hasn't already.


I am much happier with the symmetry of my breasts. I hope it drops a bit more, though it kind of feels like it's done dropping. It looks a lot better than it did already though


I think I'm getting my stitches out today.


More pics

Found these old photos

Found old photos right after I got my 375hp

And this one

Didn't upload


So I know it's only been a few weeks and it has to drop but the assymetry still bugs the shit out of me.

Another pic

Side view


Updating with pics!


Does everyone with implants get kind of weird looking/shaped breasts when they flex their pecs? Do you guys work out your chest muscles?


Weird it has been exactly a year since my surgeries. The lipo was brilliant. It really takes about six months for the swelling to go down, so you must be patient to see results.
My breasts on the other hand... the double bubble got a bit better but that breast still just has an odd shape. The other one is too high. I have animation deformity, which wouldn't be that big of a deal to me except they go totally different ways! They are too big. I feel like he didn't listen to me. It's embarrassing when you are having conversations and people keep glancing down at them. And worst of all, I so regret that he let down my crease which is the root of all of my problems, and he never discussed it with me. I didn't even know that was possible until I researched it online AFTER surgery. Researched it- he didn't tell me.

It does make me sad, I wish I had the money to fix it.
1)Is it worth fixing?
2)Is it that bad?
3) is it possible to restore the crease?
4) is it possible to try and fix them and have them turn out even worse?


Okay I thought I updated but I don't see my update....it's been about a year post op, my revision helped, it was definitely necessary. One still rides high and one still has double bubble. I have motion deformity, but they go different ways lol. They're a little too big. I feel I could do it again I would get them smaller abd go to a doctor I felt listened to me.

Fuck this

Okay I've lived with them for what a year now? I've given the benefit of the doubt. Fuck, I gave more money to make my boobs semi-match. Never was the possipibility of lowering my crease(es) ever discussed, nor possible complications, such as double bubble, which I have. No more than ten minutes, and I'm being generous here, was spent with me by the doctor. My breasts were even and he let down only one crease? So basically he ran out of time and said fuck it, let her pay to have her breasts match. I feel SO self conscious about my large breasts that I don't even like my husband to touch them anymore. Oh yeah he left ugly messy scars too. It's awful to feel people staring at you, or looking you in the chest instead of the eye. My mother in law is the worst at hiding it. So humiliating! Now I have bad credit, no employment as a stay at home mom, and I'm going to not have an easy or cheap fix. I'm sorry, dr Buchanan was amazing at lipo, I would go to him again in a heartbeat, but with the breasts, I just feel like he really didn't listen to me, I KNOW he did not spend time with me assessing goals or obstacles or anything really


I had a consultation today with dr Neal Handel and his practice manager Lori Stapp. They were so kind and knowledgeable, and dr Handel was basically 100% certain he can help me. I just have to come up with the money, and then convince my husband to let me spend money on myself again ???? I don't want to waste money on this, but I want to feel good about myself while I'm still young!
Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon

he is amazing at lipo, so happy with my results.

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