UPDATE 8 weeks POST SURGERY ..Finally loving my Tata's .. SF, CA

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I am starting to get a little nervous. I am...

I am starting to get a little nervous. I am schedule to have my BA surgery on May 25, 2012. On Monday I'm seeing the doctor for my pre opt. to talk about the surgery and to pick a size. Which I am still clueless and far from deciding. I was hoping to maybe get some advise here. I am 5'2 125 pounds. I want a full C, or even a small C. I dont want them to look huge or too fake. But, I am also afraid of getting them too small. Right now I am thinking about either 265cc, 300cc, or 330 cc mid profile. I attached some pictures I'm hoping someone can give me some advise. The doctor says any of those would look good on me, so his not much help. I love my doctor but he wants this to be my decision. =(.

Just came back from my pre opt appt. after talking...

Just came back from my pre opt appt. after talking to my doctor I feel great. Both my doctor and I agree a small c or full C would be prefect for me. We decided to go 339cc on right breast and 304cc on left breast. To my surprise it turns out one breast is bigger then the other. Oh well. I'm just excited to know it will be taken care of once I get my BA. Hopefully everything turns out good. My doctor also said 15 days is plenty of time to recover and he cleared me for my trip to Vegas!!! Oh yea!! Now to figure out if I should tell my friends? Or should I wait for them to notice??? Going from a small B to a full C will be noticeable on me.. So I know hiding it pointless... Ummm. Thoughts??

I am suddenly feeling really worried. I'm afraid...

I am suddenly feeling really worried. I'm afraid the implants won't feel natural inside me that I will be able to feel the implant and won't feel comfortable. Can anyone tell me if I will feel the implant inside?

Less then 48 hours to go. I'm getting really...

Less then 48 hours to go. I'm getting really nervous. I want to get it over with it. I get so anxious It has become hard for me to fall a sleep. I keep thinking about how I will feel, how they will look on my body, what will people say, how fake or natural they will look, how much I will love or hate them, how they will make me feel.. the questions and thoughts are endless.. I suggest anyone getting ready for there surgery to keep busy, go out every day of that week, have a late dinner with friends, go to the gym and work out until you come home and pass out, or go dancing anything to get you exhausted. I did that on sat, sunday, and monday and it worked like a charm had almost started forgetting. but last night and today being home alone I can't seem to relax and stop thinking. So take my advise. Trust me.. But other then that.. i feel good. I already started to throw out my old bra's and swimsuits that won't fit me anymore. At least I have that to remind me of why I am doing this.. sometimes god doesn't make us the way we want to be, there is no shame wanting to have what you weren't given and getting it... lol.. I guess i am getting a little sentimental..better head to bed.... good night....

Day of surgery. only 6 hours after surgery I CAN"T...

Day of surgery. only 6 hours after surgery I CAN"T BELIEVE ITS DONE!! I have new Breast!! I have to say that the sugary was painless and the pain from a scale of 1-10 is a 5/6. I am very surprised. I feel a lot of pressure on my breast and when the pain killers start to fade I feel a sharp pain on my nipple. SOO. I think my doctor is just super AWESOME by hooking me up with some good pain killers. BUT I have also been sleeping in and out of sleep every 30 minutes so they also could be why I haven't felt that much pain.! The true test will be tomorrow. At least thats what I think.. Bonus.. I can left my arms which is great. From what I had read on this website, I thought I wouldn't be able to. I think the only reason I think I can is because I had my incisions on the nipple instead of under the breast. Well ladies... I'll keep you posted on tomorrows pain.. Oh by the ways I haven't ten my beast they are so rapped up right now. Tomorrow when I see my doctor I'll take pictures.. =)


ONE DAY AFTER SURGERY.. AND I FEEL LIKE CRAP!! very sore... =( I guess yesterday I over did it. I felt so great yesterday, I walked around did earns around the house and today I am regretting it. AS ADVISE!! EVEN IF YOU FEEL GOOD DOESN'T MEAN YOU ARE !! From now on I am going to take it easy, no more reaching for things, no more trying to lift things up. Even small things like a juice Carton. Let people help you. I made the mistake and tried to do everything since Reason A. I felt good and Reason B. I didn't want to make my sister go out of her way. I felt like she was doing so much for me already, luckly my sister reminded me she agreed to help me and told me i needed to let her help me.. So today I plan to allow myself to be pampered.

By the way, I did go and see my doctor today. Whom I love so much!!!.. he is just so great. Today his office was closed because he was going to a wedding, yet he opened his office for 30 minutes just to see me. Poor thing was dressed in a suit!! lol.. isn't the awesome!.

He said for it being a day after surgery I was healing really well. He said It looked like I had been healing for 3 days instead of 1. Which made me really happy.

He also told me" just because you can left your arms doesn't mean you should" I guess thats another reason why I am feeling so sore today.

