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Hey!!.. I'm Jenna, and after being a member of...

Hey!!.. I'm Jenna, and after being a member of this website for about a year I finally decided to start writing about my experience. I have wanted a "boob job" sense I was around 14 and would wear 2 bras to school, thankfully I grew out of that but I still wear padded bras and won't buy them unless they have enough padding (idk what "enough" is but when bra shopping I squeeze them to see if its "enough").

I am now 22 5'1-5'2 and 107Ibs, fairly active (gym 4-6 times a week 1hr of cardio and weight training). I am looking at going for a D, POSSIBLY DD (VS sizes) silicone, under muscle, with an inframmary incision. I have had 2 consultations so far and I have 2 more the next two weeks. My first consultations were fine, nothing against the doctors but they are located in a wealthy area and I am a part time student, and work part time so spending that kind of money doesn't appeal to me. I have decided to start looking for doctors (ALL board certified plastic surgeons) in other are areas that are within driving distance but less pricy.

I am VERY nervous about being put under because I have never had any surgery before.. uggh. Oh well.. it will be well worth it :) My biggest fears so far have been 1. coming up with the money, 2. being put under, and 3. If any unexpected expenses come out of this how I will be able to afford them (bad capsular contracture, a popped implant, ect.) and 4. choosing the "perfect" size, this I have been driving myself INSANE over I am actually doing the rice test right now (300cc's 10 oz. of rice in the foot part of a nylon) and I like the size but not the shape which is to be expected because a nylon stretches and the silicone shell does not lol

I think that enough for now but I will add more after my consultation on Tuesday!!
OH one last thing.. Im planning on doing a BA and Lipo at the same time so my prices may be a bit off because certain things (OR time, anesthesia, ect.) are not charged for both.

Sooo.. Yesterday I had a consultation with a PS in...

Sooo.. Yesterday I had a consultation with a PS in Palo Alto (its about 1 hr and a half from my house) and he was a really really nice man!! I felt comfortable with him and his office staff was really nice too. While we were discusing implants he was very attentive and seemed to be listening to my goals which was great, but I went to see him in the first place because I like his liposuction work and was amazed at how much he could take out of patients who are my size, but he kept trying to talk me out of lipo by telling me I just need to get my body fat down... This frustrated the hell out of me (I almost started crying) because Lipo is my last resort, I workout 5-7 times a week for about 1.5 hours and eat very healthy!! So I dont know what that was about but it was very frustrating for me. The other thing is that hes an hour and 15 away from my house, that means driving home from there after surgery (prob. in traffic which will make the drive 2 hours+) and then driving back down there for my post-op appointments :/ His prices were also a little steep, ($7,340 for silicone, and then another $5,530 for the lipo of flanks and lower abdomen) I understand I shouldnt "bargen shop" but I am 22 years old and a total of $11,500 for the combined procedures is a little much... BUT on the bright side I have another consultation with a PS thats 5 min from my house on Tuesday so im looking forward to that :)

Any thoughts on talking prices down with PS? I posted a question for the doctors on here and they ALL say they encourage negotiation and it isnt considered "rude" but I have no clue on how to even start a conversation about the price.

Thought I'd do a quick update, I asked the office...

Thought I'd do a quick update, I asked the office assistant at the Dr in Palo Alto if they were still honoring the discount from on RealSelf (she hadnt factored that into the quote I recieved on Tuesday 10/30) and the doctor agreed to give me the BA form $6935 (still silicone) :):):) YAY!! SOOO that will make my price go from around $11,500 to about $10,500 so thats nice :)

Also, I will try to post pictures this weekend :)

So I added pictures finally!! and I'm Very...

So I added pictures finally!! and I'm Very frustrated with the comments I've been receiving, because I am writing about both BA and Lipo ill address both.
LIPO- I would not have turned to lipo if it wasn't my LAST resort. As I have already said I'm perfectly healthy, at my goal weight, and have a steady workout schedule. Lipo is not meant to LOOSE weight (ask any doctor) so that is NOT my goal. I simply want to TONE the areas that genetics have taken over (stomach, flanks and bra roll) both mom and dads side of the family have had excess "fat" in these areas.

BA- I have plenty of breast tissue, I know this. However, I would like a more full look to my breasts, thats it.

My money situation has also been a topic of discussion which, I don't think is anyone else's business. But to clear things up, I have no current debt, and have calculated the amount of money I will need to save before the procedure and how much money I will need monthly for payments, as well as the amount of money I will need to have on hand for any unexpected complications.

Don't get me wrong I am extremely thankful for everyone's concerns. But I have tried everything I can and I feel like I'm being more attacked for wanting to improve my body for my OWN reasons, just like everyone else on this site has.

