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Well, I have pulled the trigger....date set,...

Well, I have pulled the trigger....date set, stomach in knots. May 22nd I will fly to Costa Rica, have an appt. on the 23rd. for initial appt. for some dental work, having a breast lift on the 5-26 and FL on 5-30. Will post some before shots soon. When I get up my nerve. One hurdle at a time. Many thanks to RS for all the information, reviews, advice and pictures. I have been following along and researching for almost a year now and finally decided on Dr. Alberto Arguello and Dr. Arce in Costa Rica. All five star reviews. I spoke with both Dr. Arguello and Dr. Arce. Both were knowledgeable and I felt at ease talking with them. Dr. Arguello said that he had done surgery on both his mother and sister and he treats every patient as if they were his mother or sister. They have a new recovery center and I am awaiting more information on that. Will post more as I know more. Thank you again to everyone who was kind enough to share their experiences. It has been so helpful and mostly inspiring. All advice appreciated!!

Anyone Comunicating with Dr Arguello liaison Lisa

Anyone Comunicating with Dr Arguello liaison Lisa will need to contact his office directly. She no longer works for Dr. Arguello.

Pictures of our room & a walk in the neighborhoof

Pics of our room

Some before pictures

First face to face meeting with my surgeons today.

Meeting with Dr. Arguello & Dr. Arce was above and beyond my expectations. Answered every question I had, went over each procedure in detail. Dr. Arguello would speak to some thoughts I'd been having before I brought them up. Both were very kind, humorous. easy to talk with. Met Dr. Arguello's mother who he had done surgery on. He says he treats every patient as if they were his mother or sister. Feeling like I'm in exceptional hands & relieved...

Two days post op

Hello RS friends. Been two days since operation. Some nausea yesterday, but fine now. Will post some pictures soon. Don't know how someone does this alone. My husband has been great. Went out and got flowers for Diane and I. Post again soon.

Dr. Arce & Dr. Arguello my Super Heros

I feel like I've hit the lottery with both Dr. Arguello & Dr. Arce. They are both so attentive and professional. They have both been in touch daily. Answer all my questions & concerns. And I can't wait to emerge from this cocoon (headdress we have to wear for 12 days) to see their art. The daily lymph massages are so soothing. Your face/neck is so tight and hard....the gentle vibrating massage is a Godsend!! Plus at Verdeza, they clean your room daily, feed you breakfast, lunch & dinner either in your room or in the dinning room, do your laundry! We may never leave!

Hello RS friends

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. We have been traveling a bit & have now moved to Chetica. I have developed an infection behind by right ear. The doctors were right on it and I'm now on oral antibiotics. Carlos (our guide & driver) Took us on an over night trip to Manual Antoino National Park with an okay from the docs. But, we did some hiking & it was beautiful, the humidity in the park was very high. With the headdress & the stockings we need to wear, I sweat a whole bunch. I think that may be how I developed this infection. I would caution all of you to wait at least 2-3 weeks before doing long bouts out in the humidy. Diane did fine but very hot & itchy after.

One month of recovery today!

I am happy to say that my recovery is going well. I don't post often because after my initial ten days of recovery, I felt up to doing some tours, seeing museums etc. so I haven't had time to do a lot of posting. My right ear infection is gone. A lot of my swelling is gone. Still have some near my ears and my neck. No bruising at all. Itching like crazy...Dr Arguello had me get a non-drowsy antihistamine and that had help a lot with the itching. My breasts are beginning to round out & look like boobs again! Do have a couple of small red areas that I'm watching. I had a face & neck Chem Peel today....on the house! Thank you Dr. Arguello! I can't say enough about these two doctors and the care they have given me. My husband and I are having lunch with them tomorrow before our flight home on Saturday. They have gone above & beyond in every way. I feel so pampered & spoiled. I'm going to miss them. Although my husband is awesome as well!!

A little over three months update

Hello all you Real Self friends out there. I have found some time for an update and a little bit of pay it forward to all of you who have been so generous taking the time to tell us about your journeys.

Each week I seem to get better and better. I went to a party at a close friends house who I hadn't shared my adventure with. She asked if I cut my hair & commented on how rested I looked since I retired. Those that I did tell, are wanting numbers & information.
Someone did ask about the Chem peel I had. I did two on my chest, one month apart. I had one on my face the day before I left. Neither were full strength. I'm very happy with the results, although they were very painful. I would suggest topical lidocaine & ice before the procedure. I had a lot of sun damage and it made a big difference.

I still have numbness in front of my ears & the top of my head. Still some swelling in front of my ears and under my chin from the neck lift. But such a big improvement in my neck & lower face, I love it. I had a very slight lip lift & at first, because of the swelling, I couldn't see much of a difference. I do see it now. Very slight which is what I asked for. I wish I would have done a bit more. I don't like the scar under my nose & will be glad when it lightens up. My scars above my ears are much lighter. Nearly invisible on the left. The right is more prominent, but getting better. The tightness above my eyes is nearly gone. Because we couldn't get too close to my eyes with the Chem Peel, I did have dark circle under my eyes but I have been using a lightener Dr. Arguello recommended. The darkness is nearly gone. In the corner of my lower left eye lid there is a strong pull & a very slight elevation of the skin. It also has gotten better, but I'm hoping it totally resolves with time.
I had a brow lift. I had two incisions just above my hairline on the lateral sides of my brow. I have to say that it didn't make the improvement I'd hoped for, BUT, when I look at my before pictures, I think with all things considered and my age (65) it was a fabulous improvement....and yes, I'd do it again.

I have two friends wanting all the info on Dr. Arguello & Dr. Arce. They love my results and comment on how I just keep getting better.

I also had a breast lift & reduction. I can now go without a bra if I choose to...Yay! Haven't ever been able to do that...
My breasts are still pretty firm. I'm hoping they will continue to soften. I have been using silicon strips on my incisions and massaging them with Vitamin E. They are still dark under my breast & hard. The incisions around my areola are pink & not nearly as dense as the ones under my breasts. Again, hoping time will make an improvement.

Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

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