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Today is my 4th day post op! I still can't...

Today is my 4th day post op! I still can't believe I went through with this process. I always wanted a butt, but never thought I would get it by going under the knife. I am 5'3" 155lbs, I'm pretty much a FAT girl, luckily for me I have some big ol boobies! lol. This whole process happened ridiculously fast, not necessarily by choice, but whateves. I am extremely happy I went through with it when I did (i will be summer ready!!!). This site is what helped me decide to get a BBL. It gave me so much insight to personal experiences and some great advice. So I want to provide as much information for others considering it.

I paid $5665.00 total in the S.F bay area, (very reasonable considering all the other prices I was quoted in this area, which started at $9k plus) I chose Dr. Hegg after hearing many great things, and seeing the results of this past patients. For the amount I paid I got my whole back, upper &lower abs, love handles, the fat near my arm pits and my Vjay lipo'd, then grafted to my butt. There was a $500 surgical suite fee and a $165 insurance charge.

I am really happy with my shape right now. I can't tell how big my butt will be because I am still soooo swollen, and I heard it goes down quite a bit, which I am looking forward too. Right now Im wayyyyyy too bootylicious lol! Ok, so first I went to the consultation, there, he goes through the method he uses for lipo and transferring the fat. He does not purify the fat because he believes he gets better results that way. I wouldn't know which way is better, so I was fine with that. Then the pre op, picture day basically and the do's and don'ts preparing for surgery and the after care. Then the BIG day, surgery day! yayyyy! I was really nervous the days leading up to it. I kinda went through buyers remorse, lol. But I came to the conclusion I rather get this done, then go shopping, etc. for the next few months or year lol. Anyways they give you some great drugs to calm you down, Xanex totally took the edge off the day before.

So i get there at 8 am and u get into a gown and they start an IV in your hand. The nurse wipes you down with antiseptic stuff and it wasn't AS weird as i thought it was going to be. The nurse is really nice and professional, the whole staff is. But i mean its still awkward, your butt booty naked and she wipes down you cooch.. TWICE!!! AWKWARDDDDD!lol..When your done you get on the table and after that I don't remember ANYTHING! When I woke up, I was so crazy I heard. By the time my sister got there I was still acting a fool. She said she couldn't stop laughing. I was Weird, with a capital W! lol The nurse called me mellow dramatic. I can't remember everything just little parts here and there. Whatever they gave me was GOOOOOD! lol. I slept all of that day. The next day really was not as bad as I expected. I got up walked to the bathroom, outside to make myself food, etc. I really thought it was going to be horrible but there was no real pain. Just extremely ridiculously sore, as if I worked out for 17 hrs non stop! lol It was more uncomfortable than painful. It's sooooo uncomfortable don't get me wrong, no walk in the park, but def. do-able.

One of the most annoying part is waking up almost every hour, even at night. Only sleeping on you stomach is soooo hard. I thought I would be fine since i usually like sleeping on my stomach or side. But when you're on your stomach for 23.5 hrs a day it gets difficult! My face didnt swell up, phewww cus then it would probably be really obvious i got something done. I looked pretty normal for the most part. No one really knew at my house except my sister. I went into work for a few hours on my 3rd day post op. But had to leave because sitting on my thighs for a few hrs started to bother my back. Anyways now I just can not wait until all the swelling goes down! I will post pictures soon. WARNING: pre surgery pictures are DISGUSTING! I had wayyyyy too many lady lumps, not the good lumps either! Rolls, rolls and more rolls!!

Today is my 12th day post op. Things are going...

Today is my 12th day post op. Things are going pretty good. I feel like I've been in recovery forever, and it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet!!! The most annoying thing about this part is not being able to sit on your butt. I think most of my swelling went down, but my vjay is the only thing still ridiculously swollen lol. I'm so happy my face didn't puff up or anything like some girls' did. My butt did go down a bit, but i think it's still pretty good size, lets see if it goes down more. The dr. put 800 cc in each cheek.

My butt isn't as great as I was hoping...He made...

My butt isn't as great as I was hoping...He made it bigger for sure, but i wanted him to reshape the whole thing. I wasn't very specific on what i wanted, so it is partially my fault. Hopefully when im fully recovered it will be better. I am still really happy i went thru with it. My gut looks soooo much better
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Love, Love, Love his staff!!! (Esp. Patty, THANKS Patty!!!)

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