Why aren't Hegg BBL Sisters more supportive? Where are they???

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So, I've been busy preparing and living that I...

So, I've been busy preparing and living that I haven't had a chance to post on this site.
My search for a booty began last year though my want for a booty has been since birth...lol.
I started researching doctors and ultimately decided on Dr. Hegg.

I first called his office in Feb. 2012 and spoke with Patty the front desk coordinator who stated that she couldn't even schedule me because he was full through July - even for a consult!!! I was told that I would be put on a waitlist. Nonetheless, I called every week in hopes that someone would cancel. By, late April I actually was a bit embarrased because I thought gee I am really buggin...hahaha but, I was determined and kept calling. It was until May that I got a call from Patty that someone had cancelled. I did some quick maneuvering and headed down to San Leandro.

I must say I’d never been to San Leandro, it’s not exactly the cutest little city. It is right next to Eden Medical center which the doc is affiliated with. Ladies be sure that when you do research your doctor is board certified, affiliated with a hospital(s) and has no malpractice suits. Dr. Hegg passed with flying colors. I love that he is literally less than a block away from the hospital – they share the same parking lot!!!

Anyhow, his office was nice and clean. When I met him it sealed the deal. Dr. Hegg was so informative, was thorough, explained his technique, and was extremely caring. I truly felt I would be in great hands – literally. He is more partial to a heart-shaped bottom but I did emphasize the want for a bubble-butt. I will have to remind him of that when I see him again for my pre-op.

He told me I’d be a great candidate and that I was being to harsh on my body. However, he did say that since my skin was “tight” I may have more post swelling – due to the strong collagen fibers/connective tissue. Heck, under normal circumstances I’d be happy as hell that I have tight skin but due to that it means he is also more limited in how much he can inject ? My consult was awesome never once did I feel rushed. He was so professional and had great bedside manner.

I made a deposit that very day and booked my surgery. I couldn’t believe I finally got in. I asked Patty what number patient I would be and she looked at me puzzled and said that Dr. Hegg only does one BBL per day. That made me feel even more secure with my decision. Other doctors do 3 per day! I love knowing I will be his one and only patient – that means undivided attention – for me it doesn’t get better than that!

I am not from San Leandro so I booked a room for 5 days at the Marina Inn. I also have not nor do I plan to tell any of my family or friends. So I have to look for a caregiver. I already found a lymphatic drainage specialist in my area and plan on getting a massage the day before surgery, as is often recommended.

I am for the most part prepared and am at peace with my decision.

I have seen great results by other doctors like Salama. However, I will not travel for surgery I am just too damn rational. When I weigh the pros and cons I cannot with a right conscious choose a doctor so many miles away. At any rate, I have a great doctor close to me and I am so lucky for that!

I haven't yet had surgery but realself is askin me...

I haven't yet had surgery but realself is askin me to rate...go figure...

OK so I just posted current pics - I've been...

OK so I just posted current pics - I've been actively gaining weight but dont want to gain much more just goin to try to maintain this weight. Can't seem to get past 132lbs seems like my body is happy at this weight and is not budging. I think its fine since Dr. Hegg told me its ok not to gain more he said I could go up 5lbs more if I wanted. My normal weight is 116lbs. Gosh after posting my pics it appears I've got the flattest butt on this site...ughhhhh...fml

Oh & forgot to mention I'm going to get my chin & arms done too. seem girls that have done it are really happy with the results heck I figure might aswell. I don't want my thighs/legs done at all though theyre already thin & have never had a problem with them touching :)

So I got call from Dr. Hegg's office and now...

So I got call from Dr. Hegg's office and now instead of Dec my Surgery will be in November...Yay!
Well lately I was feelig very lethargic and like a blob - I guess because I was becoming a blob. I stopped working out and had no energy. I thought it only july why am i already trying to gain wt? So, I decided to go back to eating healthy and working out. Boy do I feel much better. I have already lost 6lbs which mean I'm 126lbs... and that's ok I would much rather stuff my face with high healthy caloric food one month before my surgery so in my case would be mid October. If i didn;t go back to working out I don;t know how I would've handled surgery since I would be so deconditioned. I am a bit concerned with going down too much so perhaps when I reach 120lbs I'll just try and maintain it. The great thing about Dr. Hegg is he doesn't require that you gain much weght you should ideally be 10-15lbs over your ideal weight. So, I guess I would highly encourage others to workout while waiting for BBL and just to increase caloric intake, but don't stop exercising. I see it as the energy/reserve I'm going to need to get me through surgery.

OMG the wait is torturous - I soooooo wish I had...

OMG the wait is torturous - I soooooo wish I had booked my surgery earlier :( I want to get on with my life and feel a new booty will just kick start it :) I'm not booked till mid November.....man I regret that now - my original date was first week of October. I want it done so bad - like now!!! I am working out and have dropped down to 120lbs - I'm lucky I lose weight pretty fast - just gunna try and maintain it don't want to drop too much -now I'll just have to eat more - want enough fat to transfer to my booty. Anyhow, I'm so sad and frustrated that I didn't keep my earlier date - Sorry if I sound down I just wish it was my time....now.

So, still waiting and I've been trying to get...

So, still waiting and I've been trying to get other Hegg BBL sisters to give me pointers/advice and its like hearing crickets :( The Salama and Jimmerson BBL sisters seem so much more giving and supportive. Shout out to you guys!!!! You guys are awsome!!!
I've tried contacting those who have gone to Dr. Hegg and hear nothing back. I wonder why they fall off the face of the earth once they get their BBLs. I wish we were more supportive. There just doesn't seem to be that comraderie. I hope it's not because they are not happy- I hope its because they're doing so fantastic with their new booties that they forget their former selves :) Anyhow, just wanted to vent because I feel quite a lone in this process and it would've been so nice to hear from others who have been there specifically from those who have gone to Dr. Hegg.

Oh no - Sherrie the receptionist is so...

Oh no - Sherrie the receptionist is so unprofessional - totally lazy. So I get a call from Dr. Hegg's office that my pre-op needs to be rescheduled. I don't want to go through my health insurance as I am keeping everything on the DL. However, if something happens then no problem I'll use my health insurance. But if I don't have to I won't. So, with that being said, I have to get an EKG on my own. It happens that just 100 ft away from Dr. Hegg's office they do EKGs. So, I asked Sherrie if she knew if they were open on the morning of my pre-op? She states "I don't know...I think they're open" to which I reply well can you please find out for me please? She responds "well I guess I'm sure their open". To which I reply "I think it would be awsome if you had their (EKG place) number handy for patients also I am driving from pretty far and I don't want to go on a day that they are not open." she responds "well I think their open...well I'm sure their open". At this point I was just annoyed and rescheduled my appointement. I'm going to have to let Dr. Hegg know how unhelpful she is. To be honest this is the first time she has been lazy, unprofessional, and not helpful at all. I've not wanted to write anything negative always wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt. It's just since the beginning I've not cared for her unprofessional behavior. Anyhow another time she got on my nerves was when I asked if she could mail me my quote - I misplaced it and wanted to know the breakdown. She said "I only have one copy" to which I said well don't you have a copier? You can charge me and please mail it to me. She replies "I don't know why I have to mail it I can just tell you over the phone." I said well I'd like to have it in writing, it seems like this is asking to much from you?" she resonds "fine I'll mail it."

I swear if it were not for the awsome consult I got with Dr. Hegg I would reconsider changing doctors simply because his staff well specifically Sherrie is so unprofessional :(
This sucks because I really like Dr. Hegg.
San Leandro Plastic Surgeon

I did lots of research, checked his qualifications and he was great. I truly believe I am in good hands.

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