39 Y/o Male, Abdominal Liposuction, Partial Flanks, SUCCESS! New Flat Baseline Abs Ready for Fitness Reboot! - San Francisco, CA

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I'm 39 y/o 5'10" and was 163lbs at the time of...

I'm 39 y/o 5'10" and was 163lbs at the time of surgery
(Finnish/Czech/French genetics)

I've been a pretty fit guy since my 20's (worked out 3x week through 2012, ate healthy)
I have something that's bugged me my whole life. Even when I was lean and toned, I've always had a soft round pooch shape below my belly button. This flab patch was there even when I was in my 20's. I've been able to get this area looking barely "ok" with extreme dieting/jogging, but the bottom pooch is the absolute very last thing to go before I feel like I've dieted too far. (impossible to maintain long term, burn out feeling) I had smart meals always with a bit of protein and minimal carbs. The slightest uptake in calories/carbs and BOOM the pooch was popping in a bad way.

Even when I was at my best, I would only allow photos taken from the front while flexing to look impressive. (side profile pix still looked beer belly pooch shaped, let's just say NOT impressive) I'd say I was around 157lbs at my leanest in the last few years.

-I tried Zeltiq twice with very minimal results. (2, and 3 years ago)

-I tried Liposonix once last year. (again pretty minimal results, no change in "shape")

So after nearly 20 years of OCD gym routines things changed. 2013 was the first year I ramped down and nearly stopped working out. I moved and had a lot going on and no longer lived walking distance from my gym. (insert more excuses here)

As you can see in the first 5 photos, I "had" quite the flab pooch I could grip with my whole hand. It even sagged when I bent over. (NOT attractive!) Well after months of being less active than usual, I finally made the choice to wake up and get back into the fitness game. My abs turned into a soft mess, and that flab below my belly button was worse than ever before. I was not looking forward to the over the top cardio and dieting. It's nearly impossible to grow a nice chest and get leaner at the same time. (without the burn out routine for at least 3 months)

I needed a boost to help me get where I wanted to be faster. So..........
In preparation for my 40th in late 2014, I decided nothing beats real Liposuction for a kick start, and I went for it! It's not like was "over weight" but I wanted my abs shape to be sculpted flat before I kicked the gym into high gear again.

I was expecting to get baseline "flat" abs, and boy did I ever!

Surgery was easy, I was in twilight but don't really remember much of it to be honest. There was zero pain and no real discomfort afterwards either. I'll leave out all the usual details you can find elsewhere. Let's just say things went WAY smoother than I imagined.

I labeled all the photos so you can see the time frame.

At 2 days (first time badges are changed) it was obvious now have a new FLAT shape already! I was still swollen, but could still tell. I know my hump shaped belly was gone forever. The compression vest is pulled way down. I'm not sucking in either at all or flexing. The pic you see is totally relaxed. Bruises were ugly but I know my body will slowly take care of business. I put pollysporin on the entry point wounds daily, and covered them with a bandaid to prevent rubbing.

And yes I realize that I'll "need" to work out after this procedure to prevent visceral fat buildup. Study's have shown that the body will fight to get it's fat back in other area's UNLESS you work out. (and I will!)

With zero fat to pinch, my abs will pop like crazy once I get back into working out. I should have my best abs ever by 2014. I'm excited to post more result photos as things progress.

So I'm writing this as of nearly 3 weeks into it. I'm currently wearing the compression garment in the day, and take it off when I'm in bed. At week 4 I should be able to remove it all together. I don't really feel like I need it any more but I'm going to follow directions to the letter.

To be continued..........

Week 4, still happy!

It's been 4 weeks and I'm still happy, things are pretty much the same as last week. (slight improvement) I just had my 1 month follow up appointment with Dr Macdonald today actually. He's very pleased, as am I.

In my last post I was mistaken in thinking I could remove the garment all together after week 4. I was provided TWO garments actually.
-One is a pre-fitted full body garment suit you zip up. (takes awhile to get into)
-One is an easy, wrap around/stretch velcro quickly.

I need to wear the easy velcro one if I'm doing any jogging or going to be standing for long periods. I didn't wear any garment at all yesterday, and was on my feet for nearly 11 hours. The next day I noticed two small puffy areas. (nothing to be alarmed about) If I had worn the velcro garment I could have held off that reaction. So again, I'm going to wear the easy to put on/off velcro garment for support the next few weeks. It actually gives me more support than the full body one anyway since I can control the compression better. The idea of the eash velcro garment was so I could wear something while the full body one is in the washing machine. I now realize it's also for post-full body suit needs. (excellent!)

So no photo this week, I'll have some in the near future.

I'm not going to be one of those reviewers that forgets to come back and update their review. :-) I expect to add another few progress photos before Thanksgiving

In mid 2014 I'll do a video with some 6-pack flexing action for some added wow factor.

P.S. Thanks for the compliments, I hope this motivates others on the fence to just go for it. The other non surgical procedures will never be as dramatic as this.

25DEC 2013 photo updates

I weigh 162lbs today, I haven't been working out yet (busy starting a new company). I'm still seeing improvements! My abs are totally flat, loving it. I can't even make a belly shape when I force it out, awesome. This was the best X'mas gift to myself ever.
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon

This is my first major plastic surgery experience. Dr. Mcdonald really knows his stuff. He answered all my questions, and surgery was a breeze. He said I didn't need the laser lipo and regular lipo was just fine for my needs. I'll be referring my friend's his way! Nice office, friendly staff, and price is right compared to others.

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