21 Years Old Tiny Bit of Neck Fat That Never Seems to Go Away - San Francisco, CA

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Hello! I'm a 21 year old woman. Healthy and active...

Hello! I'm a 21 year old woman. Healthy and active but has a little bit of "submental fat" that won't seem to go away. I decided to schedule an appointment to treat this with Kybella with Dr. Javaheri. Him and his office staff are very sweet and welcoming yet still extremely informative. Real Self has been very helpful and important in my cosmetic decisions, so I decided I better pay it back by detailing my experience :)

Before pictures

I know that I don't have a double chin not nearly as severe as some other people but I have always wanted a more defined jaw and I am hoping kybella can do that for me !

Just got my first treatment !

Not very painful experience. I started feeling woozy and like I was going to pass out and Dr. J and his office staff were super understanding and patient. They brought me some apple juice and water :)

1.5 hours post-op

They sent me home in a compression chin strap to help with swelling. One of the receptionists as sweet enough to give me some of her own Arnika Forte which she says will also help with swelling. The area feels tender and almost a bit stiff. Stingy. Not feeling to great about my decision right now. Hope the results make it worth while.

3.5 hours post-op

Took a nap and already the pain from earlier is gone !! Feeling a lot more positive!

Day 1 post-op

The swelling is pretty bad, but as bad as I expected. The area feels numb still. Tried sleeping with my head elevated last night but it totally killed my back.

Day 2 post-op

Already looking way less swollen! Been wearing the chin strap constantly and trying to elevate my head while I sleep

Day 3 post-op

Little less numb. progress is slow

Day 4 post-op

A little bit of progress. I feel like the swelling isn't that bad as long as you keep your chin up (literally and figuratively lol!) it doesn't look THAT bad as long as you maintain your posture. The only time it's apparent really is when I'm looking down

Day 5 post-op

The hardest part of this procedure is it definitely gets worse before it gets better! Still hopeful :) today there is little to no numbness but still lookin lumpy

Some tips on not feeling super ugly while dealing with the swelling

The swelling can feel super embarrassing, but after a few days, nobody except you will notice ! In order to maintain confidence while being swollen in public, here are some tips :

-Wear makeup! Contour is your friend :) wearing make up always makes me feel better. Also wearing eye makeup will draw attention away from your chin
-eat healthy !!
- wear your favorite and most flattering outfits
-cute accessories like scarves and ascots. I wore an ascot and got tons of compliments on it
-if you're a man, grow out your beard maybe lol

Anyone have any other tips ? Good luck friends ! !!

tips part 2

-remember to keep your shoulders back and chin up! really does make a difference !
-maintain your healthy eating and stay active -- don't let this low point get you down. it'll get better :)

Day 6 post-op

Day 7 post-op

Happy Halloween !

Day 8 post-op


Will be posting weekly (photo) updates from here on out !

Day 11 post-op

Had a check up with Dr. J! Him and his staff are simply amazing. Can't say enough good things about them. The area is basically back to normal but more firm than before which I like :) feeling like there may be a chance that I see results after one treatment but we'll see what happens.

2 Weeks Post-Op

Almost "back to normal". definitely feel perfectly fine being out in public. Can't wait to see results!

3 week post-op

23 days post-op (requested)

Someone requested I post a photo looking down : here ya go !

4 week post-op

5 week post-op

A little sad I'm not seeing results. I heard it take so the second treatment for it to work so hopefully that will be the case :(

6 week post-op

A little over 6 weeks and I look worse than I did before

Honestly losing hope. Having a feeling I wasted my money. I look worse than I did before. I feel so stupid !! Praying the second treatment will have results ......

8 weeks post-op ( 2nd treatment !)

Just got my second treatment done. Bummed to be swollen again lol. Praying for results this time around. Didn't hurt as bad as the first time and I also didn't become faint :) plan on wearing my chin strap as much as possible and icing the first few days to hopefully minimize the swelling as much as possible.

Treatment #2 Day 1 Post-op

Swelling doesn't look as bad as day 1 after my first treatment

Treatment #2 Day 2 Post Op

Treatment #2 Day 3 post op

Treatment #2 Day 3 post op

If this treatment doesn't work I will no longer be getting any more

Treatment #2 Day 4 post op

Treatment #2 day 5

Seem to be healing faster than treatment #1!

Treatment #2 Day 6

TreatMent #2 7 days post op

Treatment #2 day 8

Treatment #2 day 9

Treatment #2 2 week post op

Treatment #2 3 weeks post op

Treatment #2 4 week post-op

Treatment #2 5 weeks post-op

Treatment #2 Week 6

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Very kind and knowledgable !

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