Happy with the results so far! Facelift and Armlift in Costa Rica

Well I have been on RealSelf for about a year now....

Well I have been on RealSelf for about a year now. I started checking it out when I got a gastric bypass because I knew I would need some plastics done. Iv lost about 100 lbs and still have another 30 or so to go, hence the Nov date. I have chosen Dr Arguello in Costa Rica. He has fantasic reviews and pictures and great credentials Dr. Argüello´s credentials including being a member of the:
American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), American Society of Aesthetic
Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), International Society of Aesthetic Plastic
Surgery (ISAPS).
I am getting a facelift, necklift, eyelift and probably an eyebrow lift. I am also getting an armlift in the same surgery unless the facelift takes longer than expected and then it will be a few days after my facelift ( the quote for face, neck, brow, eye and arm lift includes everything except my recovery stay of 14 days ) broken down the cost is as follows:
face neck eyes $5,300
eyebrows $2,000
arms $3000
surgical clinic $3000 about $4,500 if you want your surgery done at the hospital
10 therapy sessions $500
face garment $60
medications and pre op tests $500
14 days at Che Tica Recovery ranch @ $125 a day ( my husband will be with me ) its $85 a day for one
and around $1000 for airfare.
Thanks for all of you out there that do reviews and show your pictures. I will add more photos soon

this is a cash price
the 14 day stay at Che Tica is $125 a day because my husband is coming with me, its $85 for 1 person
and I figure airfare will be around $1000 for both of us.

Got secure date and bought plane tickets for hubby and I

so very exciting it is seeming more real now that I have purchase flight tickets and paid my deposit for Dec 8 surgery. I still have to lose 20 more lbs to have a low enough bmi for surgery. I'm trying to get and keep myself motivated be very strict on my diet by starting to buy stuff for the trip, so far iv gotten 2 night gowns that are loose and snap button up the front and also got new robe, someone suggested a floppy hat for when I'm outside and I got that. I don't want to take a bunch of stuff I don't need but I would love some suggestions from all of you realselfers out there that have flown out of the county to costa rica for surgery, Im getting a full face lift, eyes top and bottom, eyebrow lift and neck lift along with a chemical peel and possible some fat injections to my face. I'm also getting an arm lift. I would like to stay and Che Tica but Iv had a few people discourage me from that, I will have my husband with me he is very good at caring for me and will be fully involved in this whole thing. The cost of Verdeza is much more than Che Tica
$125 a day for both of us ( especially because there are two of us and I think I would love the scenery and quiet along with the fact that I can get a two bedroom cottage at Che Tica which would allow for my husband to do other things while I'm sleeping or resting. Any suggestions would be helpful and I promise to pay it forward by posting my before and after pictures and giving a rundown of the whole thing for others.

before pics

all before pics taken within 3months before surgery

WEll, I bet you all thought that this was never gonna happen, But it did, I'm now 8days post op

I'm now 8 days post op, every thing has gone well with no complications and I'm happy with the outcome so far, I will post a few pictures now and add more about my experience later.

The first few days, and pain free how can that be!

Day 5

Day 5, one of my eyes swells more than the other one and makes it look asymmetrical, it does even out after day 10 but who knows the swelling changes back and forth day by day it changes.

Had to do myself up just a bit to see if I will still look like myself, of course it's way to early I'm so swollen

7days post op
Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

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