He also gave me the Ok with my trip to Vegas!! He said in 15 days I could do swimming and dancing.. but he also said to listen to my body.. He said yesterday was a good example .. sometimes you feel good but may not be.. So he really wants me to listen and take it slow even if I am ok.. I guess what his trying to say is better safe then sorry..

I'll keep you posted. Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling better.

Day 2 *** yesterday was the worse night ever!!...

Day 2 *** yesterday was the worse night ever!! Today is way better. I did however get a nasty rash last night. As it turns out I was allergic to one of the prescribed medicines. I didn't know which one I was allergic too so I decided stop taking any of the medicines at all. So for 12 hours I was without pain killers. I couldn't believe it. I was in so much pain. Luckily by the time morning came everything got better. My doctor called and gave me the ok to go back on my pain killers, my rash is slowly going away and my breast don't feel has heavy as they did.

I hope tomorrow my completely goes away.

DAY 6 After surgery.. update.. the surgery went...

DAY 6 After surgery.. update.. the surgery went well. I was on pain killers for only 2 days. Since then I have had no pain at all. I work, I left my arms comfortably.. I feel a slight pressure on my chest especially in the morning but nothing seriously.

The worst thing I have been suffering from is the allergic reaction I got. My whole body was covered in red dots. I still have them all over my body, they are going away slowly but I can't stand it. I feel depressed when I look at my self.

The other thing I am stressing over is the size!! today was the first day I went out to try out on swim suits since I am going to vegas in 9 days. And they are HUGE!. I wanted to be a full C but a 34D!!. I am so stressed out. They look so fake.. I hate it.. I am so sad.. Please someone tell me they will go down a little. Please tell me I won't end up a 34 D or bigger.. Please tell me they will end up being lot smaller..

DAY 12*** I went to my doctor yesterday. He said...

DAY 12*** I went to my doctor yesterday. He said everything looked great. My incisions are almost all healed. 3 days ago I started sleeping on my side which was great!. He also gave me the ok to start working out next tuesday, he said to just keep it easy the first week back.

My boobs are still big!! I want the swelling to go down already. I hate that they look like this but all in do time. I have no choice but to wait. My doctor did get upset with me. He said I complain to him a lot about how big and swallon they are but I haven't dont wear my boob strap. He said that expediates the healing process.. soo starting yesterday I put the damn strap on. My doc is totally right I can't complain if I am not doing what I am suppose to be doing. He said in 6 weeks. I should be completely healed. And in another week or so I should start seeing my breast some changes.

I guess I am just nervous about my vegas trip its in 2 days!! and how obvious it will be to everyone there that my boobs are 3x's its normal size. Luckly they are all my friends and I know they won't judge me, but can't help and draid the pictures my friends and I will take and post on facebook, I know people will ask "what happened to your breast! they look huge" I am prepared for a few people but my whole facebook community ! ugh not so much prepared.

I did talk to one of my friends and she agreeds to help me. we agreed to look at all pictures we take and only post those pictures that dont make my boobs look so huge, and I also plan to wear a cover up.. hopefully all that will delay or maybe prevent me from having to admit to people I got my boobs done.

Once the healing is done I wont care as much becuase they will have gone down and will look more nature not so ground and hard. Plus, I use to wear so much padding must wont notice but the way they look now will be know. SO hopefully I can keep my secret a secret while I'm healing and while I am in vegas. =)

As for pain. I still feel no pain at all. My nipples aren't even sensative. I tounch and message my breast and luckly not even that causes me pain. And, still no numbness. I am very happy that I have no soreness, pain, numbness or sensativety on my breast or nipple where i had my incision!!!

DAY 18***** My breast are finally starting to...

DAY 18***** My breast are finally starting to drop and I can notice them getting softer as the swelling is going down. They are still swallon, but its still a huge improvement and I am happy. I finally got to remove the stap from my nipples and it looks great, almost 80% or 90% healed!!.. You can barely see it.

Oh and let me tell you. Please wear your Breat Strap!! My doctor had been upset with me during my last visit because I told him I hadn't used it once since my surgery. He said If I wanted to see the swelling go down in half the time I would need to wear it and I did for 4 days and the difference so very very visible and quick. The Breast strap does work!! I wish I would have listened to my doctor and worn it this whole time. It probably would have made a world of a difference. So please wear it. Its very annoying but worth it if you want the swelling to go down faster!!..

Not sure if I am right but I seriously think I there was some swelling in my stomach from the surgery or from taking all those meds! But The swelling on my stomach as gone down. I was feeling fat. I wasn't sure if it was becuase i wasn't working out or something else. But as my breast have gone down so as my stomach. But thats just my thought.

Day 19** almost forgot to mention how vegas went!!...

