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I always said I'd wait till after having children...

I always said I'd wait till after having children to have a breast augmentation but when I joined the gym I lost a lot of weight and lost confidence in the chest area as I went from a 36C to a 34B.
my surgeon has advised me to have 350cc, round, textured, high profile implants submuscular (behind my muscle) because i don't have a lot of breast tissue he said they would have a more natural drop and look if they place the implants behind. he said if he places the implants in front of the muscle id see the shape of the implant and they would look like in his own words "a blancmange"
I hope to be a full size C cup, my surgeon is predicting D or DD which is as large as I'd like go as I train and want them to be as practical as possible. I'm a bit worried about recovery time as I've heard it's a longer recovery behind the muscle.

?I lost weight from going to the gym now have...

I lost weight from going to the gym now have little confidence in the chest area. I went from a 36C to a 34B I'm going for 350cc high profile round textured silicon gummy bear implants. I'm going for unders as I don't have a lot of breast tissue and I want a more natural look. worried about recovery as I train and know it's Guna take longer with unders.

Day 2 post op

my surgery was on 11th July at Santa Maria hospital Swansea 9.30am by Dr Richard Kuroo I had 350cc high profile silicone textured implants under the muscle pectoral incision op tuck roughly 1 hour I had two drains in over 24 hours and over 200ml in total came out into the drains a mixture of blood and wash fluid which I'm sure will speed up my recovery. my incisions where closed with glue and my dressing are going to be changed in one week post op and I'll see my doctor the following week 2 post op. I'm not to shower only flannel wash I have to keep my dressings dry. my pain at the moment is pretty minimal I've only take pain meds once today to take a nap. my back has been aching and I found putting a tennis ball in a long sock helps release pressure in my back muscles by leaning against the wall using the ball to dig into the aching knotted muscles. I've used two tins of beans to move my arms around as they have been stiffening up too. my cheats is really swollen and below my nipple I found the skin on my breast is completely numb apparently this is normal as the swelling causes this sensation. here's some before and after pics.

day 3 post op

feeling good today I've managed to wash my own hair!! leaning over the bath and brushed it slowly. I can move my arms quite well can make a cuppa tea. havnt taken any pain relief today as havnt needed it. my muscle on the upper part above my right breast has been twitching and cramping now and again that hurts wen that happens but it doesn't last long. I've been feeling sleepy taking naps. my appetite is really good. I've had a head ache and found out it's one of the side affects caused by the codeine in my pain meds which I've stopped taking now anyway. my back is still aching and stiff from sleeping on it. and the skin below my nipple is still numb at the moment. I'm swollen on the sides of my torso under my arms level with my breasts too. my bra size before surgery was 34B and my consultant said my cup size will be near D/DD so when i bought my sports bra I went with a 36D I found that it fits well and isn't too tight. I bought it from Marks and Spencer's £25 it zips at the front which is good. more pictures they still look really pointy swelling will take weeks to go down apparently for now they just look like rockets ????????

my sports bra

was a 34B so I bought a 36D from Marks & Spencer's £25 that zips at the front

Day 4 post op

more muscle spasms today but not painful a few cramps on my upper breast muscle, back aches still from sleeping, MISS SLEEPING ON MY SIDE!! boobs are stills numb bellow the nipple. the swelling hasn't changed at all. finding it hard to push downwards that hurts below my breast where the incisions are, but I can lift things, carry a plate of food and a cuppa tea in each hand and use a can opener just fine no pain. really happy with them and can't wait for the swelling to go down specially between my boobs my chest is raised and flat.

Day 4 post op

Day 5 post op

few pics and few with my old bra 34B that fit me last week :o

Day 5 post op 10.30pm

my right boob is more swollen than my left. it's so swollen under my right arm that I'm getting pins and needles in my fingers :/

Day 6 post op

right boob is still swollen and under arm is very tender and sensitive had ice on it and it's helped a lot. back to the hospital tomorrow having my dressings changed by the nurse. my hand is still saw and has a lump where my IV was so looking forward to asking the nurse about that too.

Day 7 post op

dressings have been removed!! happy with the scares and where they are. mine were glued and a dot where my drain was. I have to shower with my tape on too. is so nice to see them without my dressings on. nurse told me its guna be 6 months at least till I have my correct bra size. right boob is still very swollen.

