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Made my appointment and now gathering everything I...

Made my appointment and now gathering everything I need for my big trip to Costa Rica. So exciting but very frightening at the same time. Was able to get scheduled in short time. Dropped my estrogen, amitritpylin, Aleve pm (converted to tylenol pm) weaning myself off coffee. Boosting my vitamin iron and C. Got my blood work done, still need to get my chest X-Ray. Had to put an expedite to get my passport book. Wired my money. Wow this is really going to happen. Don't know what I am more excited about, the tummy tuck or the breast reduction!

My mirror has been lying to me!

It's funny how you can convince yourself when you look in the mirror and think "aw I don't look too bad for a lady my age. I just knew that my breast were just heavy, hurt my neck and back. Then I took the pictures, oh my goodness, what an eye opener. My poor husband has had to look at this for the last 12 years. I'm so embarrassed. I had always been underweight (100 lbs or less)for 46 years of my life and top heavy. Then when I hit 46 I found the love of food and dessert and boy did I blossom, not in a pretty way. My breast were a size 32D for a long time and pretty. But 15 years ago, my horse bit my right breast. It caused internal bruising, it swelled to the size of a basketball and to the same color of the inside of a cantaloupe, which led to an adhesion which caused my nipple to invert. Even after the swelling went down it never went back to normal so I had to buy bras to fit it and my other side just grew to match it. The last bras I bought were 34G&H. I have out grown those and time to buy ones. I decided I want smaller bras so hence having surgery. I so excited. Can't wait to buy pretty bras and being able to sleep without a bra. I'm more excited for the tummy tuck, C-sections and breastfeeding do ugly things to your belly that don't show up till your much older.


I'm not a very private person. I have no problem talking about things. I just can't seem to get it down on paper. This is a hard thing trying to keep like a diary on here. I tend to ramble like I do in real life. ADD/ADHD whatever you want to call it.

I have just a little more then a week to head to Costa Rica and I am more then ready. Everything on my list is done and ready to pack. My passport book made it in record time, sent for it on Thursday, got it last night delivered by Fedex at 7:30 pm. I thought that was pretty good considering it was suppose to take 11 to 14 business days.

I've read a lot of stories on here and most have given me the confidence of having this surgery. The website has made it easy for all of us to realize that we are all the same and we all seem to have a little problem of growing old and unaccepting of our body changes, and its alright. This day and age we don't have to accept it, we can change if for the better. We have made it easier to find good doctors, and we have found really good places. We have made cyber friends, we root for each and we hug those who need it. We trust each other which is a good thing in this day and age. I mean, how can we not trust another woman who is willing to put her naked unpretties on here, and bare their souls, to give us hope. Never in my life would I think I would be doing something like this. I am just a common woman, who works hard at a meager living, doing something I thought only a rich woman can do. Next year, I was hoping to do the facelift, but I found a beautiful palomino Peruvian Paso (my dream horse and my dream horse color) on line and ended up buying him. Choices sometimes you have to make. Sometimes I get a little upset about my choices. I spend more money on my animals then I do on myself. If it wasn't for my dogs, cats, horses and birds. I would probably be living in a very large beautiful home on the edge of the suburbs, with a beautiful, sexy body. Oh well, I'm hoping my good looking husband will take a look at my new body when it is healed, and say "Oh yeah, it's worth it, lets' do the face" But he won't he has more tact then that. In the meantime we've been looking at horse trailers with living quarters (my Christmas present) to travel to TN to get my new golden man. This next 8 weeks is going to be a long one. This has been a good year for me. I will have new no bouncing breast, a tight tummy with a cute belly button again to finish it out. Yes, I am thankful! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Sitting here obsessing. I just had my first anxiety attack, not thinking of anything different, it just hit me really hard. Am I trading sagging belly skin and sagging breast, which has pulled my back, neck, and tummy out of shape. In, for ugly scars and pain. What if I don't like the size and shape of my breast (now my husband is finally paying extra attention to my breast). What if I get necrosis, and I lose my nipple. I've always hated my C-section scars now I will have longer scars. I just bought a new horse and horse trailer when can I start horse back riding again. My husband, can't wait to go skiing, how long do I need to wait to go. Not that I enjoy skiing, because I suck at it. My husband thinks with smaller breast it will be easier for me. A balance thing? or just easier to find ski clothes to fit? Or easier to pick myself up when I fall? I don't fall very often, I have a fear of falling. Its actually a real fear thing, I see trees closing in on me fast, and just know I'm going to crash into one. That's enough G, get off the damn computer and get up and do something. Today I will go to town get my hair done, a pedi/mani without polish and my last doctor appointment. Five and half days before climbing on that plane for Costa Rica. I still have so much to do around the house and can't seem to get constructive on anything. Ugh!

