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I bought some SkinTyte sessions from this doctor...

I bought some SkinTyte sessions from this doctor and got no benefit at all from them plus he ignored my concerns about the safety of the machine. Initially the doctor said the results would be apparent after a few months so I waited, continued the series, but with no results. About halfway through the series, I wrote him a letter telling him I’d had no results so far and that I was also concerned about the instrument used because I experienced that at one end where it contacted my skin it would be so painful, while the other end was not, so I would have to ask the technician to stop. I wasn’t sure that I was getting sufficient treatment so I wanted to bring that to his attention (after all, my skin could also be damaged). I also mentioned that I was receiving less treatment time than his website said I should get. He did not answer my letter which I will add was polite. He did pop in when I went to one of the last treatments and say I would just need to be patient and that my next option is surgery (for about $15,000). He didn’t mention the potential safety and effectiveness issue I’d mention about the instrument or the discrepancy between his website’s statement about treatment time versus what I was getting. I was just starting a treatment that day so wasn’t exactly in the state of mind to discuss this. During that treatment, just like the earlier ones, I told the technician when the pain was too severe. To this day, I have no idea if I received what would be considered an effective treatment. Anyway, on the drive home I felt angry that he had just basically said “since you’ve gotten no results from spending hundreds of dollars here, what you really need for results is to spend $15,000.” Yeah, right.
Isn’t it his job to evaluate treatment approachs and inform the patient of the best option up front? Or is the approach to take hundreds of dollars up front and then later ask for thousands to actually get results? I can’t say anything about anyone else’s honesty but I have been told by two other doctors in the field that plastic surgeons (and dermatologists) will buy machines and then “need to pay for them” basically by experimenting on patients. Just based on the lack of results, it would have been better customer relations for him to offer one more treatment at a reduced rate or even free but he didn’t do that. And it was obviously wrong of him not to address my concerns about the instrument possibly being faulty (too hot on one end causing pain) and inconsistency about stated and actual treatment time.
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