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I have been waiting to have my nose fixed since I...

I have been waiting to have my nose fixed since I was 15 years old. Growing up my nose was fine but in my teenage years things started to look a bit crooked and I developed a hump on the bridge. My right profile has always bothered me a bit more since the hump is quite noticeable.

Since then my family was just as confused as I have been about how it got to be that way. My parents have always reminded me that I am beautiful but never disagreed that I could get it fixed at some point.

I have researched many surgeons in CA and IL for the last 8 years and decided last year to finally schedule consultations.

Counting down the days!

Okay so I was under the impression that I could modify my initial review and thought I would complete it later which is not possible so im finishing up my first review in this post. I also tried cropping my pics but messed that up as well so I am adding them here.

So last year I made 2 free consultations one with dr. Most and another with dr. Mehta. After meeting with Dr. Most a second time I decided it would not be a bad idea to see a third and considered dr. Kim after reading his reviews online. I would have to pay $125 for that consultation so I put it off for a week. The following weekend I was out with a new friend and confided in her that I was in the process of finally getting rhinoplasty to correct my nose. To my surprise she had gotten rhinoplasty 4 years before with dr. Kim. She told me it was the best decision she ever made, showed me before pics and talked to me about how tough post op could be but how it was all worth it. Believe me, you could not tell this girly had her nose done, which is what I was the result I was aiming for.

That week I made the consultation appointment with Dr.Kim. Aside from some unflattering pics they took for the morphed images, I knew Dr. Kin was the right surgeon for the operation. He inspected my nose and concluded that I could have fractured it along the was and therefore it grew slightly crooked to the left and developed a hump, though he said most noses deviate. He spoke of creating a natural balance to my nose so that it fits better with my face, took a very conservative approach which is what I wanted (only wanted the hump removed and nose straightened) and was extremely knowledgeable and patient with my questions. Best of all he seemed very concerned with maintaining the structure of my nose so that I would not have issues as time went on.

I was excited that after 8 years I finally found the right doctor. Unfortunately that same Minh u had to purchase a new car and so the surgery got out off. Three months ago I received a promotion at work and began revisiting the idea of getting the surgery. I made a follow consultation in September and again concluded that dr. Kim was the dr for me. After talking it over with my bf and family I paid the deposit.

Turns out my surgery is scheduled for exactly one year after my initial consultation! I am nervous after looking at the post op pics since I return to work 10 days after the surgery but I am happy to finally have the procedure done. But still, the nerves and new diet have me a bit on edge!

Surgery this Friday, time flies!

I am having my surgery this Friday 11/21 and can't believe the day is almost here! Lately I have been a bit panicked that I can not imagine myself truly looking different...I see the pictures and want the results but cant envision them on me, I hope that makes sense.

I cant wait to never again have to wonder what happened to my nose and for it to be fixed :) I saw Dr. Kim two weeks ago and he reassured me my surgery would go smoothly and that the swelling should not be as bad since I am having minor adjustments (hump removal and tip rotated up very slightly. Here are the pictures generated at his office for before and after. I will probably upload pictures post surgery to document the first few days..I get my cast taken off 11/26, so 5 days later.

I want to just get it over with and be in recovery mode already. So anxious for next Wednesday :)

The day after, man yesterday was tough


So yesterday was the big day. I was pretty stressed the day before but the morning of surgery I was excited and my family was very supportive and loving so I felt very good going in. The staff was great...the receptionists were a tad rude but the nurses and anesthesiologist was amazing. I saw Dr. Kim with my bf and mom and he reassured me all would be well and that he was vey confident he would not need cartilage grafts. Next thing I knew it was over.

Waking up was rough, the drive home was even rougher and being home was very rough until around 5am when I finally got the hang of sleeping with my mouth open. I did vomit once around 1:30am and then talked my poor mothers ear until 5am since I couldn't sleep!! Here is a pic of me so far.

Best thing right now is that I am not swollen or bruised! I reduced salt and stopped drinkin alcohol ply worked out often two weeks before the big day and it is really paying off :)

6 days post op

Wow this recovery thing has been more trying than I could have ever imagined, and I did not even have it that bad. My cheeks did swell on day 3 and 4 but no bruising! the pain meds and antibiotics did a number on my system and I generally was bed ridden and felt nauseous everyday after the surgery unit today.

The cast was removed yesterday and it was not the most beautiful nose ever imagined. I am very swollen and sorta looked like a platypus since my nose is now very wide. The profile is very very amazing though and I knew going in there could be swelling like I have now. Another issue I noticed after I left the Dr.'s yesterday was that my nostrils seem uneven, the left is lower and smaller and the right is bigger and higher. I knew that the doctor had placed a splint against my right nostril and not my left and figured that was the reason for the unevenness and it was probably mainly swelling but after my boyfriend made the unfortunate comment that I looked crooked I certainly freaked and wrote the office immediately. Luckily they responded within two seconds and the doctor called me a few minutes later. I basically said I would hate to have this issue after my nose job since there was NOTHING wrong with my nostrils pre surgery. The doctor calmed me down saying that it is the swelling and the fact that one had the splint in and this will resolve but if not we will do what he needs to in order to fix this. He said that he truly doubts it will need a correction and I have no other choice but to trust him.

Luckily today it already looks a lot better, less swollen and uneven I think. or maybe I just wish?! I took a hot shower last nigh, stupidly!, and looked super swollen afterwards for a while. I had a mini breakdown of what if this is how I looked for the rest of my life and I ruined my faceā€¦but my boyfriend has been amazing and making me realize how stupid those thoughts are. In all of this I feel bad that I have been feeling like a burden to my boyfriend who I live with (we have been together for 9 months and living with for 3 months now) since I feel like I'm brining him down with my sudden changes in mood and pain.

