20years Old, No Kids, 32A -- Tired of being flat chested - San Francisco, CA

Hello ladies, I am 5'2", 112lbs, 18(will turn 19...

Hello ladies, I am 5'2", 112lbs, 18(will turn 19 this summer before I get surgery in the fall) and barely a 32A. I am currently in college working towards getting my associates in Nursing (YAY) and I love it! I'm technically a 30A, but since VS doesn't sell 30A's they put me in a 32A. I have always had small breasts, even after puberty. They started growing a little when I was 16, but stopped shortly after. This was especially disappointing for me considering the fact that my mom is a D, one of my sisters is a DD, and my other sister is a very full C. I recently got re-measured at VS and they said I'm a 32B, which I'm sure is just because I have wider breasts. I know this is just in VS pushup land, because I don't even fill out a normal, non-pushup 32A from target or walmart. Although I have been thinking about this for more than a year, I didn't start seriously considering a BA until I turned 18 and stopped growing. During puberty, my hips and butt filled out majorly and since I have no chest, I look like an awkward pear. I don't want to get HUGE implants, just large enough to make my body look proportionate. I've never been that insecure, but it really hurts having people treat and talk to you like a child, because you look like a child(short + no chest apparently equals 12 yr old). I love my body and am very happy with it, but I would be happier with it if I had a larger chest. . I want this for me--to make me happier with my body, not to make some guy happier with my body, and to look like the woman I know I am. I want to be able to rock a bikini without thinking about how un-proportionate my butt & hips are to my chest. I have already made rice sizers in 275cc, 300cc, 325cc, and 350cc. The 350s were way too large, while the 275s were too small. I really like the size of the 300s, but since I am planning on going under the muscle I will most likely get the 325s. I will be getting saline implants, since silicone is only FDA approved for people older than 22 years old. I started out research thinking I wanted HP implants, but after looking at so many mod-plus implants, I realized I like the look of them better. I know cup size is hard to go by, but I'm hoping to be in the full C region. I can't decide on where I want my scars to be. I have no children(and wont be having any soon), but would like to breastfeed my (someday) children. I don't want to mess that up by going peri-areolar. I also don't want the scars to be very noticeable. My parents, one of my moms close friends who was considering BA, my sisters, and one of my close friends all know and are all very supportive of me and my decision to have surgery. I feel completely ready to do this. I've obsessively read so many reviews, followed so many other women's BA stories in the last six months, looked at so many before and afters, and researched this so much. PLEASE tell me that this is normal. I appreciate this community and all the support you wonderful women here at RealSelf have for each other. Thank you for starting with me on my journey! :D
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