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All I wanted out of this was a neckline again. I...

All I wanted out of this was a neckline again. I knew liposuction would not be enough for me. My local doctor charges $9,000 for a neck lift, so $6,900 for a full face lift sounded pretty good to me!

I paid an extra $3500 for a breast lift, and I was told I needed to stay at Pat's recovery house an extra four days for the breast lift. But when I arrived there, I was told that that would be too much surgery, so used that money to pay for a nose tip reduction ($1,400 - had to do it separately because supposedly my blood pressure went to high during FL procedure and had to pay $1400 instead of $700. Odd, as I've never had high blood pressure). I see no difference in the nose tip whatsoever), a little lipo at arm pits, and an upper lip fat injection that totally didn't take at all, and I still have a big bruise on my abdomen from where he harvested fat for this.

Why did they tell me I could have a breast lift and facelift at the same time? Because they knew I would spend that money on other things! Crooked! And when I asked pat to love I to the suite for the three days my friend would be visiting, she booked me for the suite the entire time, plus another $100 each night my friend stayed. And I should not have even had to stay there hose extra nights, because those extra nights were for the breast lift that I couldn't have.

I have massive scars in my head and on the back of the neck. I am happy with his upper bleph work, but that's it. I have some 45 comments from doctors on this site telling me the scars are the "easy" way to do a facelift, and not the best way, and they're places in the wrong places, and there is way too much tension, because he didn't do them right.

But what's the worst for me is that I still have this horrible, full neck that I found it so hard to live with. He didn't address the lax muscles beneath my skin. He only performed lipo on my neck. I could have had lipo on my neck done for a lot less time, money, and scarring. His practices are out of date and as cheap as possible - just like Pat. Pat is after your money and could care less about you. Period.

$6900/ Facelift (upper, lower, bleph)
$1500/ nose tip
$600/lip fat injection
Small lipo area (not sure)
Thousands to Pat for rent $300/night - four nights I didn't need to stay, as they told me I could have a breast lift but would have to stay four extra nights, but when I got there, they told me I couldn't.

One week post-op

At one week post-op, I was very pleased with the results, and hoping my chin would flatten even further. My chin got much worse after week three, when the swelling in my face went down. I waited three months to be sure that it wasn't residual swelling. I obviously didn't *want* to have to leave a bad review. I wanted to write a wonderful, glowing review and be happy with my procedures for the next eight years or so. I didn't have to write a de view at all, but I feel it my duty to share my experience and my disappointment.

Letter from Pat Marino (so you can see how full of it she is)

On Jul 21, 2016, at 12:10 PM, FACE LIFT MEXICO wrote:

From Pat to Me: I am attaching these before photos in case you dont have them. Try to use them to compare, some family members dont see a difference after; until they see the before photos / then after photos ...it is a strange phenomenon...but when seen together they see the difference. Wow, I think you look amazing, much younger and love the nose refinement; especially the improvement in the profile, neck area it was a straight line from chin to collar bone, now after.. you have a 45 degree angle for profile which is his aim for neck lift. (a few more pounds gone will help too) I think you are still swollen and you will see improvement. The SMAS work he did (raising the cheek muscle) took care of the nasial labial line which is very slight now in the after vs. the before .... it is normal and natural to have a little nasal labial line. It takes 3 months before you will see a clear picture of your results. Please be patient, I know easy for me to say :)....but I have been through this twice and each time I felt the same. The red suture lines on your eyes will turn white and be completely gone also ....I think you look awesome.

Please keep in touch and thanks so much for the photos; I will forward to Dr K.


CEO & Founder

On Fri, Jul 22, 2016 at 8:13 AM, From Me to Pat:

Thank you so much for the reassurance and the photos, Pat. It does help.

I do think I look much better, and I'm sure the scarring will continue to improve. Dr. K. did a wonderful job on my nose, and It looks so much better! I'm so grateful to all of you for helping me make the decision to go through with it. The earlobes have been a bit problematic, but The revision turned out great! I think the doctor did excellent work, overall, and I am very happy that there were no infections or hematoma.

Is it standard practice for a neck lift to be at a 45-degree angle? I guess I would have liked to have known that, and I would have requested a flatter neckline. To me, it still looks way too double-chinny, but I hope you're right that it is swelling and it will go down a bit. I still hate my profile because of it :( This was the most important issue for me, and how this whole process got started (I was only thinking about chin lipo in the beginning, but found out that that wouldn't be enough). Yes, I notice a great improvement, especially from the front view, but I still dislike my profile. In other before and after photos I have seen, I have seen great improvement. I guess that's what I was hoping for.

I think another part of the problem is that I don't have much hair to hide the scarring. Nothing you guys can do about that, though :P I am taking my pills and thinking of getting more, though I always seem to miss the lunch one.

You all took very good care of me, and I really appreciate it. And thank you for checking in on me.

I'll give the chin/neck issue some more time before I write a review.

Thanks again for everything !