Heyy Ladies!! I just had another consultation this...

Heyy Ladies!! I just had another consultation this morning, and he is AMAZING!! Never knew I would feel so comfortable and calm during a consultation (maybe im just getting used to stripping down and having people pinch and poke me lol) but normally im a nervous wreck and im not sure why lol. ANYWAYS, the consultation was with Dr. Steven Williams in Dublin and (compaired to the other PS ive seen) he was by far the best! His offices are in a NEW building with VERY nice assistants they were all very welcoming as soon as I walked in. The Dr first came in and introduced himself and asked me about my goals for both BA and Lipo. Then he had me change into a gown and he said he would come back with the patient coordinator (Tiffany, very sweet woman despite some reviews I have read). I changed, they came back in with the camera and took a few quick pictures (3) and talked about the areas and my skin elacticity (spelling?) and then he had me change back into my clothes. He came back alone and he asked ME if I had any ?'s (first dr that has asked me that suprisingly) and me being very thorough I had a typed list of ?'s for him (ladies, definatly asked how many revisons of his OWN work he has done) that question shocked him and I think earned me brownie points ;)... anyways after we went through my list we went into Tiffany's office and discussed prices (UGH). My boyfriend and I sat down and she pulled out the quote sheet (not itemized which I presonally dont mind because it listed what was covered, everything except for prescriptions) the price was higher than most (because he is willing to take on my armpit area) so it started at $12,400 (YIKES I know!) but then they brought it down to $12,000 (Still high but if you look at it, its including another area of lipo for $1,500) BUT, he is also 15 min. (with hitting every red light) from my house which makes everything WAY easier :) the only thing we didnt do was try on sizers, which I also dont mind because I already know what look im going for, and a range of sizes, plus thats more important at the pre-op appt anyways :)

So, I just e-mailed the patient coordinator from...

So, I just e-mailed the patient coordinator from Dr. Williams office (where I had a consult. today) and she informed me that the Dr. doesn't use post-op (surgical) bras just a sports bra or top with a built in "shelf" bra... would it be a good idea for me to buy one on my own?

HEYY!! Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL...

HEYY!! Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!... Just thought id update a little bit, because I havent in what seems like forever!!.. As of now im still waiting on my LAST (hopefully) consultation on Dec. 14th with Dr. Mariotti.. Pretty sure I am going with Dr. Mariotti because ALL of his pictures on the website look GREAT and, I have had family members go to him and they all RAVE about his personallity AND work... hate to say it but his prices are not SUUPER high either :D Ill post again after my consult.!!

OH, and the price I have given was my quote from Dr. Williams, not Dr. Mariotti.

I just had my consultation with Dr. Mariotti in...

I just had my consultation with Dr. Mariotti in Concord and OMG! He is amazing! Not only are his prices $2000-$3000 LESS than many of the other doctors I have visited (without sacrificing ANY of the results) he is really nice and made me feel like this IS my decision and discussed ALL of the pros and cons thoroughly and I have decided to skip on getting my upper bra roll done which is fine with me for now... Needless to say I think I found my PS... Now I just need to crunch the numbers and see WHEN I can get this done.. HOPEFULLY still sometime in late May/ early June!!!

SO I have decided to NOT get the Lipo, SO My total...

SO I have decided to NOT get the Lipo, SO My total cost for my BA will be $6,398.00 :) NOW I just need to set the date :) April sometime perhaps?... Still going with Dr. Mariotti in Concord CA :) I am more confused than EVER about sizing tho :/ I need to bring a Full Coverage bra of the brand I will most likely be wearing after the surgery in my ideal size.. I wear VS and their sizes run a little big (they seem to think im a 32D already!!... good JOKE because I barely fill out a 34B!).. so im going between a 32D, 32DD and a 34D... HELP?!

I decided to remove my current pictures but will...

I decided to remove my current pictures but will take new ones later :)

UGGH So I went to VS yesterday because I bought a...

UGGH So I went to VS yesterday because I bought a full coverage 32DD to bring to the dr appt where I pick the CCs and try on sizers.. and I tried it on just out of curiosity and it FREAKED me out how big it was on me (I know its 1. full coverage and im used to demi bras, and 2. I had nothing to fill it so thats probly why it felt soo big) BUT I brought it back to VS to see if I could return the 32DD and buy a 34D thats on sale and IDK what happened to me but I just ended up starring at a 32D, 34D and the 32DD that I thought I wanted to return, I got so overwhelmed and ended up keeping the 32DD I started out with lol.. I just dont know why this overwhelms me soo much, maybe its because I have SOO much time between now and April? Did anyone else have this issue before they finally selected their size?
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