Cost so Far

Well, tomorrow, I'll be on my way to Costa Rica. Whoo hoo! This will be an experience of a life time for me. Once again I will have my body back and will be proud.

This is what I have spent so far:
$4,000 Breast reduction
+3,800 Tummy tuck
+2,000 Lipo lower back & flanks
+ 270 ? Compression garments ( ab)
+ 550 Therapy sessions (10 sessions - if less you will be refunded)
? X-Rays/EKG I think $180.
? Clinical Unibe anywhere from $3000. - $4000.
$2626 19 days @ Verdeza
$428.19 Southwest Airlines
Lab work was done here for $250.
Plus I bought new clothes, was hoping to find some button down sundresses, but couldn't, new luggage, and other unnecessary junk. My poor husband, I'm sure I have drove him nuts, but he has been golden. Think I'll keep him! He's pretty wonderful.

I hope others of done this, I have packed, unpacked, repacked, and still feel like something is missing. I know I'm taking way to much. I'm sitting here in Texas freezing, so I feel like I need to take warm clothes. I probably won't sleep a wink ;)


I have a crazy question and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
My face is breaking out, like a teenager with acne. Is it stress or because I had to drop my estrogen? I have been on estrogen since I was 33 and now I'm 57. I don't need this now, it started 3 days ago with one little pimple now my face is all broke out. Arrrgh!

Changed the name:

My husband and I finally decided to tell the kids about what I am doing. I told my daughter first, and also told her about realself. I don't want her to accidentally find my name, the name the grandkids call me, and see those pictures. I'm afraid she would accidentally have them up on her screen and give everybody nightmares. I've done that myself just the other day. How embarrassing, had realself up on my Ipad and was trying to show our web designer something and when I turned the Pad on, those pictures were up and glaring. My husband and web designer got a eye full and it wasn't pretty. Of course my husband felt like he had to give me a lecture as if I wasn't embarrassed enough!
My daughter was really upset with me when I finally told her, it wasn't the reaction that I was expecting. She was upset, because I didn't invite her to go with me and didn't have time to get her passport updated. She was excited and happy for me otherwise. She wants to go next time though and get some work done on herself! I was thinking too myself, "no you don't need anything done, you are so pretty and perfect." Ohhh, the way we see ourselves.

I'm heeere!

It seemed like such a long day yesterday. I was being such a weeny, all nervous and stuff. I've never done customs and immigrations before and for some reason was so worried. Didn't get here till late last night, flew in the dark over the ocean. I met some very interesting people (strange) but interesting and very friendly. I have flown quite a few times and no one ever talks. But last night, everybody wanted to talk. Especially when there was turbulence. I was amazed how many men that are afraid to fly and I think I met every one of them last night. The wives were great. It was especially disconcerting because I think I was the only person, or at least female traveling by myself, and everyone wanted to be my friend and help me, the problem is I watch way to much TV. Which made me wary, but I kept that to myself. Carlos picked me up, he is great and wants to tell everyone Hi. It was a 30min drive to Verdeza very dark and lots of traffic and I don't think there are any stop signs. I don't think I could drive here. Verdeza is very nice like a really nice hotel and very, very friendly staff. The room is very nice but it was a little awkward to my stomach to see also the hospital bed, a walker, and a raised toilet seat. That means this is totally real, I am really going to be do this and there is really some pain going to happen. I slept great, till the sun came up then rolled over and went back to sleep. I kept hearing crotch rockets go by, (I live in a rural area so don't hear to many of them). Then a real loud one went by, it finally woke me. Normally that wouldn't have bothered me, but I guess being in a different place is making me hypersensitive. I had a wonderful breakfast, omelet, fresh fruit with healthy yogurt and granola, orange juice, and coffee. I can't believe I am still in my PJ's need to take my shower. Then read the rest of my emails. JacqE, I have a question, I know I am not suppose to tip the staff here, but am I suppose to tip Carlos after each trip. I didn't last night, was that a faux pas? I did tip the really cute luggage boy last night, he was a godsend with my barely under 50 lb bag and second bag. I know, I know I overpacked, I always do, and I will really overpack going home with lots and lots of Costa Rican coffee. yumm!


