52 Years Old, 1 Child and a Much Needed Reduction. Triple DDD Hoping to Go to Small C - San Francisco, CA

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Surgery is in 11 days and I'm getting more anxious...

Surgery is in 11 days and I'm getting more anxious and nervous everyday. I'm very nervous about surgery and general anesthesia. I've never gone thru it before. Hoping to get some feedback and support from others who have had the same nervous feelings before the surgery especially about general anesthesia!

Getting close!

Just 8 more days and I'm getting more nervous I'll be so glad when it's over and done!!

Surgery is day after tomorrow!!!

I can't believe it's almost here! We leave for San Francisco tomorrow and I have a hotel booked. Have to be at surgery admitting at 6am Monday morning. After my pre op I feel a little less nervous because I now know I'll be in very good hands with a very skilled ps with excellent credentials. I just hope my recovery and healing goes good and that I'll be able to drive my daughter to The Nutcracker two weeks after my surgery. It's a two hour drive. I'm taking 3 weeks off work. I'm still nervous about the anesthesia but not as panicky as I was..

2 days post op!

I'm home from the hospital and so glad it's over! All these weeks of waiting and being so nervous about having it done and now it's over and now onto recovery. I'm feeling pretty weak and tired but it's ok. Had bad nausea with the norco so had to stop taking it and am just taking Tylenol now. My chest feels so tight in the wrapping and I can't wait to have it off. My post op is tomorrow. He said it went very well and he removed a total of 3 pounds. I look nice and small and perky now it's unbelievable!!! Not liking being so tired but I think it will better day by day I'm so glad I decided to take 3 weeks off work instead of two..

Feeling better than I thought I would!!

Had my first post op and he said everything is looking great. Finally got the tight wrapping off and in a nice comfy sports bra! I'm loving my new smaller size so much!! My mobility and energy is a lot better than I expected and I'm so glad for that..:)

More tired today and feeling swollen and tight :(

Thought I was doing great but guess I was to active in the house today. Feeling real swollen and real tight in my chest. Texted my doctor and he said increased activity will cause that. Also having a very very hard time sleeping on my back ..

Two weeks post op

Can't believe I'm two weeks post op!! My recovery is going good and my scars have a few scabs on them. I'll include pictures. I have a few hard lumpy areas that I've been concerned about did anyone else have that? I'm feeling better everyday and am sleeping so much better because I'm now able to sleep on my side which made a huge difference on my quality of sleep. Still need to take a nap in the afternoon but starting to feel stronger. I'm loving how my tops fit now! I go back to work in a week and hope I handle the 8 hour shifts ok by then but I'm gonna think positive..
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

I'm so lucky I was referred to this wonderful doctor. His impeccible credentials speaks for itself. I knew I was in very good hands with him. He is very thorough and takes his job very seriously and takes all the time you need with him..

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