385cc Silicone unders - 20 years old, 5'2", 108lbs

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Hello ladies, I am 5'2", 112lbs, 18(will turn 19...

Hello ladies, I am 5'2", 112lbs, 18(will turn 19 this summer before I get surgery in the fall) and barely a 32A. I am currently in college working towards getting my associates in Nursing (YAY) and I love it! I'm technically a 30A, but since VS doesn't sell 30A's they put me in a 32A. I have always had small breasts, even after puberty. They started growing a little when I was 16, but stopped shortly after. This was especially disappointing for me considering the fact that my mom is a D, one of my sisters is a DD, and my other sister is a very full C. I recently got re-measured at VS and they said I'm a 32B, which I'm sure is just because I have wider breasts. I know this is just in VS pushup land, because I don't even fill out a normal, non-pushup 32A from target or walmart. Although I have been thinking about this for more than a year, I didn't start seriously considering a BA until I turned 18 and stopped growing. During puberty, my hips and butt filled out majorly and since I have no chest, I look like an awkward pear. I don't want to get HUGE implants, just large enough to make my body look proportionate. I've never been that insecure, but it really hurts having people treat and talk to you like a child, because you look like a child(short + no chest apparently equals 12 yr old). I love my body and am very happy with it, but I would be happier with it if I had a larger chest. . I want this for me--to make me happier with my body, not to make some guy happier with my body, and to look like the woman I know I am. I want to be able to rock a bikini without thinking about how un-proportionate my butt & hips are to my chest. I have already made rice sizers in 275cc, 300cc, 325cc, and 350cc. The 350s were way too large, while the 275s were too small. I really like the size of the 300s, but since I am planning on going under the muscle I will most likely get the 325s. I will be getting saline implants, since silicone is only FDA approved for people older than 22 years old. I started out research thinking I wanted HP implants, but after looking at so many mod-plus implants, I realized I like the look of them better. I know cup size is hard to go by, but I'm hoping to be in the full C region. I can't decide on where I want my scars to be. I have no children(and wont be having any soon), but would like to breastfeed my (someday) children. I don't want to mess that up by going peri-areolar. I also don't want the scars to be very noticeable. My parents, one of my moms close friends who was considering BA, my sisters, and one of my close friends all know and are all very supportive of me and my decision to have surgery. I feel completely ready to do this. I've obsessively read so many reviews, followed so many other women's BA stories in the last six months, looked at so many before and afters, and researched this so much. PLEASE tell me that this is normal. I appreciate this community and all the support you wonderful women here at RealSelf have for each other. Thank you for starting with me on my journey! :D

Finally happening! First consultation

Hi ladies, fast forward 10 months and things are finally happening. Tomorrow I have my first consultation appointment in Sacramento with Dr. Sweat. I'm hoping for silicone, but we'll see what the doctor recommends. I'm really excited that it's finally happening!! So far I've liked the work I've seen from Dr. Sweat online and I hope I feel comfortable with him performing my BA.

Surgery booked!!

Today I had my first consult at Dr. Sweat's office (New Body MD). I wasn't sure going in to the appointment if I was ready to schedule a surgery with him because I hadn't seen too many reviews of his BA's here on real self. The office was really clean and peaceful. I wasn't sure how consultations normally go since this was my first ever, but I didn't meet with him today. Instead I saw this really nice lady name Teffeny who was very patient and quick to answer all of my mom (I wanted her to okay the place too) and I's questions. After feeling both saline and silicone implants, I am absolutely certain that I want silicone. In my opinion the saline just didn't feel real (no hate to people who like theirs) and weren't the best option for me. I was incredibly happy to hear that Dr. Sweat would do silicone implants for me. Teffeny informed me that at my second consultation/pre-op appointment, Dr. Sweat will do all my measurements and provide with a range of sizes in which I will choose from. He then will choose the profile depending on what best works for my body. Teffeny was incredibly patient with me as I tried on and retried on different sizes of implants to get the feel for what look I'm going for. I am thinking somewhere in the 350 to 375cc range but I can't decide because I don't want to regret going too small or too big. Thankfully, I have time to think about it. All in all it was a great appointment, the staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming, and I felt so comfortable there that I went ahead and schedule surgery for January 3rd! I'm really nervously excited but it's a good excitement. I can't wait to finally have boobs!!


Hey guys! Here's a pic of me now. I'm so ready for surgery and I have absolutely no patience. I have been going through RS reviews non stop and honestly I need help bc it's an obsession. I am stuck between 350cc silicone and 375 silicone. Open to advice/ suggestions.

More wish pics

Here are some more wish pics! My pre op appointment is in 2 days! I can't wait! It's early Bc I'm going to be out of town or unavailable most of December. I've hit extreme nervousness about surgery. I just am worried that I'm going to look bad or it's not going to fit me or that I'm making the wrong decision. I've never questioned this and I've wanted this for so long so I don't know where this is coming from. Has any one else experienced this? Your advice on handling it would be greatly appreciated.

2 weeks out (basically) & pre-op

Hey ladies! I had my pre-op appointment earlier than 2 weeks out because I was out of town for a while. It went really well. Dr. Sweat is really nice and I feel totally comfortable letting him perform the operation on me. I tried on sizers again and got stuck between 350, 375, and 385 (way too big for me). I finally decided on sue tea 375 smooth round hp implants. All the nervousness has passed and now I'm just super ready to get it done already. If anyone has any suggestions for how to prepare for post op please let me know!