I can't believe I forgot to put pictures on here. Good Grief...

More food!

I am going to get fat with all the food I have been stuffing myself with. I think this is supposed to be low sodium diet. You couldn't tell it with the flavors. It's delicious.

Dr. Arce

I made it back from Dr. Arce very nice, we talked about a lot of things. I really questioned about pain control and he said it should only be a 4 out of 1 - 10. I asked about Exparel. But they don't do it. Which is fine, I have read a lot about it and the most disconcerting thing about it is most doctors haven't figured out where it really needs to be injected at. So most of the time it doesn't work in Tummy tucks. A tummy tuck is such a large area that you would need a lot of it and it can be toxic. I will trust his judgement, he was going to write a script for me but forgot to. I hope that will be remedied tomorrow when I meet him and Dr. Arguello the star of the show. I also talked to him about being able to correct the damaged tissue to my right breast from a horse bite. Which created an inverted nipple, did I say inverted I mean that little thing is sucked down there good. That has bothered me more then the sagging boobies. He said they would try their best, but no guarantees. Bummer, everyone please cross your fingers for me and my hiding nipple. I keep my tummy and my inverted nipple covered during sex. Ok, you got me, now I admit I am totally vain.
We talked about liposuction. Oh yeah, I asked for abs. (a 6 Pack) of course in jest. But he laughed and told me a little secret, and showed me pictures of abs and very little bruising during liposuction. I think I was more afraid of lipo then the tummy tuck. He showed me the old lady walk for tummy tucks and the T-Rex moves for the breast reduction. He and I laughed about everything. You girls are going to be at ease.

Dr. Arguello

I finally got to meet Dr Arguello, and he is everything that JacqE and the girls say he is. I say he is "FINE" tomorrow we'll see his artistic endeavors of the tummy tuck, breast reduction, and lipo. Dr. Arce asked me if I wanted an eight pack, I told him I wasn't greedy and six pack ab would do. Shucks I won't get either.
Carlo's picked me up here at little before 9 this morning and took me to my appointment. I checked in and waited for Dr. Arguello and talked to him a long while and he did some observing, he told me he didn't think he would be able to fix my nipple, (heart broke), at least he will do away with my ugly bellybutton. I use to have this cute little button not quite an inie, and not quite an outie, but cute. Then I had gallbladder surgery and my surgeon screwed it all up. when Dr. Arguello and Dr. Arce seen it, they said the surgeon had give me a extra belly button. I knew it was awful but didn't understand why or how I just knew I had a real problem of keeping it clean.