From Pat to Me: I wanted to answer your question...is is standard practice for a neck lift to be a 45 degree angle? Well, this depends on the physical anatomy of the patient. Some people have long skinny necks and some people have shorter wider necks so this determines how the surgeon can change or improve the neck. The 45 degree angle can only be achieved to a point depending on the anatomy . I am sure DRK did the best for you...and know a little weight loss will help and a little more time for swelling to go down. If you dont feel comfortable writing a positive review for DR K we will understand and please just do not write a review. But, WOW, I think the improvement is awesome and certainly the care and compassion you received by our team is something money cant buy. Not to mention, you did have a cosmetic surgery vacation in magical SAn Miguel de Allende. Please keep in touch, plan atleast 3 months in advance when you are ready for your breast procedure.


CEO & Founder


Hi -----: I am assuming you did not get the attached Welcome Home letter...since I did not hear from you . I hope you remember I was just getting over a bad flu when you were here. It was a pleasure to meet you and I know my husband GREG and Fabiola took good care of you even though I could not spend as much time with you as I would have liked... BUT, now I am resending this letter attached explaining Dr K's policy on your post op results...if you are not 100% happy , since he obviously did not discuss this with you prior to your departure; I usually do that in person...he will RE-DO your neck lift at no cost within 6 months.

PS: I have read your Real Self review and I wish you had contacted me ...your feelings are totally understandable and I did not abandon you. The attached letter was sent; but as I remember we used several emails and now I am sending this to all email addresses I have for you to be sure it is received. Please let me know this email is received and I know we can take care of your concerns . Our concerns are for your safety and comfort. I did more than once remind you that DR K would have the final say on performing the combined surgery plan...safety first .

Sending a big hug and I am sorry you did not get the attached letter sooner.


CEO & Founder


Pat Marino,

Welcome home: We hope your return flight was a good one. I would appreciate please an email telling us about your recovery process. If you see ANYTHING ABNORMAL, LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY by email. Remember your surgeon probably used some absorbable sutures. Consider this before you think a suture might have been overlooked.

30 DAYS AFTER SURGERY PLEASE EMAIL PHOTOS ...These PHOTOS ARE VERY HELPFUL. We will email them to your surgeon. (from neck down for privacy areas please.) Be patient, Facelift procedures will take 3-6 months for the healing and swelling under the skin to go back to normal, and the feeling to resume. Liposuction, BREAST WORK AND TUMMY TUCK REQUIRES 6 WEEKS BEFORE YOU CAN LIFT ANYTHING OVER 5 POUNDS. Do not resume heavy physical activity for 4- 6 weeks; you can be the judge. Jogging, golf, etc is best at 6 weeks. One side of your face may go down more quickly than the other; giving an uneven look; or one eye may look smaller than the other due to swelling. Don't worry it will all looking normal within a few months. BE PATIENT- SOON YOU WILL BE ENJOYING YOUR YOUTHFUL NEW LOOKS. BE SURE to contact our office or your surgeon if you have any questions about recuperation.

In the unlikely event, there is any post-operative problem call OUR OFFICE or your surgeon BEFORE you have any treatment ! YOUR Cosmetic surgery should be assessed by a cosmetic surgeon only..... not a G.P. or dermatologist.

Dr. Koelliker GUARANTEES his WORK. In most cases you can fly back within 6 months and he will take care of the problem free of his FEES. There WILL be some charges if you have to go back in the hospital.

Try to take it easy for another month (swelling may return if you over-do) and remember to stay out of direct sun for 2-3 months after a facelift wear your hat; with lots of sunscreen. The suture lines may darken if they get direct sun. If you had the lip dermabrasion use zinc oxide if you are in direct sun for 6 months.

IMPORTANT: After facelift, remember your instructions from your surgeon to start MASSAGING your face gently with fingertips, 3 weeks post- op. This helps tremendously to bring the feeling back more quickly . Don't worry it will all return to normal soon.

PLEASE do not give your surgeons email address ...to ANYONE. They prefer all NEW patients to contact our office; he does not have the staff to answer emails, except of course from YOU.

We would be pleased to have you refer your friends to us.

I Hope you will email some after photos soon.

Looking years younger as my friends told me I did, after my first visit for my facelift in l994 to the magical place, San Miguel de Allende. I never post photos without permission. Thanks for posting your comments on Real Self. It was such a pleasure to have you here at the Club. You were a delightful guest


How very ODD that she demands that we do NOT email Dr. Koelliker or post his email address anywhere. Can I post his email address here? Not sure why I would want to. I don't want anyone to go to him. I do almost feel sorry for him, though, but I feel more sorry for me, as I could have used that money to pay my car off!

What a difference!

I just spent $12,000 to fix the "facelift" that Dr. Koelliker supposedly gave me, on top of the $15,000 I spent to do it in Mexico and stay there. Don't do it. My doctor here said not to count the facelift in Mexico, as nothing was done. He said he was expecting to find scar tissue, etc, due to a SMAS facelift, but there was NOTHING done under the skin. I am day 10 post op now, and the difference is striking. And I can FEEL that he tightened the muscles under my skin, and also cut out a huge fat pad in my neck that DR. K. should have attended to.
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