Ab Liposuction and Breast Fat Transfer

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After having been on the fitness track for six...

After having been on the fitness track for six months now I decided to go all the way and get rid of the belly fat I can't seem to lose no matter what. I toiled over this decision (both from a spiritual/philosophical issue -am I just strengthening the belief in this physical body, Yadi Ya, and of course he co$t). I have been to 4 doctors for consultations. Some were extremely cautious -warning of every possible thing that could go wrong, which is better than over promising and one doctor was extremely cavalier about the whole thing, one had a patient arbitration waver, and that made me nervous . I finally decided to go with the one that has the most lipo and fat transfer experience, and he also does conscious sedation rather than general Anesthesia.

He doesn't do the Brava protocol for breast fat transfer, but I've decided to buy the device anyway. I figured if I'm already spending this kind of dough, what's another $800? I've used Brava before in the early 2000's and didn't really have any growth, but hoping to create that pocket for the fat to have some space. I also bought the noogleberry which is much easier to use. But 3 weeks before surgery, I will suck it up and do he Brava 10hrs/day.

Should I give up on Brava?

On the 2nd day of Brava, I started to develop a rash. It's unbearably itchy right now and I don't know if I can wear it again. The first day, I put a bandaid on the areas that were problems for me back then, like the pit area. I'm getting discouraged. My ps doesn't require it, I'm thinking of just selling it, and sticking to Noogleberry. Any thoughts, suggestions?

Night before surgery

So, I've done about 2 days of Brava, that's about all I can stand, even with Duoderm-(the second skin type bandage), I get this excruciating itch, so I ditched it. I've been doing Noogleberry instead.

I've been feeling mildly anxious and excited all at once, and a little bit sluggish. I've also been sort of in a fog- not sure if it's because my body is self protect mode. Anyhoo, it's late, and my surgery check in is at 6am, about 6hours from now. Oh and before I doze off, I would like to share this study done in the UK about the effect of music in lessening pain after surgery. I've been listening to music all day, it better work!


Surgery Day

Arrived at the hospital at 6 am. I was greeted by the kind nurse who prepped me before surgery. She gave me a gown, cozy socks and leg massager to prevent blood clots. Then she did the IV, which I would say was the most painful part of the whole surgery. I was greeted by the anesthesiologist who gave me something "for the road". After that, everything was easy peasy. I was under conscious sedation so I was lucid and coherent the whole time and saw my doctor lipoing me and it was surprisingly relaxing. It was a weird experience. I didn't feel any pain, but could feel it if he was hitting something that was. I highly recommend going this route for lipo. After that, was the not so fun part. After it was over and I was bandaged up, I was sent to the recovery room and got some ice chips, graham crackers, yogurt, apple juice, ginger ale and pudding. I felt pretty woozy/fainty, so I lied down for about 30 minutes more. The nurse at this hospital was so kind, she kept giving me snacks to make me feel better. Then as I was wheeled to my husband's car, the nausea set in. Thank goodness I had a plastic bag with me. I threw up all of what I ate.
I got home and felt nauseous everytime I got out of bed. I must've thrown up 4 times yesterday and couldn't keep anything down. I still didn't feel any lipo or breast pains though, as the tumescent liquid apparently lasts about 12 hours. It was not too bad overall, besides the faintiness and nausea.

Things I learned going through this:
Lining your bed with garbage bag under towels is a must. I oozed on my bed, so now it's stained.
Hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle- you will inevitably ooze stuff so it's a must if you want to keep your nice linens stain free.
Contigo mugs- anything that is vacuum sealed and can be used when lying in bed.
Cutting the pain medication in half helped ease my nausea.
I really wished I had some sort of brothy soup premade. I made hardboiled eggs and that was too much for my stomach to handle.
Dark clothing that can handle stains.

Hope that helps.

Day 2, shower day

Finally removed the compression garment and took a peak at my new bod... I know it looks scary right now but it's not as painful as it looks. Recovery from this procedure is surprisingly easy, besides the nauseous first day. I don't take the hydrocodone (narcotic pain med) anymore as it makes me dizzy, just my antibiotics and ibuprofen. I feel sore but very tolerable. The pain afterward is really like having done a hard workout. I have my post opp appt with the doctor next Tuesday. Just healing and waiting now.

So, hydrogen peroxide didn't do the trick...

Stains are a pain. Just washed my linens today and stains are still there. I think Oxyclean is a better choice...plan ahead, there will be stains everywhere with lipo...

Week 1 and Post Opp Dr. Appt.

Its been about 12 days since surgery. I'm definitely less sore these days, but still unable to sleep on my sides. My breast are softening up but definitely still swollen. There were days, about a week after where my wounds was more bothersome than the soreness. I saw my PS and he said that the nerves are basically regenerating, so for me I actually felt more discomfort the week after. Also, one of the things I didn't anticipate with this whole process is the mild depression. I've seen some studies posted where that is actually normal, it's very similar to postpartum depression. I took 2 weeks off from work, which I think is the right amount since I'm on my feet a lot at work.

I'm still wearing my compression garment, I just can't seem to get that comfortable without it. I'm looking for thinner ones, maybe ones for pregnancy. I will let you know how it goes...

Week 2

Healing and waiting. The lipo discomfort is getting less and less. I'm able to bend now without much pain and have been back to work. I used to wake up with my boobs feeling extremely sore, now, its getting better. My lower abdomen is still swollen, but it's amazing to watch one's body heal. During the early stages of week 2, there were still some genital swelling then the bruises move to the groin, now its pretty much gone. I still wear the compression garment every day, even though I don't have to anymore. I really feel more comfortable with it, my stomach just feels more supported.

A little less than a month out

Hello! It's been almost a month minus 3 days since surgery. The breast swelling has gone down and so far I'm liking the results. My doctors did a wonderful job and will give him a review after my 3 month post op appt. There's still some swelling on my left flank and lower abs, and sometimes sitting for prolonged periods of time still makes me achy- though, it's a very mild and dull ache, and I'm still wearing the compression garment at night.

Some have asked if I will get any more procedures to add more volume to the breasts- I really hope not. If I can fill out even an A cup bra and not have a protruding pudge on my belly, then I'm a happy camper.

My coworkers don't know I had this procedure done, although, some have asked if I've lost weight. Yes! Thanks doctor for surgically removing it and putting it in a better place!

Quick update- not much change so far

Hello everyone!

I finally started working out this week. Yes, for me it really takes that long to feel ok with strenuous movements. I saw my doc 2 weeks ago about a bulge in my lower abdomen, since it's only been 2 months, we are still waiting, but he offered to do a quick revision if need be. He is awesome. Very pleased with the results so far.

It's been 2 years

Hello! Still keeping it up. I've been really exercising and getting into Lagree fitness.

a little more fullness

This is a good angle to see how the breast fat transfer has held up. Overall very satisfied with this procedure.
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

My overall experience with Dr. Hagstrom has been excellent. I've met with a few doctors and he's the one I felt had the most experience and I just had to trust my instincts. He is extremely knowledgeable and very responsive to all my questions. The experience of the surgery itself was great, right down to the care in the hospital and the anesthesiologist. His staff is also wonderful, Michael and Darren, who have been very helpful with the whole process. The office setting is lovely too, on top of it all. Overall, I would recommend him to my family and friends. He is a top notch Plastic Surgeon with a great sense of beauty with all the skill to back it up. Much respect and admiration for Dr. Hagstrom.

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