I'm hoping to go back to being a real perky, small D, I don't hate my breast, I hate the sag and the neck and back strain. Most what I hate is not finding decent clothes to fit my narrow shoulders and my breast. What I really hate is women staring at me, and men asking if they are real. Women if you have a question please ask, men it is none of your business. I have had a few women ask, where I get my bras that made them look so stand up and good. Wacoal always fit me best. It has been the only bra that I really feel comfortable in. I have in the past tried online bras but gave up.
Ok back on subject, Dr. Arguello says he thinks he can get me from my 34H back to a 32 D. (I'll still feel sexy for my husband).
I have my fingers crossed to get back to a 24" tummy. I'm 28" now. By the way, I am 57 years old, weigh 140 lbs, my jeans are size 6 with a muffin top anything bigger then a 6 falls off my hips.
After I talked to both doctors, Dr. Arce took me to get my chest Xray and waited on me, then took me across the street and up the elevator for EKG and Dr. Salas. I am as healthy as a horse, after tomorrow I will be a show pony. I then had to find my way back to his ofc. after Dr. Salas appointment, by myself. It would have been easy for most people, but you can turn me around once and I am lost, I have no inner compass. I did find it fine, with a couple of confusing moments. I looked around and there were several lost people, so I didn't feel too embarrassed. I got to back to Dr. Arce's office and while I was there, they called me to come back and pay for the EKG. Moment of panic, I had to find my way back. So ladies if they forget to ask for payment, ask them if they need to be paid. So you don't have to go back. There are a lot of people there, even, though some speak English it's easier to look around for visual landmarks and remember them, than to find someone that speaks English, I only know a couple of Spanish words, my girlfriend taught me, and I learned to not repeat those words. If you catch my drift.
After I made it back to Dr. Arce's office the second time, we had the dreaded photo session. I had to get my top undressed for a minimum of 4 times today. I must say I have no modesty anymore.
Poor Carlos had to wait on me the whole time. I must say he is a trooper and very patient. Carlos says we are his babies, he is here to guide and protect us. I give him a bad time about his driving he is actually pretty good. Did I tell you driving around here a nightmare. There are stop signs here, but apparently no one pays any attention to them. The roads are clearly marked four lanes and two lanes but, two lane roads actually become 6 lanes most of the time. When motorcycles are involved, there are even more lanes. It is wicked out there. Oh if you have to cross the road and you see a car coming, don't cross, or get your ass off the road fast, because they don't stop for you most of time. If you get hit or are in an accident. It could be hours before help is on its way.
I got home (Verdeza) finally ate lunch caught up some reading, then ate my last supper. Took my next to last, red soap, shower. Now I am ready for bed. I have to be up early in the morning, be at Unibe by 6am for my 8am surgery. Just saying that makes me flush with a hot flash. I taken my Tylenol PM early so I can fall to sleep early and really am feeling it now. So I hope my review is making some sense. So I bid goodnight and hopefully will be able to post tomorrow to let you know I made it to the flat side.

Forgot to tell you

While sitting here waiting for Carlos, I remembered Dr. Arguello said to watch him on national TV, thursday morning. I hope I'll be up and awake to watch. 10 more minutes to wait. Boy, am I nervous, but I know you girls are too. Talk to you soon!

I'm back at Verdeza

I won't be long. Just wanted to say hello and every thing went well. The only pain I had was infiltrated IV. Was weak and passed out last night and again this morning. Suck a weenie! I'm very flat , I chuckled at one moment to wake up on my back and realized no boobs under my arm pit. Yeah! When I'm more aware. I'll post more! Back to my movie and napping.

Stay Puff Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters

That is what my arms and hands look like. They are going down a little at a time, my goofy mind says, think of the wrinkles when it goes down. arrrgh! Otherwise I feel good, my appetite hasn't come back and I need to force myself to eat so I can take pain reliever. I didn't sleep well last night, don't know why, just couldn't sleep. They got me up earlier to take a shower, had one at the hospital too. It really made me feel human. They are so good here at Verdeza, even though I don't know any Spanish, which makes me feel guilty. They always have a translator with the nurses. It is still sometimes to hard to communicate. They are very patient with me and always apologizing to me for not know English real well. I apologize for not knowing there language in their country.
Since I'm not feeling any pain, it's hard not to do the T Rex moves with my arms, I end up stretching and picking things up that I shouldn't be doing. Dr. Arce and Dr. Arguello are going to kick my azz if I don't follow their instructions.
I do have a drain on my left hip that is driving me bonkers, my compression garment feels like it is rubbing it raw. I haven't looked at anything yet, because blood and cuts make me nauseated especially mine or my family. As soon I can stomach it I will take a picture. Right now I need to get up and walk to take some pressure off my bottom.


I talked to one my anesthesiologist friends in the states. She said it was probably most likely the lymphatic system in your thorax is just backed up a little from all the surgery irritation/ increased swelling/ IVF/ or just immobility. It should go down over the next 2-4 weeks. It's the same thing one of the nurses here said this morning. Appetite is back had chicken soup, they must have put tumeric in it. It was delicious.

