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Hello! I want to share my experience with outer...

I want to share my experience with outer and inner thighs and inner knees liposuction and tips!

Consultation tips
Do extensive research before consultation with plastic surgeons. Make a list of questions and bring your ideal before and after pictures to show your expectations.

My questions were, for example,
Do you think my expectations are reasonable and can you achieve it? What kind of liposuction method will you choose for me? What size of cannula do you use for me? Show me before and after pictures of your past patients. How will you sculpt and contour my body? Local or general anesthesia? How many liposuction have you done? ( i would say minimum is 500 ) what is your Revision policy? What is the best way to contact you after procedure ?

I had consultations with 6 plastic surgeons. I have decided that power assisted liposuction with 3mm cannula is the best for me. Im 5'1 and 105 lb. Im thin except my thighs. I chose dr. who is very patient, willing to listen, respect my ideal body line, willing to do revision if necessary w/o fee and who I can contact by text and email.

Preparation for surgery
Do grocery shopping, get medication, cleaning, cooking before procedure.
I stopped my birth control 1 week before to decrease risk of clot.
Start iron and vitamin k supplements 1 week before ( consult with your doctor though!)
Start arnica and bromelain supplements 3 days before procedure.
I recommend probiotics to make sure you have bowel movements every day! Constipation ( pain med side effect ) is not fun!
Stool softer for constipation if necessary
Start fish oil and naproxen right after surgery ( some dr dont recommend these because of bleeding risk so do check with your dr. But, these meds have anti inflammatory effects and my dr recommended. He doesn't think these will increase bleeding risk if taken after procedure )

What to eat
Decrease salt intake 2 weeks before surgery and continue after surgery. Maybe 2 weeks to 3 months...
Increase protein intake. I got ensure plus. Eat egg, meat and fish!
Crackers and ginger ale if you are worried about nausea.
Jelly and yogurt are also good!

I had a liposuction with just local anesthesia, ativan and pain med injection. The procedure was painful. I was told i experienced more pain because Im thin. I kept saying aw. Aw. Aw :( during procedure. I had to squeez or hold onto something and kept biting the cloth because of sharp pain. If you have low pain tolerance, you might want to do general anesthesia.

However, after procedure i do not have pain or soreness at all. Just in case, i take 2 tabs of naproxen 220mg every 12 hours and tramadol 50 mg every 8 hours. It is hard to bend my knees because of padding and compression garments but I can sit on floor and stand up without pain. This was unexpected so I am very very happy. I use bed wedge pillow to elevate my legs and put blanket on my legs to keep them warm. Feel so good. I also use compression stocking on top of compression garments to increase circulation of my lower legs. It feels very good.

I am planning to take bath after incisions heal and start gentle self massage with arnica oil.

I hope my tips help you and let me know if you have questions. Im wearing pads for leakage and drainage now so I will start taking pictures in 2 days!!

1 week after surgery

I stopped taking tramadol around 4th day and I didnt feel much pain after 72 hours. I measured my thighs and it was - 0.75 to 1 inch on 3 or 4th day. On 7th day, it was - 1 to 1.25 inch. Hopefully, my thighs continue to get thinner. I have numbness on my thighs but not pain. I have been able to walk and lift my legs fine. I bruise easily and my inner thighs look very very bad. But, this was expected. I have been taking arnica and bromelain and some of my bruises are getting yellower but my inner thighs still look very bad. Very dark.

The worst problem I have is constipation. I chose tramadol over vicodin because I thought it would cause less constipation. However, my constipation was very severe. I didnt had bowel movements for 4 days. On 5th, 6th and 7th days, I had bowel movements but my stool was very hard and I had to stay in the bathroom for the longest time in my life :( I was taking stool softner but I guess it was not enough. I recommend drinking a lot of water and taking metamucil. You have to be careful not to take prescription drugs 2 hours before and after you take metamucil because meds may not get absorbed into your body.