Well here are some pictures. Like I said I look very VERY swollen but already today I look much less swollen and I am confident it can and has to and will only get less and less swollen with each day!!! After all it has only been 6 days since my surgery!

Day 10 post op

I was back to work today and ended up taking a half day since I came back to having to move my cubicle to our other office. I had hoped a lot more had been done in my absence but the dust and bending and lifting made me completely out of breath! I could feel my nose swelling up :( either way it is looking SOOO much better! I am very very happy and know it will only keep getting more amazing as time passes by! I have my second post op apt with Dr. Kim on 12/11 and can't wait for him to see his amazing work. It's obviously still swollen at the tip mostly a bit too wide in the front but I am icing and still taking arnica and happy to watch the swelling go away day by day.

20 Days Post Op

Its been a while! but I wanted to share some pics to show the progress :) SO far so good! at 20 days post op my nose was no longer sore and it was much easier to breathe. Still swollen but that will last for 8 to 12 months.

One month post op

one month post op

accidentally deleted the previous picture!

one month post op

Accidentally deleted the previous picture!

2 month post op next week

Hello! All is well :) my nose is still sensitive to small little accidental bumps and the tip still feels hard to the touch. Some days it looks swollen to me and sometimes my nostril size and disparity bothers me (though I see from pictures that my nostrils were not identical before the surgery). On the whole im happy! But there are days that I think it's bigger than before from the front and the waiting game sucks! 8+ months to go before it settles down. I have my post op with Dr. Kim next week so I'm excited to hear his input.

3 mo. post op

Hello :)
It has now been 3 months since the operation. Still quite happy! Still think the front view is swollen looking. At my follow up with Dr. Kim in January he said I was a bit more than half ways done with my swelling...which at first I loved hearing but then I realized I still think it's way swollen and hope it doesn't just stay as it looks now. Must.Be.Patient. Ugh. Also, we talked about a small bump I can see from my right profile, and he said that may not go away... Which was a bit disconcerting to hear as it makes my nose look a bit crooked still. But in the end I still feel it looks a hundred times better than before! Will post again in a months time :)

3 Months Post Op

Hello :)

It has now been 3 months since the operation. Still quite happy! Still think the front view is swollen looking. At my follow up with Dr. Kim in January he said I was a bit more than half ways done with my swelling...which at first I loved hearing but then I realized I still think it's way swollen and hope it doesn't just stay as it looks now. Must.Be.Patient. Ugh. Also, we talked about a small bump I can see from my right profile, and he said that may not go away... Which was a bit disconcerting to hear as it makes my nose look a bit crooked still. But in the end I still feel it looks a hundred times better than before! Will post again in a months time :)

4 mo. post op

So now it's has been 4 months after the surgery :) all is well. My nose is much less sensitive to accidental bumping and I'm finally thinking the front view is thinning out! I still think there is a small hump visible from the right profile view and sometimes when I touch it I feel it's slightly crooked to the right...but it's still too soon after the surgery to tell if that's the case and it certainly doesn't look crooked either. I don't think of my nose as much aside from hoping the front thins out more and more as days keep going by :)

6 Month Post Op

Time is flying by! I am 6+ months post op now and definitely see that the swelling visible from the front view is still decreasing which is awesome. No issues at all still, and I am still very pleased with the results. I have my follow up in August and will do another update after that. I do still think that there is a small hump when I see a certain angle of my right profile...but that hump is definitely hard and numb to the touch so I'm hoping that as the swelling goes down, so will the small hump.

13 Months Post-Op

2 year post-op in 5 months!

hello! its been a while and today I realized I am 5 months away from being 2 years post op!!!! my nose has definitely become a lot thinner as the swelling has gone down and I am still extremely happy with the results, specially the fact that I no longer have trouble sleeping due to my left nostril closing up and not being able to breathe well. It is such a relief that I don't stay up for hours trying to get my stuffed left nostril to clear up so I can sleep (i was never a fan of decongestants for sleeping).

My nose also looks really good and I continue to be very happy with my results :) still think it was the best decision for me. I am uploading a side by side and front view of my nose as it is today. Dr. Kim truly did a good job, sometimes I feel as if my nose is a bit crooked still and deviates to the left but that is very much improved and minimal compared to my nose before the surgery so no complaints here as it has not gotten worse and I feel that the more the swelling goes down the less the deviation to the left will be noticeable.

my nose before the surgery..

just wanted to share what my nose looked like pre-surgery

2 years, 1 month & 9 days Update :)

Hello!!! Haven't been on here as much as before but I wanted to share some pics of the progress - its now been 2 years+ since I had my surgery and I am still loving the results :D

I do think the swelling has gone down very much yet the tip of my nose continues to feel hard to the touch so I am sure there is more swelling that will (fingers crossed!) disappear as time goes on.

Sometimes I wish I would have asked for my nose to also be thinned a bit as it does seem wider than pre-surgery but again went very minimalistic and so I only had the hump removed/straightened so I could breathe better from my left nostril and tip slightly rotated upward.

I truly do love my nose profile now so I am hopeful that in another 6 mo - 12 mo the front of my nose will become thinner as it was prior to the surgery.

Best of luck to all of you thinking of rhinoplasty in 2017! it is a decision that took me 8 years to research and make - with the right doctor (Thanks again Dr. Kim!!!) it is one I will never regret :)
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