Celebration In San Jose:

They are having some kind of celebration tonight in San Jose. I think Celebration of lights. They say thousands of people come because it is only here. When Carlos was driving me home from surgery the other day they were putting up miles of bleachers in the roads (as if it wasn't hard to drive here already) for the parade. I noticed tons of people outside my window yesterday, so I guess they come in a day early, Supposedly they sleep in the streets to make sure they get the best seating. So I guess there will be some hard partying tonight with all the live bands up and down the street. I'm glad I will be here a distance away.
Yesterday they had an earthquake here, I heard two large loud crack sounds, and thought maybe something bad happened to the new building down the street. Then this building shook for about 5 long seconds. So I really thought the building had collapsed, which I had felt before, when the Conner Hotel in Joplin, MO collapsed in the 80's. You will need to google that, I was out riding my horse on the street trying to go under a bridge and she started fighting me , then I felt the ground rumbled.
Later on when I was talking to my husband, I told him I thought we had an earthquake here and sure enough, when I went on line it was a 3.7 I found it kind of exciting, especially since I'm from Tornado Alley, Joplin MO, but I live in TX now.

Still nothing exciting about me, still no pain, due to still taking pain pills. I am due for one now, but will start on the Tylenol extra strength, just to see if I need anything stronger. I took my own shower this morning, took my own garments off. When you unsnap and unzip them they are like bungee cords so hold on to them. You might get slapped, because they are tight. The drains are kind of a hassle.
While I was sitting in the shower, and juggling them I thought it would be nice if there was a hook for them, heck didn't need a hook, just clamped them to the shower curtain, problem solved. Kept them hook till I was able to dry off. That was quite handy. Put my robe on slipped them into the pocket, called my nurse to help put the garment back on. It is a two man job, and I broke a finger nail. While I was waiting I put my own teds back on. Grief I hate those, once you get them up it's like big rubber band cutting off the circulation at the top of you legs so you are constantly trying to keep that band moved. Almost thinking of cutting, that a little but afraid they would just roll down and hurt even more. Suggestions anyone? The only other problem I have is trying to hook the garment between my legs. Have to almost stand on your head and reach way under to find the back side. I'm glad no one is recording me when I do it, cause I do cuss some and call it names.

I walk, and get up and walk some more, if you sit too long your back gets stiff, I want to stand up straight so bad, because my back hates that hunched over position. Last night it kept almost cramping up, when i walked, but haven't had that today. It's just tired. My drains are doing well very little draining, I'm sure if the dr's office was open tomorrow they would come out. So I am almost positive they will come out Monday. I will definitely will take some serious pain relief before going to have them removed.
Wow, the party is starting early, lots of loud hispanic music, cars honking and bells going off. Now it has stopped. Now I see on the other street cars with flags that say Yunta, whatever that means.

Time to take another walk! I'm suppose to take a 10 minute walk every hour, but would be walking back and forth down the hall 10 times. Tomorrow maybe I'll be brave enough for the treadmill.


3 1/2 hall way walks = 10 mins. good lord, I'm moving slow. I thought I was clipping on at a pretty good pace! HA HA


Yesterday, I was over zealous, today a slug. I didn't take my pain pill at 2am, not bad just a little burning at the boob stitches. Had a coughing fit it 12:30 and no water at my bed, that was not fun. I think I even wanted to cry little. Went ahead and took one at 6am. didn't get out of bed till 8am. Forced myself to eat scrambled eggs and bacon, not intaking enough protein. I know I need to eat, what I really want is a nice greasy spoon hamburger from Whistlers in Carthage Mo. Otherwise I don't even want to look at food. I did eat some ice cream last night, it wasn't Blue Bell, but it was cold and refreshing. I miss my Blue Bell, I wish our stores would get it back on the shelf.
I didn't take my shower till sometime around nine. When I took my bra off my right drain site was pretty sore and a little puffy, swollen. Think we had it in a bind when I put my bra on yesterday. Didn't take my walk until around 10am 4 1/2 hall walks walked a little faster. Still, no spring in my step, but not shuffling like an old lady.
I just can't imagine doing this at home with my little dogs bugging me, and my husband would want to wait on me hand and foot. I love my husband very much, he is a good man, while I'm down, he would cater to my every need, he does it when I feeling good. But he does have the tendency, to use it against me when he gets angry at me, like a child would. I noticed several women have said that. Sorry just worrying about when I get home. This must be one of those days other women have talked about, the after surgery blues and guilt feeling. I don't feel depressed, just tired.
When the nurse came in this morning, she caught me in a really good, sweat pouring off of me, hot flash. First one I have had since being off my estrogen, I have had a lots of small one. She emptied my jugs, took my blood pressure, and came back with a thermometer. Said I was normal, but would tell the Dr. and see what he wants to do.

