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My lower part was always heavier with a lot of...

My lower part was always heavier with a lot of cellulite, from upper hips all the way down to my knees. I started seriously exercising and dieting in my late thirties. Within a year I managed to drop 4 dress sizes, but nothing could address the cellulite. I felt great when I was wearing a dress but wearing a swimsuit made me nervous. I heard about new radio frequency device called Profound and decided to give it a try. I went to Dr. Gladstone for a consultation and decided to go forward with the procedure. Dr. Gladstone gave me many numbing shots plus injected lots of lidocaine just as if I was having a liposuction. He treated upper mid part of my thighs where the problem was the worst. The procedure took about two hours and was not painful. I felt a little pinch here and there but it was pretty tolerable. Dr. Gladstone used two different handles with different needles. The longer needles were for more skin tightening and fat melting and shorter needles were to address the cellulite and enforce skin tightening. As a matter of fact, I heard a little noise when he was inserting longer needles that, as the doctor explained to me, are designed also for a submental area under the chin. It sounded like a frying bacon... I am not kidding, I heard fat melting... It was a little freaky...
After the procedure, an ointment was applied. I was told to ice the treated areas and not to exercise my lower body for at least two days. Unfortunately I skipped the icing and ultimately paid the price-- I swelled up and bruised. The bruising and swelling lasted a week but when it started to go away, I noticed right away a much smoother, tighter skin where it was treated by Profound. It has been one month after the procedure and I can definitely see a lot of improvement. I was told, I'll see the final result in 6 months. I am very excited because I see improvement even in the surrounding areas that were close to the treated areas. I was impatient and went back to the gym in about 3 days after the procedure and I wonder if it enhanced the positive results from Profound. Now that I know it works, I am going to treat the rest of my legs and my lower glutes
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