BBL Scheduled W/ Dr Hegg for March 22!! SO Excited - San Leandro, CA

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I have been thinking about getting a BBL for a...

I have been thinking about getting a BBL for a little over a year now. and now i am finally jumping the boat and making it happen. I was originally scheduled for it in january but too many things were coming up with school and work, so I had to reschedule and now a March opening came up and I took it as soon as I could since the date works perfectly for me. The reason why I am looking to get a BBL done is because when I gain weight it goes straight to my stomach and arms - nowhere else. When I lose weight I become completely skinny with no curves and a very straight figure. I want to have a flat stomach, yet still have curves by my hips and a bigger butt, and i felt that the BBL would be the perfect option for me. I actually had my consult with Dr hegg a few months ago and since then have put on a few more pounds. I am 5'2 and weigh 135 - the most I have ever weighed in my life :\ I hate it. My Preop appt is scheduled for Monday March 19 - so i'll be getting more information on the procedure then, so far I have been told to not take any more aspirin of any kind up to the date of surgery.

Just had my pre op today, and everything went...

Just had my pre op today, and everything went great! EKG was normal, received my medications - they were coming out to be 60 but thankfully my insurance covered half so it came out to 38$
Dr Hegg is very sweet and made me feel much more comfortable about getting the surgery and looking forward to the end results! I need to go buy a boppy pillow for sitting since i know i wont be able to properly sit for 3 weeks :\ i am super scared about that. Cant believe the surgery is in 2 days! Im super nervous/excited. I will definitely update after surgery.

So far my recovery has been rough. Since yesterday...

So far my recovery has been rough. Since yesterday I have finally started to feel somewhat ok.
I want to be able to give as much detail on the surgery and recovery as I possibly can since the reviews on real self helped me so much on what to expect from the BBL.
The night before surgery I stopped eating around 11pm since you are not allowed to eat past midnight. once i got to the office in the morning the nurse started an ivy and then Dr. Hegg came in to draw on my body and basically tell me one last time what areas are being lipo'd and which ones fat grafted. Right after that you go in and get rubbed down with this weird orange liquid i think to clean off your body. right after that you get put on the table on your stomach and drift off into sleep. I woke up shivering like crazy, the nurse was putting blankets on me and then I think I fell back asleep, waking up from the anesthesia was one of the worst feelings for me. I was so groggy and out of it. The minute I got taken out of the office in the wheel chair I threw up into this plastic bag, it was as if any sort of smell would make me want to vomit. I got put into my car and passed out on my way home, once I got back home I threw up again, and from then on everything is pretty much a blur. I slept through the remainder of the day of the surgery, thankfully my mom and sister took amazing care of me - making sure I took my pain meds and antibiotics. I read on some of the reviews on real self that some of the girls crotches got swollen, I was really scared of that happening since it sounded so painful, but thankfulllly that did not happen to me. maybe bc I didnt get my thighs lipo'd. getting in and out of bed was so painful and the first three days I could only sleep in 3-4 intervals and then would wake up in pain, it is very uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach for so long, it has really started to hurt my neck. Thursday was the day of my surgery - i slept mainly after I got home and the whole day was a blur. Friday I was in pain but it got pretty bad friday night, I got a fever that was going up and down all night up until saturday evening. I did not start to feel better until Sunday morning which was my third day of recovery. Today is my 4th day and I went to see Dr Hegg to get my gauze under the garment taken off, so now I can finally shower. Today has definitely been a much easier day of recovery than any of the others. my swelling seems to have gone down a little bit, it really does suck to not be able to sit, but I do have a boppy pillow which I have figured out how to sit on with out letting my butt sit on it. so far from what I see my waist is super small, my hips are much fuller and my butt is very high and round. i am anxiously waiting to see how the end results looks bc so far it looks amazing! My waist has not been this small in years!!! Dr Hegg is an amazing dr. I thought it was really sweet that he called to see how I was doing himself, and not just had a nurse call. I am glad I was able to find a dr like him for this procedure.

Today is my 6th day post op and I feel a lot...

Today is my 6th day post op and I feel a lot better. I think it also helped that I showered yesterday and washed my garment. I can move a little more easier today but still very sore and tender. When I took my garment off yesterday I finally was able to see my shape and I like it I'm just really sore and bruised which was a little scary. I can't wait for this recovery to be over so I can look and feel normal again!

Added a picture. i am now 10 days post op and...

added a picture. i am now 10 days post op and feeling better everyday! still a lot of swelling but thankfully bruising is going down. i have no need for pain meds now.

I am 2 days short of being 4 weeks (1month) post...

i am 2 days short of being 4 weeks (1month) post op! i am still swollen and lumpy in some areas but dr hegg said itll take about another month for all that to go down, so far i am loving the new shape he has given me and slowly waiting for all the swelling to go down. i can get around just fine now, sitting down and getting up from my car or the couch or bed is still a bit difficult, but muchhhh easier from where i was before. i dont regret this surgery at all, and would do it again if needed for sure. the real worst about it was definitely the first 5 days, once you get through that things start to get better.
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