Time For A Tummy Tuck! - San Francisco, CA

Pregnancy has definitely destroyed my abdomen! I'm...

Pregnancy has definitely destroyed my abdomen! I'm 34 years old and the mother of 2 beautiful boys (9 and 3 years old). My stomach has never been the same after the birth of my oldest! He was 10lbs 9oz and literally destroyed my ab walls. I knew that I wanted two children and decided to wait until I finished having kids to have the procedure done. I m fairly active and work out 4 days a week. Even with working out and healthy eating, I see little to no results to my abs. I finally came to the realization that my stomach is the best it will ever look without doing a cosmetic procedure!

About a year ago I started saving for the tummy tuck and 6 months ago I started the process of doings consults. I did a total of 4 consults with 3 of the top rated Surgeons in Northern California. While all of them were highly educated, had really good results and great reviews, I ultimately made my final decision with the Doctor I felt the most comfortable with. My deposit had been paid, my pre-op is in 3 weeks and my procedure is scheduled in 5 weeks.

Both of my children were delivered via C-section and I'm "hoping" my recovery from the TT will be similar. I'll be staying at the hospital (at the recommendation of my surgeon) for 1-night following the surgery, and my retired mother will be staying with me during the day for 2 weeks to help with my boys. My husband is super supportive and will be helping out at night. I only have 3 weeks off of work so I'm really hoping that the recovery is smooth.
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