Something the other women haven't talked about.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Yesterday, I noticed a little extra benefit about the tummy tuck. Even down there, I got a little lift factor going on. Today with the swelling the camel toes where back. Egad!

Dr. Arce

You know JacquE always talks about Dr Aguello. and he is the star of the show, he is good, ok really, really good looking, so sweet, kind, professional, understanding and masterful at his surgery. But I love Dr. Arce, he is awesome and good looking too. He is so gentle, (thank goodness) you couldn't ask for more, he is a really sweet and caring man. He does everything himself, doesn't call a nurse to do all the dirty work, like redressing you. They really do make a good team.

I had my first follow up appointment with Dr. Arce, got my drains out, yippee, didn't hurt a bit, although I did have good pain management on board just incase it would hurt. He uncovered everything and it looked awesome! This show pony is coming together. I did have a lot of fluid retention in my back from the lipo, that is why my back was so stiff. He opened a small place up, to drain and massaged my back. I knew their was a reason I took those pain pills before I went. He massaged quite a bit and drained, and drained, a lot. I did have to sit down a couple of times and sniff some alcohol, but it wasn't from pain. He told me not to look, too late I looked, I didn't think I was bothered by, but I did get weak in the knees. He was very patient and caring and took good care me. I wished I would have had a heads up and taken a couple of things with me. One, a very big diaper to put on, because that puppy would not quit draining. I was soaked by the time I got back to my apartment. I stripped, put a very large towel on between my legs and a pair of shorts and asked the nurse to bring me some Kotex to use as a very large bandaid. I would have never thought of that except reading some of the other girls stories. My nurse thought that was a very good idea and brought me some nighttime size. So now I will need to be messaged twice a day on my back. I asked Dr. Arce if this was normal, and he said it sometimes happens. So I take that it isn't really common, so take some preventives with you just in case. I also had to buy some rolls of cotton batting to put between me and my garment, to prevent wrinkles indentations. I think it will be really comfortable.

I was hoping to get my first lymphatic massage today but after the soaking and until I get a handle on the draining thing, I will do that tomorrow. In my head, I think that will be just blissful.


I'm so sorry I haven't been on here for so long, I have been feeling absolutely great, stomach and breast are still really numb. Thank goodness, I have had a couple of problems, don't no if they are common or not. One is, the retaining of fluid in my back and belly. It seems to be taking care on it's on. My belly button needed a little extra attention a couple of days, looks good now. I did notice a few days a go that when I made certain move I would feel like a stitch pulling in my breast, but no stitch there, also felt like abdomen binder was driving that same breast crazy, but binder was no where near. Last night while I was laying somewhat unclothed in bed letting my button dry, I felt a bad pull to my breast and looked at it and noticed a dent in it. This morning when I took my shower it was a really big hard dent, bothers me now. I had appointment to see doctor this evening at 6:00pm, but didn't make it. I had an appointment at Prisma for a couple of crown and root extractions and implants at 11am. It turned into a major surgery with sinus lift and lots of bone implant. It was a nightmare for me, thank goodness they were very patient with me and thank God for nitrous oxide, I probably sucked the tank drive. I was in the first chair at 11am and moved to the surgery chair at 1pm, I was in that chair being worked on till 6:30, freezing. Half way through I begged to go to the bathroom, he wasn't too happy cause my gums where wide open. I was miserable and I got up and ran to bathroom. All I could worry about was Carlos sitting out there waiting for me and not able to call Dr. Arguello to let him know, I wasn't going to make it to appointment that I so desperately wanted to go to. I hope he is very understanding, because the doctors in the states would be pissed, for not showing. Even though I still love being here, sometimes I feel like I am everyones mercy not being able to control some of my situations, and I feel really guilty when my situation effects others. Thats why I am here because I didn't want to be a burden to my husband and here I am worrying about others. I'm one of those people, when I make a decision to do something for myself and think it will be easy and shouldn't be a problem, but turns into a big ordeal and friggin expensive. I really wasn't expecting that, even I though I knew it needed to done for years and I won't regret it later. I'll have to make a couple of return trips to beautiful San Jose to finish it, but it will be well worth it. already my daughter is getting her passport updated for her and her daughter, my niece is planning on coming, and my girlfriend is hot on coming. I can't believe I have so many supporters. Isn't that awesome!

