I'm 65 (almost 66) Facelift, Eyes, Neck and Tummy Tuck surgery done 4/8/15 by Dr Koelliker in San Miguel de Allende, MX

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I am excited but scared! I've been looking at...

I am excited but scared! I've been looking at pictures of complications, yikes! Don't want that to happen to me. I'm going to Mexico in 7 weeks for a 2 week stay, 3 days in the hospital, then 10 days at Casa Marino. Has anyone gone there? Some of my friends think I'm crazy to do this, but then they think that anyway! I need reassurance.

The Count Down

Six weeks to go! So glad I posted, the interaction is reassuring and I don't feel so alone. My friends mostly ask, "Why?" I'm not telling my son or daughter until right before I leave because they would try to talk me out of it. They love me and will be concerned, but my daughter, especially, will disapprove. I am doing this for myself after serious consideration. My hooded eyelids actually make me tired, holding them up, but apparently not bad enough for insurance to cover. Anyway I hate my profile, what happened to my chin? Also, I prefer having a PS with artistic inclinations and excellent reviews!
So, I think I'm ready.

Re: Tummy Tuck

I realized I haven't addressed the TT. Just haven't the heart to post pictures of my flabby tummy! I am afraid of the post op pain. Thankful for Casa Marino Spa Recovery since I will be going alone and feel I will be cared for after leaving the hospital. Time is going too fast and too slow!!!

Post op travel.

I would like to hear how the trip home after TT and FL in Mexico is. I will have a gruelling 11 hr trip, including 1 stopover, to Seattle, where I will spend the night before driving another 100+ miles home. I will be alone,so I am hoping I will be sufficiently recovered at 13 days post op. Feedback please!

Just a little more than 2 weeks to go!

I will soon be lifted and tucked! Busy trying to get packed and arrange things for my 16 day absence. I'm going to miss my baby, Muffin, I'm having my grandson house and dog sit while I'm gone. That's a bit of a worry, but he's done a pretty good job for me before.
I'm going to be busy until I leave, my lovely 10 year old granddaughter will be coming on Friday for spring break. I arranged my surgery for right after her visit.
I was going to post a picture of my TT pre- op, but I just can't do it. I'm not as brave as some of you fearless women! Instead I'll post one of Muffy, she's much cuter than my jelly belly!
Just writing this has my stomach in a knot! Can't wait for this waiting and worrying to be over..

Dr Koelliker

All I read about Dr K is positive, THAT IS ESSENTIAL TO KNOW! I am so happy this site exists, it is so reassuring.

I did it!

3rd day post op! Wouldn't exactly say beautiful yet. The pain was certainly not as bad as I expected. I am so happy it's done. Dr Koelliker is caring and an excellent surgeon. I highly recommend him. I just arrived at Casa Marino recovery spa yesterday and it is lovely. Now getting that horrible head support off today, I hate that thing! My surgery buddy who had hers 1day before, makes this more tolerable and I can also see her 24 hr progress, which is encouraging. Although, it seems to me she is progressing faster!!
Slowing myself down is a bit difficult.
For a few hours yesterday, my vision was blurry and having frequent ice packs to eye area, makes some audio entertainment availability a good idea. The TV pickings were slim at the hospital. Casa Marino has hundreds of movie choices. I will post my 1 day pic.

1 week post FL, neck, eye, lips.

It's been one week! My photos didn't post on my last update. I will try again. I have only had one bad day, the 3 or 4th PO day,with TT pain, but that was quickly rectified with ketorolac. Also got an Rx for Tramadol, but haven't needed yet. Other than that the dermabrasion has been uncomfortable or mildly painful. I have a low pain tolerance, so I have been pleasantly surprised!
Dr Koelliker came to Casa Marino yesterday, to check on us & removed my eye sutures and TT drain, yay! I'm so pleased with the results, and will get even better when swelling and bruising are gone. I have a waist again, can't remember where I lost it! My bellybutton is an improvement, my tummy is flat.Thank you, thank you Dr K! Also,thanks to wonderful Fabiola, could not have managed the compression garment alone. It's so nice to be pampered and cared for. Personally, I love Casa Marino and Pat is fun and helpful.
My new BFF, went home today. ???? We had an enchanted evening last night, we went to Luna, a rooftop tapas bar (no I didn't have any alcohol), at the beautiful Rosewood Hotel, the food, view, and ambience were to die for! This is such a beautiful town, I just love it! The prettiest place I have ever been. Flowers everywhere, including hundreds, maybe thousands of Jacaranda trees. The architecture, especially the churches, is amazing.
Whoops, got sidetracked.

Better and better! 11 days post op

I'm leaving Tuesday, mixed feeling, I truly love it here, the city, Casa Marino, and of course my doc! Pat is a doll and goes out of her way to make sure EVERYTHING is going well and to your satisfaction.
The temp has been perfect, mostly 70-75 with a couple days in the 80s.
I had a couple of mostly sleepless nights, consequently felt like shit. That was rectified when Dr K came and gave me an Rx, how I feel very good! Even if I overdid the exploring yesterday. I had to see the Parroquia de San Miguel! Silly me, spent all my pesos, so had to walk back. It's not that far but with the TT and FL, it seems so. I rested a couple of times, luckily there are benches everywhere. I felt very safe, all the natives I've met are helpful and kind. I speak very little Spanish, and can never remember when I need it. I do have an expressive face and am good at gestures, so I get by! I'm the only one left at Casa Marino today, and so have been, even more so, treated like a Queen. Hmm, Queen Terry, what do you think? Maybe I'll go by your royal majesty! I like it!
Miss you Kathy, my new BFF!


