Have Textured Silicone Implants with Rupture, Having Explantation and Capsulectomy - San Luis Obispo, CA

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Twenty three years ago a boyfriend paid to have...

Twenty three years ago a boyfriend paid to have these put in as I was a 34A and always ashamed of my flat appearance. Now many years later after becoming sick with cfs and fibromyalgia, brain fog, memory loss and autoimmune disorder have decided I must get them removed. Do not know the cost though have been disabled for all these years because of these implants. My PA does capsulectomy, however have been told I need to have a pa do en bloc procedure to get it all out in one sweep so the silicone doesn't spread and stay in the tissue after being closed up. I am concerned that illness will still remain although I can't afford to go across country to find an en bloc surgeon. Has anyone here had this done this procedure and gotten healthy again? Would love to hear some feedback. I am fearful of being flat again and still sick.

With implants a C cup with rupture. Will I sag? I was an A cup and this was done 23 years ago?

I can not see ps until Aug 21st and then will have to wait for a surgery date in the hospital. He does capsulectomy but not as far as I know the en bloc. I have been ill for this entire time with cfs, memory loss and cognitive impairment

Detox and supplements with silicone removal?

I have been reading a lot of info on doing a detox diet if you have silicone implants and have been ill with auto immune disorders. Anyone here just been explanted and gotten better without an extreme diet???

With silicone rupture is diet necessary? Anyone get healthy again??/

Being ill for 23 years and it appears to me finally that it may be because of implants...I'm a little slow and have been in denial but duh....now I have rupture on right breast and pain in both. Has anyone on this site just gotten healthier by eating right and not dietiing? I see all of this information about detox diets and supplements one should take. Would love to hear from anyone with autoimmune diseases like CFS if they got better after explantation.

There is a cancelation at PS so I get to go in tomorrow instead of waiting for the end of August.

There was a cancelation and I get to go tomorrow to meet with Dr. Hosn and review his surgical procedures. I am praying that he does en bloc, I know he does complete capsulectomy at this point. My initial consult wasn't till Aug 21st so I am thrilled with this news, My sister who is moving to Kentucky in two weeks will go with me which is great as this is the PS who reconstructed my young niece misshapen breasts and they look totally perfect now with his surgery and came highly recommended. I have a lot of questions for him and am very excited to think I may actually get better physically and get some of my health back again. Thank you all who listen to me and send support this site has been a God send and all you wonderful women. xx

Wally Hosn, MD, PS in San Luis Obispo, Ca does en bloc!!!

Just returned from an hour and a half consult with one of the most thorough and sweet doctors I have ever met. He went in depth with me starting from reviewing my chart and giving me a clear idea of what he would do from beginning to end of the surgery process and to boot was concerned not only with the rupture but also about the fact that I have had CFS for all this time that he thought removing the implants could also affect my health in a positive way. Did not give the speech about implants not causing possible health problems, thanks God! Anyway I will hear from their office tomorrow about a surgery time which will take place in one of the local hospitals probably in the next couple of months. He first is going to consult with my other physicians and also have me do a complete physical and possibly another MRI to check the tissue. I am 100% pleased with his approach and his detailed analysis of my case and his kind and caring approach. As I mentioned before he did reconstruction surgery on my eighteen year old niece with excellent results. Just wanted to keep you all updated and thank you all for your support and information which led me to the right decision about doing this.

New surgery date of October 1st at 11am

Hi everyone, well even though I have a rupture the doctor wants to wait and have me in the hospital in October rather than surgery center in August cause of health concerns, maybe my age. That is alright with me as October will be here soon and that way my sister can fly out from Kentucky to be with me and spend some time together which will be wonderful.

Surgery date is October 1st!!!

I finally got a schedule and an explant date with Wally Hosn, MD. He is going to take Medicare which I have been on for years because of implants. I am next to positive that the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is due to the implants and it took me years to get out of denial about it and a lot of wasted time but hind sight is 20/20 and better late than never. I will have surgery at hospital in San Luis Obispo and spend the night there. I guess because I'm over sixty he wanted to be safe and have me there instead of his surgery center of which I am relieved about even though I have to wait longer with this rupture I will feel more secure in that surrounding. He will do a en bloc whole capsulectomy with drains for a week. No lift or anything else so will be afraid to look down at my chest that first day, it will be a shock but I am totally ready to have these toxic bubbles out of my body. My sister will be flying here from Kentucky for a few days to help me out and am so grateful plus she is helping me with the extra charges that Medicare doesn't pay for. The insurance covers 80 percent because of rupture and leak. That is another reason I waited so long because I didn't have the resources to pay for an explant until now. I am looking forward to having them gone and am in acceptance about however I look afterwards. This site has been tremendous in support, encouragement and information and I thank you all and will keep you updated with photos after the surgery. Blessings

Does anyone know of interns who do explanting for those who can't afford it?

I see a post here from a woman who has had implants since 1979 and she has not the finances to pay to have them out. Heard that there are some interns who will do for free. Does anyone know anything about them or where they are? There are so many woman who are in this position and it is important to pass on any information we can glean about free removal to them. Thank you!
San Luis Obispo Plastic Surgeon

He is awesome, so thorough kind and caring, he makes you feel like you are the only patient he has. He understands CFS and autoimmune disorders and the fact that sometimes they can be a culprit of implants which was a total relief. Also he does a complete capsulectomy en bloc and went in depth with me on the procedure from beginning to end. He wants me to get a complete pre-op workup with my primary care and possibly another mri. He is getting a hold of my other physicians and working with them as a team effort on my surgery and support. I can not say enough good things about him and I am fortunate that he is just a half hour away. I am feeling very blessed and grateful to him and all the people in this group.

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