Day 19** almost forgot to mention how vegas went!!. First I'm happy to announce no one noticed!! I came to the conclusion that people don't think about breast implants. Normal people assume your wearing a push up bra or something along those lines. They dont assume you went out and got implants unless they are huge compared to what you had. Since, I only went up a full cup size and always wore push bras' no one really noticed. PLUS everyone was right in VEGAS. with everyone walking around having big breast its impossible to feel self conscience Infact you feel normal ... lol..

I was mainly concerned about my ex. We broke up 3 months ago before I got my implants. I never told him I had decided to get them, and I was nervous that he would notice and would think I got them done becuase of him. But, of course being the man that he is. he didn't notice. I did however tell him and he said they look great, very natural. He said now that I had told him he could see the difference for sure but that if I hadn't he wouldn't have been able to tell unless he compared before and after pictures.

Which honestly makes me very happy with my size. I want a full cup bigger and they are. I went to victoria secret before going to vegas and I was a 34D and yesterday when I returned from Vegas I tried on a VS bra and I was a 36C. So I am happy to know they went down

I was wanted to let people know. I went swimming at the pool. I felt no pain but I did feel restricted. I could not do a complete stroke, so I dog paddled.

I also danced my ass offf. I was jumping up and down. I felt no pain but the next day i was sore, but the next two days of dancing and jumping up and down erny better for sure. I woke up with no soreness.

I did try to run but I am not sure if I felt like I couldn't becuase I was afraid or becuase it felt weird feeling my breast bouncing but I just felt like I couldn't do it. I felt no pain when I tried. I would just stop after a few steps. I think I will give it another week before I start trying to run or maybe start by jogging or walking.. to get me use to it.

Update: 4 weeks since my surgery. I tired to work...

Update: 4 weeks since my surgery. I tired to work out today but It didn't go so well. Lifting weights was difficult. I could actually feel the implants. I felt restricted. I wonder if 4 weeks is too soon to work out? I thought it would be ok, since I'm able to jogg and even jump with out any problems or restricts. I guess weights its different? Has anyone felt the same way? I am really worried. Before my surgery i would lift weights everyday! I would hate it if I couldn't lift weights without feeling my implants. I don't want to feel them. Has anyone started lifting weights? Do you feel ur implants? Does that go away? Should I give it more time?

Besides the problem with lifting weights I am happy to report my bra size has went down to a 42 D to a 36 C which is what I wanted!!! I'm super happy and they are looking great!!!

Week 4.5 post surgery. I never mentioned this...

Week 4.5 post surgery. I never mentioned this before but I didn't becuase it wasn't a big deal, but now its gotten worse. I have this itching in my cleave line. I dont see anything like a rash or anything to be causing it itch. It does feel kind dry but why would it itch? has anyone felt that before?? maybe my skin is stritching and it causing it to itch?? i dunno, if this has happened or is happing to anyone and know what might be causing , please let me know. It getting really annoying. I caught my self with my hands down my dress stratching the crap out of my clevage line on a bus. Very embarrassing. lol. people were staring at me a little too hard.

Week 8. My boobs are finally feeling like mine. My...

Week 8. My boobs are finally feeling like mine. My brast still itch but its not as bad.. I also have started working out since week 5. I still dont' lift more then 20 or 30 lbs on machines, and no more then 15 lbs in free weights. I keep it very light. I have jogged a few time without a problem but I dont dare to run just yet, I mostly do the step machine, which has given me no problem at all!!. which is great. my incision has healed so good I barely notice it when I look in the mirror. People who I have told have given my great compliments. Trying to hide them has been impossible. Every time I go out no matter how long its been since I have seen them , they have notice my breast size.. So.. I gave up trying to hide it.. If they ask I just tell them, its better then trying to make up some excuse. I just can't believe how notice it has been. Especially since I use to wear push up bra's before. And I also only went up one size, but whatever. I'm happy with them.. very very happy. I feel great in my clothing. =)

Update: 7months!! My Tatas finally settled down....

Update: 7months!! My Tatas finally settled down. They don't itch anymore either. I am just very Happy. I still wish i would have gotten them one size smaller, they would have looked a little more natural on my frame.. since I have gotten my breast done, I feel so confident, and sexy. People aways stop and stare. Guys appoarch me a lot more. Its actally kinda funny. Before I wanted guys to stare now that they do I wish they would pay more attention to me then to my ladies. lol..
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon

He is the BEST!! Had breat Aug, nipple incision. In 3 days I was off pain killers. I was scared of losing nipple sensation but I didn't!! He made my incision soo fine its practically invisible around my nipple. Little brusing. My doctor Rocks!! On top of that His very kind, understanding and caring . Very sweet! I love him. his not one those doctors I call "show host doctors" that try too hard. Infact he doesn't try at all. And he shouldn't he has 30 years of experience. If you want a good job go to mr. commons, if you want a doctors to sweet talk you and tell you all the pretty things you want to hear then dont go to him.. he'll only give you honestly.. =)

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