Forgot the no makeup pic, also some of my room.

2 1/2 weeks!

Lovely to be home. Got home on the 23rd, 10 pm, happy dogs, clean house, love my grandson!
Can't believe I haven't posted for 6 days?
Is I'll have bruising and swelling but less. Oh, I forgot to mention, be careful with your earlobes! The night before I was to have sutures removed, I pulled a terrycloth headband off, kinda stuck on my earlobes, tore the sutures through! Whoops! Hurt a bit, but I was still hoping everything was OK, the bleeding should have clued me in! Had to leave with 2 new stitches in R and 4 in left. What a dumbass!
No pain, some mild discomfort. Still messed up on the sleep schedule, using Rx. I'm hiding out at home as much as poss. for a awhile.
Per request I'm posting some TT photos.

more updates

Change is slow now. Still slight swelling L side, eyes healing but look slight different. I know it will go away. Not comfortable yet for people to see me.
Next week?

3wks 2days

Progress seems slow now. Still have some bruising and redness in dermabrasion area. Make-up does wonders, still don't like to put on eyes with tiny bit of scabbing. My bellybutton is redder than it was a couple of days ago, maybe from last sutures out? Earlobe sutures out and they are fine.

one month!

Not much change. Feeling strong, have to remind myself about the 5# limit, I have to cheat a little, but trying to be good. The other night after emailing with my x man, ( 20yrs divorced, concerning some of my portion of his pension, we were together 25, he doesn't think it's fair that he has to share.) I was so pissed off, I mean I have to be so nice and
reasonable, so he doesn't give me a harder time. Good thing it was e mail, I spent more time editing then writing! So, I finish and go stomping off towards the kitchen, light off, tripped over my big dog and fell hard on my R hip and knee. Doesn't seem to have effected TT or face, thank God! I must learn to be careful!!
I've been telling a couple people everyday about my FL, but keeping my TT a secret, don't know why! Seems more private. Speaking of TT's, my niece had a cook out on the beach this evening, first of the season, the weather's been so nice. I made a large potato salad, at her request. Then of course I ate a hamburger, watermelon and a fair portion of the potato salad, forgetting with my IBS, it makes me bloat. So, we're sitting around the fire talking and watching the kids, having a good time. About 30 min late . I am getting so uncomfortable, so headed home. OMG, I sincerely thought I was going to burst! Laid on the couch and ripped that compression garment off as fast as I could. Then took a couple gas x, which helps me more then the Rx med. It's been an hour or so and just getting comfortable. I would love to soak in the tub but not until 8 wk per my doc. Guess I'll go take a shower, gonna wait a bit before I put the CG on. Ugh.

Will be 6 weeks on Wednesday.

Everything seems to be settling and I'm going to try to do side by side before and after. Very happy with my Dr Koelliker experience. Had a couple of down days last week, not sure if it's post op related or just general life/family stressors. Sheesh, sometimes I just think I attract chaos! But I will be fine. I'm good at bouncing back, sometimes just takes longer depending on the situation.

trying to get before and after better positioned for easier viewing.

Post above.

3rd time's the charm?

Almost 6 wk. Before and after.

I love my results and Dr Koelliker. Had a great experience, (well, except for occasional discomfort and insomnia, but that was taken care of by Dr K, ASAP), the hospital is small but well equipped, very well staffed, you have 2 board certified PS's and an MD anesthesiologist in the OR. The nurses are great, although some don't speak much English, we managed to communicate fine. I absolutely loved San Miguel de Allende, it is so beautiful. Couldn't complain about one thing at the Casa Marino Recovery Spa, Fabi and Pat go out of their way to care for, comfort, feed and entertain you. The Casa rooms are pure comfort. I had a beautiful room with a private patio, an electric recliner, a large screen TV with Netflix, there are also several hundred DVD's to choose from, Greg, Pat's husband is a movie buff. Dr K visited me at the Casa 3 times in my 10 day stay. Included the incident where I foolishly, accidentally ripped the sutures out of both earlobes and had to have them redone just when they were due to be removed. That's the only time I saw him frown! The lobes were numb and I use a headband to hold my hair back when washing my face and just kind of forgot to be careful, boy did I feel dumb! It's all good now. At this point, almost six weeks I'd give him 10 stars. I kinda wish I'd had a bit of a brow lift, but when he asked I adamantly said no! Oh well, now I have an excuse to go back at some point! I would have loved having more time to explore San Miguel as I had to take it easy with the TT. I am one happy camper! I highly recommend Dr Koelliker, if you want a natural looking refreshed look. If you want something more dramatic go elsewhere! This is exactly what I wanted....

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