9 Days After Kybella Injection--still Major Side Effects. San Jose, CA

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I have been looking for a way to decrease my...

I have been looking for a way to decrease my double chin without surgury for years. After kybella consultation I was excited and scheduled an appt.

So let me say I only had numbing cream before my first appy with 18 injections. It was extremely painful and will have lidocaine shots the next time.

Post injection I experienced the expected side effects of numbness, swelling and redness and luckily no bruising. On day 2 i noticed significant hardness almost like 2 hard boiled eggs with hardshell removed were under my chin!
I went to the dr 1 week after procedure and was told this was an edema and that is a possible side effect...My chin is now 3 times bigger than before procedure and semi hard! And some patients in the trial had this for a month or more. I guess i am one of those patients and am not happy at all. There is nothing one can do other than warm compresses. i am concerned I will look like i gained 20 pounds throughout the length of this process. I plan to get my next injection when and if the edema disappears.
Proceed with caution in my opinion and ensure your dr explains in detail the worst case scenario because mine did not...

Day 15 after kybella

I still have numbness and pain if i barely touch the area. Has anyone tried the topical skin prescription voltaren for the pain? Motrin does not help me

The edema has reduced a bit not enough for me to be comfortable in public.--still like a frog...My dr recommended i wear a compression chin strap that was just provided as much as possible to try and reduce the edema so will try that for a few days. Thank you to reviewe who suggested that already. If i do the 2nd injection in 5 weeks i will for sure try the compression strap right away.

Day 23 after kybella injection

Thanks to all who have commented it has been very helpful! So i have tried the velcro chin strap my dr gave me. It will not stay on during sleeo so wearing during the day a few hours. It is helpful but i think the warm compresses are alos helping. I still am numb under the entire chin area and painful to touch. The swellimg is gone butni still have the edema although smaller than last week. I think this will be a very slow process for me to get back to normal. I do have another injection scheduled for sept 9-- 7 weeks after first. I will see how i feel a week before
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