Juvederm Disaster -San Jose, CA

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I went to my Doctor for a simple juverderm...

I went to my Doctor for a simple juverderm procedure. He was supposed to inject my lips with the product. After I left I noticed that my upper lip had no color in it at all. I have had this procedure done before and so I knew my body tolerated it and that no color in my upper lip was odd. The next day I woke up and my upper lip was swollen huge. My nose was also swollen as well as the area in between my nose and upper lip. I was also very bruised in that area and had developed a rash there as well. I also began to get very painful sinus infection like symptoms. I was also getting white sores that were popping ip both on my upper lip line as well as the area under my nose. I had developed sores in my mouth with made it impossible to open my mouth let alone eat or even brush my teeth. The swelling and pain got so bad that I went to the ER. I was given steriods and anti-histamines for the swelling. I went to the Doctor the next day and he told me that sometimes the juvederm block veins in the lips and this is what happens. He gave my antibiotics and biafine to topically put on the area. He also injected a solution he said would disslove the juvederm. I read the instructions on the Biafine and it says not to put it on skin rashes or infections. HELP!! What do I do? I am almost 6 days from this injection and my lip and area under my nose look terrible. I am afraid I am scarred for life and this burn/rash will remain.


Thank you to all who commented and sent well wishes. You really helped me get through this very difficult time. The good news is that I did not lose my lip. I have been seeing a very good dermatologist. I still have some swelling and the area between my nose and upper lip continues to be red. I am told that it will remain that way for months. Hopefully it will heal without a scar. I consider myself to be very lucky knowing that it could have been much worse. My advise to all is to research any and all procedures fully and be 100% confident in you PS. I am sorry I did not post sooner as I had some technical difficulties. Take care!!!!

My lips today

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