Do I have regrets?

Heck no, I have no regrets. Every issue has just been with my body, everybody is different and will heal different and be different. No one is perfect, or symmetrical. Even doctors can't make you perfect or symmetrical. They can do their best and some are better then others. The rest is in our heads, we take what we have and fix it, if we can, and learn to live with it. We really should love the way we are, and we are the most critical, and meanest to ourselves, We let TV, family and mean friends get in our heads. We also have pride and jealously working in our heads. Some of us just don't admit out loud, I am terribly jealous of Jennifer Lopez, Cher, and a couple of other stars on TV. I would die to look like them. Photoshopped and all!
My Doctors are great and the staff are really a special treat. I have a nurse that takes care of me in the evening, is from Columbia. I would love to see him become a doctor he is that good.
The dent thing is something I worry about because of adhesions and I just need to make sure I massage and massage it out. If I had a golf ball, I would be using it. It is the same breast that had the horse bite and an adhesion caused the nipple to draw in on it self. I should have had that problem taken care of in the beginning but didn't know there was a recourse to take until I got here on Realself, but now it is too late. But I do love it here, wanting to go home and hug and kiss my husband, but not wanting to leave here. I will be back!!! I feel awesome!

I haven't take pain pill after 4 days except before certain procedures, I walked 3 miles yesterday of course at different times. Now the dentist told me I can't walk, because of my fragile sinus membrane. Thats just temporary, I have to see the dreaded dentist again. Actually they are very sweet and good, I have just had poor dental service all my life. Always felt like a guinea pig, until yesterday. You can tell they know their stuff, they have seen it all.
Wish me a pain free visit, See yall later.

Dental Prisma

Even though I felt like yesterday was a nightmare, (cause I detest any kind of dental, very long, long story and many stories). I feel great and tremendously happy today. So thankful for Dr. Telma and Dr. Josef. and I am so happy I started this road.
Even though I was such a frantic mess, they were so patient, and professional with me.

The In house lab and equipment is state of the art. The best I have ever seen. Did you know in the states your dentures or crown, may be made in someones dirty garage or kitchen. I have seen that in Texas, I had an acquaintance, who's husband use to make them for several dentist, in San Antonio. She asked me if I wanted him to make me a new one. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, but I said hell no, a little too fast.
They would ship the molds to him and he would make them up. Awful! I remember getting a crown from a dentist in Joplin, MO and kept having to go back to try on. Cause he would have to send it back repeatedly. I guess it was made in someone's ugly garage. The one I ended up with, was a big ugly manly looking on, I always wanted to cry everytime I smiled in the mirror. But now I'm a happy camper and it is gone. I can't wait to come back for more work! Silly me.


Goodness I hate posting naked pictures, but I know it is important. I have finally looked at them. Even after a one week anniversary they still look like a got beat up. But, I feel absolutely great. I just can't wait for everything to stick together and tighten up. It'll happen, I have faith.

Body is doing great, mouth on the other hand!

