Absolute Failure - Lasted Less Than One Year - Bait & Hook Operation

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After many years of debating with myself and...

After many years of debating with myself and research, I am finally convinced that giving myself an overhaul is the right thing to do. I have no problem at all with growing older gracefully - I do, however, have a problem with growing wrinkled, flabby and saggy. If I may correct this and head into the Golden Years looking my very best, then I absolutely believe that they will be so much more enjoyable and Golden.... !

To this point, working with Pat Marino has been an absolute pleasure compared to representatives for the other surgeons that I have researched. She has been lovely and very prompt to address any concerns without hounding me or spamming me while I was making a decision. I am quite looking forward to spending a week recovering at the beautiful Casa Marino. I've been working myself silly with new home remodels, etc. and the thought of being cooked for, waited on, massaged and pampered is much anticipated. I'd almost go for the Spa Treat alone without the surgery!

I am 51 years old. My plan of action pre-consultation is: lower face/neck lift, mid-face, upper and lower eyes, forehead/ brow lift, dermabrasion to perioral area, a tiny bit of an adjustment to the tip (only) of my nose (which for some odd reason has gotten longer and more pointy with age :/), fat transfers to my lips and any other area that Dr. K feels may be helpful. Pretty much the entire shebang, I think.

I will be heading to Mexico on 24 November 2015. My family has agreed to an early Thanksgiving Celebration and I will be spending the Holidays with Pat and Crew. I am wondering if anyone else is going during this timeframe. Also - do any past facelift patients (with Dr. Koelliker or anyone else) have helpful tips and advice on procedures, special items to take to aid in my healing or advice of any kind? Any vitamins or supplement that I should take or special tips to help my scars heal to their very best?

Excited, nervous, then excited again. Pretty much running the gamut on emotions over here. I have never had surgery. I am not sure what to expect. I am investing a lot of money, and I sure do hope that I will have a good and lasting outcome with no regrets whatsoever. My main area of concern is that many have said that Dr. K is very conservative and I really do want a more aggressive approach. Not quite cat lady but a comfortable mid-point. I have been assured that I may address this with Dr. K on my consult prior to surgery. I don't care if anyone makes the wow! you had surgery remarks. I am pretty much an open book type person, so everyone already knows and is supportive of my decision......

I will keep a journal here as I go along, so if nothing else I will be able to help the next few people decide whether it is worth it to invest your chunk of life savings or not.... I have several friends who call me the Guinea Pig now. Pending my outcome, we all plan to grow Gorgeous and Golden together.

Deep breath now that my FINAL decision has been made and deposits paid. Bye bye little financial nest-egg that I have carefully tucked away. Hellooooo Gorgeous Granny! ;)
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