I started wearing compression pantyhose under the compression garment because garment is too loose around my kneess and leaves marks on my skin. I strongly recommend keeping your legs warm and elevated with bed wedge pillow, sweat pants, thick socks and blankets etc for better circulation and healing. It feels good too!

I will attached photos. You cant really see the difference from lipo in pictures but I thought you might want to see how it looks like after surgery. When I saw the openings after 30 hours , it was shocking. I regret a little. You just have to hope your openings heal soon. So, you might want to wait 48 hours to take shower if you dont want to see raw openings. My openings are closing well on 7th day but a few openings is still draining/bleeding :(

If your doctor doesnt suture, you have a lot of pads, first aid tapes and bandaids at home.

9 days after procedure

I started seeing a result more clearly. I have thigh gaps! I measured my thighs and its -1.25 to 1.5 now. Happy! Hopefully, my thighs gets thinner!

Post 9 days picture

Thigh gap! Yay!

12th day picture

My thighs are definitely thinner than before. Very happy to see the result so early. Measurements are at least - 1.5 inch now. Starting around 7th day, it started hurting if I stay in the same posture. So, i have to keep moving or if hurts. Not bad though. I started massaging with arnica massage oil and feels good. I recommend it! ( Ask dr first though. ) My left outer thigh/saddle bag is fuller than my right. Hopefully, it gets thinner.

More comparison pictures on day 12

Dont forget to take before pictures and measurements before your procedure!! Its very encouraging to see the difference :)

Day 17

Day 17

Measurements are -2 inch compare to before! I think Im already close to final result but hopefully my thighs get thinner. Some spots of Inner thighs were hard and swollen but massage in the tub and with arnica massage oil helped a lot. The bruises are not gone yet but I knew that was gonna happen. I still feel numbing/pulling sensation on left inner thighs sometimes but not too bad. Wearing compression garments helps.

Day 19

No more soreness or pain. I can bend my knees fully, run and be on my feet whole day. I still have numbing/pulling sensation once in a while when I am not wearing the compression garment.

I still have bruises but no more firm spots or lumps. Massage and taking bath helped a lot. Also, I lost 2 lbs in last 2 days. I think it is because I have been taking bath a lot lately and sweated a lot. Lost water weight. My legs feel lighter than before! Measurements are -2.25 inch.

My lower inner thighs are very bruised, had lumps and firm spots but now its very flat. My upper thighs are not bruised at all, no lumps/firm spots at all and it is still fuller than my ideal. I wonder that means Dr didnt take enough fat there. Please let me know what you think! Hopefully, it is just swelling and get thinner.

I feel bikini ready first time in my life! Day 22

I complained about my upper inner thighs on last post. I have a great news! My upper inner thighs are thinner now! I noticed the big change in last 3 days. I wonder my vigorous massage on the area helped. I thought it might have been residential fat that my dr didnt take out but it was swelling! Very happy. I started liking my legs for the first time in my life. I have flat stomach so I feel like I finally have a proportional body! Im very glad I chose to do lipo and chose Dr. Hagstrom!

More comparison pictures from day 22

Day 26

My measurements or weight didnt change this week. That probably means most of my swelling are already gone. I have lost 3 to 5lb after procedure and measurements are - 2.5inch.

My bruises are gone and very happy! I can wear a dress without a black pantyhose. I am still wearing compression garments 24/7 and I will continue to wear until numbing or pulling sensations goes away. It is a good support for my inner thighs.
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

My result looks very natural although I couldn't achieve straight legs. I think my legs are naturally not straight and fuller for some other reason. ( The fat tissue is not the problem.) However, I clearly see a big change after procedure and I like my legs for first time in my life. I am very happy that I chose to do lipo and chose dr hagstrom. He is definitely one of the most experienced lipo doctor in bay area and he is focused on liposuction. He is very honest and trustable. I wish I felt less pain duration procedure. If you experience a lot of pain with local anesthesia, you should ask yout dr to give you more pain injection.

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