Tummy Tuck Costa Rica 6700 includes CIMA Hospital costs

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I had two nine pound babies and reduced my weight...

I had two nine pound babies and reduced my weight each time back to normal... Since menopause I have struggled with my weight more than ever. Even though I was back in the 120's in my 20's and 30's after each pregnancy my body was not as tight even though I could wear a size six. I am 5' 5" tall. I got to my highest weight ever at 220. I went away for two months and lost 30 pounds. I gained back 10 in the last year we have had construction at our home for most of that year a year of tons of stress. My goal is to lose another 20-30 pounds before surgery on 11/11/2014. I will also be having a arm lift on that surgery day as well.... Followed by a breast reduction on 11/18/2014 I am a 36DDD want to be a 36D. I have an hour glass shape just way too much sand right now LOL.... Photos to follow I want them to be taken closer to my scheduled date because I am trying to lose more weight.

This was posted on my recovery center website by another person who had stayed the

This was posted on my recovery center website by another person who had stayed there.

Vitamin C - 1000-2000mg 1-2 times a day. Promotes Healing and is a free radical scavenger.

Zinc - 50mg 3 times daily with food. Aids in healing.

Coenzyme Q-10 - 100mg twice daily. Immune booster, anti-oxidant, heart protector, promotes healing.

L-Carnitine - 500mg Twice daily. Essential to tissue recovery.

MSM(methyl-sulfonyl-methane) - 1000mg twice daily. Natural form of organic sulfur and an antioxidant great for hair,skin nails. Detoxifies the body, increases blood circulation and reduces inflammation.

Alpha Lipoic Acid - 100 mg twice daily. Powerful antioxidant and promotes healing.


Arnica Montana - Decreases Swelling...recommends Sinnech brand fromhttp://www.alpinepharm.com/
Capsule before surgery, after surgery, night of surgery. Then 3 times a day
for 3-4 days.

Bromelain - 500 mg 2 times per day, and continue for 5 more days post surgery. Pineapple enzyme decreases bruising.
bromelain helps with:

-digestion and indigestion
-prevention blood clots from forming,
-back aches
-burn debridement

because of its anti inflammatory properties it sooths sinus discomfort and possibly (still in research phase) for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and MS.

Bromelain may increase the potency of antibiotics and chemotherapy It is thought that Bromelain helps the cell pumps move fluid in and out of the cell so it moves blood and blood based fluids faster and more completely thus lessoning the bruises.

3 months untill tummy tuck posting 3 before photos

Everyone that has posted their before photos has given me courage to post mine! Thank you!

Four more photos

Had my husband take these...before photos! I just look at theses and wonder why I waited so long!

Arnica? What are your thoughts?

So many are posting to take this! Here is what my doctor says:
Any drugs containing aspirin
Anything containing Vitamin E
Coumadin or any other blood thinning agent**
Anti-Inflammatories of any kind
Arnica or any homeopathic medication
Smoking of any sort

Just 2 months YAY! 11/18/2014 ready for this long over due Tummy Tuck!

I am very excited I booked this 4 months ago... just 2 months to go. I have been doing the pool an hour a day....I can move non stop for an hour and do it every day. I took down the arnica photo my physician does not want me taking it. I will be eating lots of pineapple lots of healing properties.

Just one month and 5 days....

We arrive in Costa Rica on 11/2 to have some fun and tour Atenas, Costa Rica...we are considering retiring there! :) My Tummy Tuck is on the 18th! Super excited!

Two weeks till my Tummy Tuck :)

Leave Monday.... 11/02 for Costa Rica a Week of fun! Then 11/18 my Tummy Tuck. I have packed for 2 months. I Love my Dr.Lev and his assistant Didi. I am thrilled with Che-Tica the amazing place I will be recovering. At 55 it's about me and that's a new feeling. Very Exciting! I Appreciate Real Self for almost 6 months I have read every posts and I will now be sharing my journey as well! Love to all and Prayers appreciated for me on 11/11/2014 for my Breast Reduction 11/18/2014 ...is my Tummy Tuck and my Arm Lift.

I am now doing my Tummy Tuck on 11/11 in 4 days....

I am now doing my Tummy Tuck on 11/11 in 4 days....I have decided to do the Tummy Tuck first....then my breast reduction on 11/18. We have been at the recovery center for 5 days now...I am staying at Che-Tica. I have my own cottage and I wanted to be away from the city.