My body continues to amaze me. Looking good if I say so myself! I feel excellent on the aspect of the tummy tuck and breast reduction.
My mouth on the other hand is killing me. Even the pain pills are having a hard keeping the pain at bay. My face is so swollen and I can't chew, so soup and ice cream it is. I woke up night before last at 11:55, doing the dry heaves thing. At least that didn't hurt my belly, apparently the pain pills the dentist gave me didn't agree with me the second night, I was so glad I had some cookies in my gift basket and ate them the best I could. I woke up again with my face extremely swollen at 4am. fortunately I had some ice bags in the freezer took a couple ultracet, and iced my face down and was able to go back to sleep. Yesterday was off and on, with pain or worry. I just hope I didn't rupture my sinus membrane, I'm not allowed to walk or move much because of the sinus lift. I hope I can get ahold of the dentist tomorrow. Dr. Josef said they were out for two weeks, I wish they would have told me that before they did major surgery on me. I was expecting swelling, but nothing like this.

Next to last appointment

Only four more days here, Bittersweet!
Had appointment with Dr. Arguello and Dr. Arce, everything looks pretty good. Except where the drain was on my tummy tuck, nothing bad, just a little rough. He took out the stitches on my belly button it looks good, and I finally got to see the stitches on my breast, Not bad, I'm happy. He did have me get a prescription for antibiotics for the drain area, and also Domeboro to make up a solution to dab on the drain, belly button and on the intersection on my left breast, also to put cream on it. Nothing wrong with it, but it could open up. I hope not! The stitches around the areola look good. I will take pictures tomorrow after my shower.

The three spots

I have three little spots I have to do extra doctoring, a tiny place under my left breast, my belly button, is looking much better, when I woke up this morning my incision where the drain was placed in my tummy was inflamed and itching, slight infection? It'll be fine though.

Looking good!

Today was my last appointment to see the Docs. All in all everything is looking good, other then the small glitches. I'm just a little paranoid, (because I'm one of those, glass half empty, sort of person, I like to call myself a realist). So he reassured me that if there is anything wrong, he would able to fix it in six months when I come back for more dental work (Please dear Lord, make my dental work, easier the next time then this last time). I can't wait to come back, it was just going to be my daughter and me, but now her husband is ready to make it a family vacay. Yikes, I tried to explain, I could be in a lot of pain the first week. The plan is to do the dentist first, then the rain, cloud forest and then the beach. My daughter has a great husband, I just hope he and they, will have patience and understanding for me. The best part about going home is seeing my husband, boy, do I miss him and the fur babies.
Dr. Arguello also gave me permission, that when I get home, there should no problem with me hitting the road to pick up our new horse trailer/living quarters in Cabot Ark, then going to Tenn. to pick up my new boy-toy, Mancho.
The hard part is leaving, I don't feel like I got to do anything, but could have if it hadn't have been my decision for dental surgery. My tummy tuck and reduction, didn't hold me back, I felt great on that part. I will miss Verdeza and all the wonderful people who work here, and the most delicious food here. I would give this place 10 gold stars, I would definitely come back here! it is not a resort and it is not a boutique hotel, it is better. The nurses I have come to love, along with the ones who bought my food to me. I will miss Ophelia, and Louis, too. Everyone is simply just great. Everyone have a good night, I'm off to take my shower, and doctor my tiny spots. Then to finish my last minute packing. I have to be up at 4am, to catch the plane at 9am. I hope it isn't hard to get through customs or whatever it is I need to do to catch the plane. I did request medical assistance at the airport, which I really feel silly doing, because I feel too good. I can walk pretty good, still have no pain, I just don't want to lug my laptop everywhere and dodge people just in case. It never fails when you have a booboo you will either hit it or someone will accidentally knock into you. If you know what I mean. The only bad thing is I have a two hour lay over in Houston, and it's going suck to be stuck in a wheel chair.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just had to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
And to let everyone know I made it home, and there is nothing like the healing powers of home and being loved.
yesterday was long, exciting, ( I got patted down in a private room, In Houston), I'll tell more tomorrow. It feels so good to be home with my husband, I truly believe he missed me, and my poor dogs, just keep staring and licking me.
Love to all and hope your day is great and cherished....
Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

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