Surgery postponed

Well guys I came down with something nasty. I have a fever of 102, a cough, chills, body aches, and feel just nasty in general. Talked to the surgeons coordinator and she suggested that we reschedule it. I feel better than I did yesterday so I know I'll be better by Tuesday. Tuesday morning I'll talk to the coordinator again and hopefully they can fit me in the end of the week otherwise I can't have surgery until May! Please pray for me! I want these boobs! Lol

Surgery Rescheduled!!!

Hi ladies! I'm feeling 100% better today so when Dr. Sweat's office called to check up on me, they rebooked me for Thursday at 12:30 to arrive at 11:30! I'm am so happy and excited I could cry! I thought I wasn't going to be able to get them done until May! Thank you for your prayers!

On my way to the clinic

Hey ladies.. I'm on my way to the clinic now. Supposed to be there at 11:30 with a 12:39 surgery start time. I'm so freaking nervous. I've never gone under before and I'm scared. Scared of literally everything. I know I want this so idk what is wrong with me. Haha can't wait to get one of those "cocktails" at the facility cuz I'm flipping the f out over here. I trust my surgeon completely so idk why I'm suddenly so worried the size is going to be huge or they're gonna just end up looking horrid. I think I need a Valium now hahah


Hey beautiful ladies! I'm on the other side! I got to the clinic at 11:30, finished signing some stuff and peed in the cup for the pregnancy test then headed back. I sat in the back by myself for a little while which was scary bc I didn't have my phone and I didn't have my mom there to call my hand. Keep in mind this was my first time going under anesthesia and was really freaking out (see my "before surgery post" hahaha). I asked the nurse if I could get my phone cuz I left it with my mom and she went and got it for me. I felt better after that because I actually got to talk to my mom and boyfriend even though they weren't back there. The doctor came in and double checked that we were on the same page and I initialed that I agreed with everything he said. Next the nurse (she was seriously the sweetest lady ever) cam back in and out my IV in. Ouch it hurt but it was quick and she did a wonderful job. Then the anesthesiologist came in and went over everything with me. He really calmed my fears. I told him how I had a cold and cough this past week but had been taking robitussin to suppress my cough and explained that since I'm better now and coughs basically gone that I will be fine. I told him I was worried about coughing during surgery because the urge to cough is worse when I lay down but he reassured me that I will not be coughing once I'm under. They then walked me into the OR and I got on the table. I asked the anesthesiologist if he could me something for anxiety and he said he was doing that right now. I started feeling loopy but I wasn't going to say anything because I knew it was just anxiety meds and I was probably making it up. Well NOPE, I wasn't making it up because next thing I know I woke up in recovery. I was not in excruciating pain but it was extremely tight and the incisions hurt really bad. I asked my nurse Deann for meds and she said she already gave me some. Next thing I know my mom was there. Deann helped me get dressed while my mom pulled the car around back. Then Deann helped me into the wheelchair and wheeled me out to the car then helped me in the car. My mom took me by McDonalds to get some food before going back to the hotel. I took a Valium after eating and I fell asleep right away. Mom woke me up to take a pain pill after an hour then I fell back asleep. When I woke up my boobs felt extremely tight again. I got up and walked around and that made me feel better. Took some pics. Tried to put my cartilage stud back in and dropped the jewel YAY. Oh well. Here's some photos for ya ladies ? thanks for alll the love and support!

Day 1 post op

Goooooodmorning my lovelies!!! I took a Valium last night right before bed and I slept like a rock. My mom (a nurse and such a saint) woke me up at 5 to take my hydrocodone then woke me up again to take my Valium. This morning I was virtually painless. I had my day 1 post op appointment at 8:30 and it went really well. Doctor said that they look really good. They are still really swollen but that will go down. He gave me clearance to shower but I'm super confused on how to shower without getting the incisions wet. I have much more mobility in my arms than I expected to have but I'm still quite restricted. I honestly don't know what I'd do without my mom because there are still some things I can't do for myself. I can't itch my back, I can't pick up my laptop which I wasn't surprised about bc it's over 5 lbs, and the worst random thing I didn't think would be a problem was pulling the comforter up in my bed. Last night I could pull my pants up or pull them down without my moms help, today's it's a little easier because the pants I'm wearing today don't have as tight if a waist band. Last night I couldn't get in or out of bed by myself at all. Today I can kind of get out of bed by myself using my legs but I can't scoot up or push myself down in bed. If I'm too far down or too far up in bed I have to get out of bed and then get back in which is annoying. I have to have my mom help my mom out my shirt on. Tip for all y'all about to have surgery it's easier to put your arms are in both the sleeves then have someone pull the collar up over your back. Overall I would say recovery has been incredibly easy and smooth. Remarkably enough I feel great and I'm very happy with my results so far even though they are very high and tight. My boyfriend has been an absolute angel; constantly checking up on me and loving on me. Last night I was talking to him and I said (I was very drugged) "ooo maybe I should be s chef" because I saw a chef show on tv. He was like "babe I don't think you should be a chef because you don't really cook a lot, but you could definitely be a baker". And I cried hahahha. Oh my. Drugs... gotta love em. Anywho, overall I'm doing incredible. Way better than expected!

Day 1 Post op Squishiness update

Day 1 post op squishiness

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Dr. Sweat

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