It's here...at the hospital 6AM surgery at 7:30 AM

Love my Dr. Lev...zero worries tonight. I have read a lot about when to stand up straight some say as soon as possible some say weeks. My doctors said he wants me to walk "like a little old lady" in other words hunched over for TWO weeks.... He says if you stand up straight too soon it messes with the blood flow. Okay PRAY for me! I will be posting photos soon! :)

Tummy Tuck 11/11 Picture taken today 11/12

I am thrilled ...I walked with my walker around the hospital bed last night. Per doctors orders I am to walk hunched over for the first 2 weeks it keeps the blood flow going. They give you this thing to not blow into but to inhale into that device causes pressure and has three three balls. I managed this morning to great all three balls to the top. (attaching a photo as well. You suck so it will bring up phlegm. Coughing is very difficult. That first night I felt like I had a cinder block in my whole middle section. Would not budge they had two nurses that had to slide me with the sheet to be closer to the top of the bed. By morning that was better. Loved my doctor Lev and his anesthesiologist Dr. Greenwood they have been childhood friends since age nine. Their fathers were both doctors. I was in God's hands with these two.They are 55 and 54 years old are just amazing from being very professional and great bed side manner. Dr. Lev is a True perfectionist. I am also up loading a picture of a folding walker that I brought with me. Worth every penny keeps bent right for the first two weeks walking as Dr. Lev said to. Also attaching a picture of my seat riser for the toilet that 6 inches is a huge blessing after a tummy tuck. My blood pressure got a bit high while I was under but that can happen... I currently take no prescriptions of any kind ..I am on a three day day bland diet with lots of soft food.. Well need to rest. :)

Photos did not post?

These go with what I just posted above.

Day two after tummy tuck.

At recovery center. Best advice I take my pain we early. I have a walker and my husband is here to assist me. I feel weak but not in real pain. I just love slow. The recovery place has a hospital bed I can't imagine not having one.

55 years young 3 days post op....doing great.

Very happy... I have very graphic photos the doctor took if you want me to post them.

Tummy tuck 4 days ago GRAPHIC photos!

I am 55 years young and doing great. I had a bowl movement the 3rd day just drank some milk of magnesia and it worked like a champ. My scary day was the 3rd day going to the the doctor visit. It all went fine Had my walked to the car ...a wheel chair to and from office. Even grabbed a couple things at the grocery. It's my 4 day and I am amazed how good I feel ....No I don't want to go dancing but... I am not in pain. I have not been in pain just uncomfortable. I am Beyond Thrilled and have my Breast Reduction and lift on 11/18. So I will be under when they take the arms and tummy stitches out. I am so Happy I am becoming me again. :)

4 days post op my Tummy Tuck ....

Still swollen of course but I am thrilled! No real pain uncomfortable in certain positions. Walker is a must and the toilet seat riser is a must as well. I am shocked how well I am doing very excited and happy. I have zipper front Caftans by far the best thing for wearing during recovery. So easy to get in and out of them.

5 daya post op

Feeling good my belly button feels numb. There is a fist sized spot that is where they did the tightening that can locked up if you move a certain way it's scary. It's not painful as much as you feel panicked because you are reminded you just had major surgery. :) I am itching under the tape over the stitches which is great because it means your healing. The wife beater ( I hate that name ) under the binder really helps. I bought size XXL because you want them loose and long.

These are the best things to wear for recovery in my opinion!

Zip up the front Caftans ....I added two photos ...you can find them on line from 15.00 to 25.00 each. The are room comfy and so easy to just unzip all the way and step into the front. You can get short or long sleeves.

THRILLED...before photo and 6 days post op photo

I am still swollen...but wanted to combine before and after photo ....I Love Dr. Lev all my research paid off.

my stitching is amazing

Feels tight at night. Saw the doctor yesterday still have my drain....but I must say the transformation is better than I could of ever imagined. I hate that I get up to per average three times a night. But that means my body is releasing fluid.

At 12 to 13 days I am pretty independent.

I get out of bed on my own to potty. I have a lymphatic massage daily. I cannot imagine not having one. I believe it's speeding my recovery process fluid wise and she goes right to the sore spots or trigger points and releases them.

Two weeks Post op Tummy Tuck

I am so happy he taped me today but my scar is so nice tiny stitching. I still have a drain just the little tube I use kotex to catch the drainage. I get lymphatic massage daily and so I am releasing a lot of fluids. I a, still quite swollen but just thrilled no more loose skin.

3 weeks post op....Tummy Tuck! So Happy ...I am 55 years young wish I had done this 10 years ago!

I am still swollen. I am thrilled with my stitching....and it gets better everyday!

Still happy one year later!

Current photos to follow shortly!
Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

Dr. ALEJANDRO LEV Dr. Alejandro Lev was born in Argentina on May 10, 1960. He is a graduate of the University of Costa Rica, where he attended from 1979-1984. From 1985-1987 Dr. Lev completed his residency program in General Surgery at the San Juan de Dios Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica and advanced studies in plastic surgery at Hospital Brigadeiro, Brazil. from 1987-1990. In 1991, Dr. Lev was Certified by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Medical College of Doctors and Surgeons of Costa Rica. He is a former Vice President of the Costa Rican Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Association and affiliated with the International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS) and the Ibero-Latin American Federation of Plastic Surgeons. He has a stellar reputation and he does everything himself stitch removal etc... His assistant/scheduler is the kindest woman ever. I am blessed to have found them.

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