28 Years Old 350cc

I havnt gone too big I want to look natural like i was born with my new boobs. I don't want them to turn heads or flag attention just wana feel girlie and feminine. i want bathroom confidence and I feel I've made the right decision to do this for myself and no one else is to blame or have anything to do with what I've done. this is the best decision I made and have accepted that I will have future surgery's too. I'm happy with my new size now and can't wait to get back in the gym and start enjoying the new looking me!! best of luck to anyone who makes this change and who chooses not to. some of us may be very lucky and have others who love us just the way we are, always remember we've also got ta love ourselves too. love yourself love life live life to the full that's it.

Day 8 post op

only have to wear tape on my incisions for now. and my sports bra 24-7 not aloud to start with scare creams yet. seeing my doctor in 9days first time since my op can't wait! I'm so happy and just wana let him how happy I am about everything lol!! my incisions were closed using glue....

Day 9 post op

tried a few bikinis on today ????

Day 9 post op

SENSITIVE SKIN!! the skin under my right arm around my arm pit and the side of my right boob is super sensitive anything touching that area feels like SAND PAPER!! I'm hoping its temporary and just the stretched nerves mending themselves. guna ask Dr Karoo week tomorrow when I see him.

Day 10 post op

taken some pics so you can see my whole profile from the sides too.
350cc silicone gummy bear high profile

Day 11 post op

the swelling is going down well my boobs are firm on top and feeling a bit soft underneath. the skin on the top of my right boob and under arm is still hypo sensitive to anything that touches it. I can now breathe easy now by fully inflating my lungs with no pain or struggle on my chest.

Day 12 post op

so happy with the way they are looking I feel that they suit my size and figure well, know there's more swelling to go down yet though. in my right boob my muscle on the top is pulsing now and again which is uncomfortable and the skin on that boob is still hypo sensitive I heard it can take a month to feel better so just being patient well trying lol.

Day 13 post op

skin still hypo sensitive?? but apart from that every day the swelling is going down. tried one of my dresses on today and was happy to be able to tuck the straps in! few pics lying down too.

breast implants card

this is the only record I have of my implants so it going in the folder where we keep all our important documents to be kept safe.

2 weeks post op!!

their starting to feel soft but still tender. seeing Dr Karoo in two days. hoping he's guna say I don't have to wear the tape anymore. its so sticky and just want to start putting scar cream on.

Day 15 post op

350cc high profile unders
full body shot

Day 15 post op

scars healing nicely seeing the swelling going down. seeing Dr Karoo tomorrow first time since day after surgery!!

Day 17 post op

tape residue removal top tip!!!

Garnier Micellar Water and CottonWool!! it softens the residue and you just peel it off????

Day 18 post op

tried on a low cut top

Day 20 post op

went on the gym bike for 15minutes yesterday and didn't have any pain for trouble. not guna train upper body for at least 6 weeks post surgery. boobs are looking more and more natural each day and feeling softer too. I love the gap between my boobs too hope it stays like that.

3 weeks and 1 day post op

BACK IN THE GYM FINALLY !!! only bike, slow hill incline, lunges and squats with NO WEIGHTS!! on stricked orders no upper body workout least until 6 weeks post op. I have unders and don't want to undo the healing progress I've already made so I'm listening to my body and taking it slowly.

1 Month post op

they softer each day and skin sensitive but not painful. can sleep on my side with pillow between leg and one between boob to support boob that's not pouching mattress.


got measured at Marks and Sparks and I'm a 32DD which I'm super happy with????

95% gym ready!!

still can't do push ups without strange sensation but can do burpees???? so happy with results so far!!!!'

scars are healing well use (KELO-COTE SCAR GEL)

once in morning after shower and once in night after shower. only use a tiny amount and make a very thin layer over my scars. been using for three weeks now. note my incisions where glued shut no stitches.
Cardiff Plastic Surgeon

Dr Richard Karoo was so professional and well prepared for me and answered all my questions before I'd had chance to asked him anything. he covered everything from a-z size recovery infection incision in front behind the muscle saline silicone gummy bear higher profile low etc. the staff at the hospital were so attentive one nurse made me a pot of tea gone 10pm and I was checked on constant. Dr Karoo saw me once before and twice after my surgery on the day and saw me once the next day to give me the clear to go home. he's got great humour and banter and makes you feel so special and treats you as an individual that's important to him and he shows he cares so much. I also had a lovely gift bag of goodies witch was a nice touch.

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